Hearty Lamb Stew Recipes

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Hearty Lamb Stew

How many awesome dishes can be made with only 7 simple ingredients? There aren’t many but this is definitely one of them. Watch this video to learn how to make a rich lamb stew with tender lamb pieces in a thick tomato sauce and root vegetables. This is... - 115.693

Hearty Lamb & Pepper Stew

How many of you crave for delicate and comforting stew dishes? If you prefer lamb stew, then you are here for a great surprise. The peppery lamb stew is beautiful in look as well as in taste. Serve on pasta, rice or with bread rolls - it's going to be a yummy... - 116.573

Irish Lamb Stew

This Irish lamb stew is a flavorful meat stew cooked with vegetables. Herbed and spiced with garlic, the Irish lamb stew is filling and hearty and can be cooked with assorted vegetables of choice too. - 44.4415

St. Patrick's Day - Lamb Stew With Colcannon

Planning for St.Patrick's Day dinner? Here, the chef is making something special for this occasion. Lamb stew with colcannon is hearty, rich and unbelievably delicious. - 127.052

Lamb Stew

This minted lamb stew is a simple yet hearty stew made with potatoes and mushrooms. Flavored with a hint of lemon juice, the stew is cooked in mushroom gravy and has a rich and full taste to it. - 37.4927

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Hearty Winter Stew

In large heavy pan, brown lamb in shortening; pour off fat. Add soup, 1 can tomatoes, seasonings, and jelly. Cover; cook over low heat 30 minutes. Add rutabagas, carrots, and onions. Cover; cook 1 hour more or until meat and vegetables are tender. 1 Stir... - 36.1129

Arabic Soup

This is a middle eastern inspired lamb and oat soup flavored with whole spices. Arabic soup is very nutritious and wholesome and can be eaten as a stew with bread. - 49.157