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Thai Beef With Mango And Sesame Noodles

Thai beef with mango and sesame noodles is one such recipe which I adore all the time. This video shows how you can get your hands on Thai cooking and prepare this simple beef dish in no time. This tasty meal will sweep your partner off their feet, just watch... - 131.154

Halibut With Thai Spicy Mango Salad - Thai Cooking

Today, we're making a Thai style spicy mango salad. To go with it, I'm cooking up a mouth-watering pan-fried halibut. The mango salad is very simple to prepare and is a prime example of the flavors that are typical to Thai cuisine. - 128.728

Cucumber Salad With Lemon Grass

Do you know the secret behind the fabulous taste of Thai cucumber salad? Watch this recipe video to learn about the secret. It is the marinade, prepared with special Thai spices and herbs, which offers this exceptional taste. You too can prepare this at home,... - 128.471

Pad Thai With Shrimps

Do you fancy going to a good Thai restaurant like I do, but think about the dent on your pocket? Well this pad thai with shrimps recipe is a simple and elegant way of making gourmet Thai food at home. It is very traditional and has an abundance of thai... - 125.187

Thai Larb

Today Chef has larb or laab on the menu. Its a scrumptious mouthwatering Thai dish. Hats off to chef for showing the detailed recipe with all the nitty gritties to ensure anyone who tries the recipe gets an authentic Thai dish which he would want to make... - 120.972

Shell Pasta And Veggies In Thai Yellow Curry Sauce

Italians can enjoy Thai food in their very own way with this fusion recipe that offers best of Thai and Italian dish. Chef has come up with an excellent idea of preparing Shell Pasta and Veggies in Thai Yellow Curry Sauce. Its easy to prepare with a readymade... - 120.936

Stuffed Shrimp And Spicy Thai Green Curry Sauce

Need a quick appetizer for party? The Chef shows how to put up a gourmet like appetizer in just few minutes, Stuffed Shrimp and Spicy Thai Green Curry Sauce. The dish has all the looks of a sophisticated dish yet it’s very easy to make and tastes extremely... - 118.378

Thai Fish Cakes With Sweet Chili Sauce

Join Toby in preparing this wonderful dish from the "Hypertension Cookbook For Dummies" by Roseanne Rust and Cindy Kleckner (2012, John Wiley & Sons). Not too spicy and diabetes-friendly, we are excited to introduce a little Thai into our weekly menu for... - 116.908

Healthy Chicken Satay

When I hear about satays, I can't resist but say "bring it on baby"! Amy is just getting awesome at her kitchen making this wonderful Chicken Satay in her own healthy way and her tips are well worth the time. - 115.72

Healthy Thai Grilled Beef Salad

Craving Thai food, but want to stick to your weight loss plan? Chef Binks has solved your problem with this healthy Thai Beef Salad recipe. Grilled lean beef steak sliced and served over fresh crisp veggies, dressed with a spicy sweet Thai dressing. Lean... - 115.199

Tuscan Kale And Coconut Soup With Tofu

This was inspired by the wonderful Thai coconut soups. Tuscan kale looks more like a small, dark green variety of Swiss chard than kale, but it takes longer to cook, which actually makes it ideal for this soup. Also, this i s a great recipe for your broccoli... - 113.19

Thai Style Chicken Skewers

This Thai Style Chicken Skewers recipe is a fast and really simple, not to forget really taste one for your summer gathering and barbecue parties. Definitely one that will be loved by kids and adults alike! These are easy to make, pack for picnics and... - 112.303

Health Food - Thai Corn Chowder & Cabbage Salad Part 2

Want to enjoy a good old fashioned soup with a crunchy salad? Thai Corn Chowder & Cabbage Salad is just the dish for you. Indulge in delicious low calorie cooking with Chef Kirk Leins and make wholesome meals in minutes. - 109.723

Diabetics- Friendly Thai Beef Skillet

For diabetics, controlling their day to day food for blood sugar control is important. This dish has the right balance of meat and veggies and it is great for a diabetic. Take a look at the video to learn how to cook for a diabetic. - 109.678

Thai Infused Apple Butternut Squash Soup

A nice blend of not the combinable veggies being used to make a nice creamy soup! This video done by Gavin is clear and precise with all the steps and explanations to make this warming bowl! - 109.334

Thai Style Chicken Soup With Coconut

If you are a fan of Thai food and enjoy coconut, this one is a not to miss soup for you. Check out Stacey make the flavorful Coconut Soup, using casual ingredients across any pantry along with coconut. Palpable, colorful and delicious treat for tastebuds! - 109.021

Thai Goong Pad Prig Dum

For all shrimp lovers looking for a different recipe every time, here is a perfectly cooked Thai style shrimp with black pepper! If you love Thai food and prefer shrimp, then this video is a must watch. Seems like it is quite easy to cook at home. - 108.996

Thai Luk Chup

For all the sweet teeth here is a master piece of desserts. Thai luk chup is an out of the world dessert, which was served in the royal palaces in ancient times and even now it has high regard among Thai people. This video shows how this truly artistic,... - 108.283

Phat Thai Noodles

Phat Thai noodles are simple Thai style stir fried noodles. Eggs, shrimp and bean sprouts make the recipe all the more nutritious. So head straight to your kitchen and prepare this amazing Thai stir fried noodles in just a few minutes. A quick stir and whisk... - 107.943

Spicy Soup Of Grilled Prawns

GETTING READY 1. Place shallots, and garlic on a baking sheet lined with foil. Drizzle oil on it. 2. Also lay cleaned shrimp shells on baking sheet and pop it in broiler for 10-15 minutes. 3. For spice paste, discard the ends and chop cilantro roots, saving... - 107.63

Spicy Thai Chicken Soup

If you are a fan of spicy food or Thai food, this chicken soup is definitely meant for you. It is probably the most common soup found in a Thai restaurant. Chef John shows us how to make this favorite, using basic ingredients that are easily available in your... - 106.169

Crispy Thai Sweet Potato Fritters

Crispy Thai sweet potato fritters is a snack with a difference. This is a quick and easy recipe that you can prepare in just a few minutes. The chef here has presented this recipe in such an easy manner that you can prepare the same in your own kitchen. Now... - 105.04

Stir Fried Thin Noodle Pork And Vegetables

Looking out for an easy pork and noodles recipe? Then this stir fried thin noodle pork and vegetables recipe is just perfect for you. A quick stir and whisk in your wok and here your stir fry is ready to serve and eat. Surely this a wonderful recipe after a... - 104.111


In my search of more flavorful dishes, I came across this larb recipe from Amy which sounds interesting. It originates from Thailand where it is made with beef, but I liked the idea of using chicken instead, as it becomes a healthier. So if you are into Asian... - 103.368

Thai Deep Fried Crispy Pork Belly

Thai deep fried crispy pork belly is an amazing pork recipe. The boiled pork belly is simply flavored with salt and vinegar, then deep fried until crispy. The chef here has presented this simple dish in such an easy manner that it can be easily prepared at... - 103.168

Thai Deep Fried Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings

Thai deep fried sweet and sour chicken wings is an amazing recipe. The chef here has simply deep fried the chicken wings and flavored with a sweet and sour sauce. Surprise your guests with these sweet and sour chicken wings that are ready in just a few... - 102.679

Health Food - Thai Corn Chowder & Cabbage Salad Part 1

For all those who prefer only health food yet never compromise on taste, try the novel idea of introducing corn chowder and cabbage salad for dinner. The dish ensures protein and vitamins, all working together towards good health. Eating it is as much... - 102.056

Thai Spicy Chicken Wings

Wondering what to prepare for your asian friends? Try out this quick and easy thai spicy chicken wings. Just reach out to your kitchen cabinet and prepare these chicken wings with a very few ingredients within no time. Surely your chicken wings flavored with... - 101.875

Thai Yum Tar Lay

Are you looking forward to prepare a seafood salad for a special occasion. Here the chef has prepared is a simple Thai seafood salad recipe for you. Surprise your friends with this excellent salad recipe. . The amazing flavor of this seafood salad is going to... - 101.741

Thai Som Tam Bla Rah

Green papaya is highly nutritious. But hardly any of us enjoy raw green papaya. However, this salad of shredded raw papaya is sure to pass off as some delicious dish, with the addition of the special Thai ingredients. Give it a look. - 101.713

Thai Deep Fried Squid

Thai deep fried squid is an excellent appetizer that can be prepared in just a few minutes. The chef here has wonderfully flavored the squid with flavorful Thai ingredients and deep fried for a crispy texture. Surprise your guests by serving this... - 99.9644

Thai Hot And Sour Fish Soup

Are you looking for a hot, delicious and appetizing soup recipe? Here the chef has shared a Thai hot and sour fish soup that is just perfect for you. This soup with fish, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes is very yummy and pampers your taste buds with an amazing... - 98.5525

Healthy Green Papaya Salad

Green papaya salad would be the perfect answer if you would like to satiate your taste buds with something that is so Thai. This can be paired with noodles or fried rice to make a typical Thai fair. So head to the kitchen and make this simple dish in minutes. - 97.0142

Thai Papaya Salad

Wondering what to do with ripe papaya and roasted peanuts? Just pound them in a mortar and pestle with garlic and cherry tomatoes. The chef here has flavored with chilies, lime juice, fish sauce and sugar to make a tangy Thai papaya salad in just a few... - 96.6086

Easy Deep Frying Beef Jerky

Are you looking for a beef jerky recipe? Here is a perfect deep frying beef jerky recipe that can be easily prepared by you in your own kitchen. Can't believe it, then just view this video to prepare this amazing recipe and surprise your family and friends! - 96.6013

Healthy Home Cooking Thai Yellow Curry With Chicken And Potatoes (kang Karee)

Curries with vegetables and meat are sought after foods and here is a Thai recipe to make one such curry. Check out the chef in the video making Curry with Chicken and Potatoes along with lot of flavors. Great delicacy in a curry! - 95.2902

Thai Hot And Sour Soup

Nothing like a bowl of piping hot soup on a cold winter day. Take a look at this hot and sour soup recipe that will warm the soul and spice up the palate. The video shares a super simple recipe for this magical soup. Give it a try….. - 94.1707

Easy Fried Rice. Healthy And Delicious Fried Rice

Fried rice is a popular Asian recipe and here is the Thai version of the recipe. Check out the chef making Fried rice in a simple and healthy way using low carb rice, lots of vegetables and herbs. Goodness reassured! - 91.5179

Thai Inspired Wraps With Faux "peanut" Sauce

MAKING 1. In a blender, add the water, almond butter,honey,1 teaspoon of sea salt, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Blend to a smooth paste and keep aside.This is the dip to go with the wraps. 2. Take the shredded carrot and add salt,cumin and garlic powder.... - 90.6038

Thai Khanom Jeen

For all Thai food lovers, here is a Thai khanom jeen, which is a very popular dish from the north of Thailand. In this video you will see how it is made in an authentic way and the fresh flavors and a mix of textures is a royal Thai treat for the taste buds.... - 89.9424

Thai Yum Woon Sen

A hot and spicy Thai food, must be a favorite entry for the Thai food lovers. If you prefer spicy food, then it is a perfect recipe to try out at home. - 89.5986

Carrot Apple Noodle Salad With Thai Dressing

GETTING READY 1.Wash and shred the carrot, apple and red pepper. 2.Wash the lettuce. MAKING 3.On a plate, place the lettuce. 4.In a bowl,take the ginger, garlic, tamarind and balsamic vinegar. 5.Pour the dressing on the lettuce. 6.In a blender bowl, add the... - 88.635

Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Chicken Curry has to be one of the most popular Thai curries. Watch this video for an easy home-style version chicken curry with Thai eggplants. It’s got the perfect balance of spicy, sour and sweet! Make a large pot of this fragrant and rice... - 88.5647

Thai Beef Salad With Healthy Salad Dressing

Marinated beef is always great when cooked in any way and here is one such Thai recipe. Check out the chef in the video making Beef Salad after marinating and sautéing the beef along with vegetables and flavors. Great with wine! - 86.3362

Roasted Thai Chili Vinegar Sauce - Hot Spicy Healthy Condiments

Chili vinegar is an almost compulsory condiment or side served with rice or noodles in Thai cuisine. Check out this video showing how to make Roasted Thai Chili Vinegar Sauce that is great to serve along or to use into dishes. Spicy chili affair! - 83.4389

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Weight Watchers Chicken Pad Thai

Why not try a chicken pad Thai with a slight variation in the flavor or with an American twist. The recipe uses ketchup and bean sprouts along with chicken and egg. Make this low calorie recipe that is great if you are trying to cut down on fats and loose... - 82.789

Thai Hot Chicken Vegetable Soup

How would you like to enjoy a different kind of chicken soup? If you have not tried chicken with vegetable soup, then you should try now. Learn Thai cooking in simple manner and enjoy variety of delectable dishes just like this hot chicken soup. - 80.5233

Gang Om Moo

Even if you don't like pumpkin, you will change your mind after having this delicious soup. The combination of pork and pumpkin is simply awesome. Go through this video to learn how to cook this hearty soup at your kitchen. - 80.2213

Healthy Stir Fry Thai Spicy Chili Garlic Sauce With Pork

Pork is a prominently used meat in Thai cuisine with varied ways to cook it and here is one such recipe. Check out the chef cooking Spicy Chili Garlic Sauce with Pork using pork slices, vegetables and seasonings. Great when accompanied with a wine! - 79.4152

Healthy And Cream Thai Coconut Soup - Part 2: Finalizing

In Part 2 of the video, now that the soup is ready, it is time to add the final touches and ensure that it has turned out well. Watch and enjoy! - 78.3921

Cow Thom

You don't have to fly to Thailand to savor the popular chicken and rice soup also known as Cow Thom. Learn to make easy, delicious, homemade soup the Thai style. Just follow simple instructions from chef and savor this healthy food. - 77.2373

Stuffed Omlette

Learn how to make Thai Stuffed Omelet watching this video. This is a simple dish and if you use a non stick pan, you can definitely make it work. Happy Cooking! - 75.7977

Thai Tom Yum Goong

This hot and spicy soup is perfect to cheer you up after a hectic and tiring day. Serve this over hot and steaming rice to enjoy. - 66.8124

Oriental Pad Thai

Are you a fan of Oriental cuisine? We bet you will love this recipe for sure. Watch chef Dorothy prepare this Oriental Pad Thai which is packed with the taste and nutritional goodness of vegetables. - 64.5053

Thai Som Tam Papaya Salad

Learn the traditional Thai Som Tam Salad from this video recipe. Watch this video to find out what all ingredients are used in it, when these are added and how the salad is prepared. - 59.2755

Seafood Curry In Banana Leaf (hor Mok Talay)

This is a delightful presentation of a Thai Seafood Curry. It is easy to serve for eating out of hand. - 58.0202

Thai Crispy Pork And Cauliflower Stir Fry

Find out how a Thai Crispy Pork and Cauliflower is made in Thailand by watching this video. If you have all the ingredients required to prepare this dish, it can be a great option for dinners. Give it a go! - 55.4681

Kabocha Bisque (thai Curry Soup)

Thai Curry Kabocha Bisque (Fak Thong Gaeng Leang) is the perfect fall soup for holiday tables. The subtle balance of this creamy fragrant hot-salty-sweet-sour bisque will delight your guests. - 51.9691

Gai Phrik Khao Phat

This is a great quick and very tasty recipe for leftover brown rice. It is important that the rice is throughly chilled and not mushy or too moist. You need the rice kernels to be separate. It can be served as a complete one plate meal, or qs a side dish in... - 50.4841

Chicken With Green Chile And Basil (gai Phrik Krapao)

Exciting Thai fresh flavours of hot-salty-sweet-sour with chicken in a qui k stir-fry. Perfect with steamed brown rice for a healthy meal. This is a dry curry which is sans coconut milk-so it is big on flavour and low on fat. - 50.1473

Chicken And Lettuce Wraps

A low calorie chicken and lettuce wraps just for you. This easy to make stir fried chicken filling in lettuce is a crunchy delight. It is a healthy and nutritious dish that is a sure shot hit. Try this easy to make appetizer and watch the reaction of your... - 50.0432

Thai Noodle Soup With Vegetables And Shrimps

This deliciously tasting soup is easy to make. The video instruction is also published on my Youtube channel “cooking with Dorus”. - 49.4926

Vegetable Soup And Stir Fried Morning Glory

Thai vegetable soup and the stir fried morning glory can be the choice for an ideal Thai meal. Serve these preparations with steaming rice to enjoy best. - 49.4079

Mango-tomato Summer Salsa

This recipe fits in with many cuisines such as Thai, Mexican, American, Vegetarian, Summer Parties, and is kid friendly. It is a Healthy Choices dish easy to make just dice and mix! It is Weight Watcher and South Beach Diet friendly! - 49.3022

Thai Turkey Salad

MAKING 1. Simmer water and poach the turkey for 1 hour in it. Check by piercing a knife to see if the turkey is cooked. 2. Cool the turkey after removing it. 3. Discard its skin and remove it from the bones. Shred it. 4. Simmer the turkey. Add tamari, pepper,... - 47.6673

Gai Yang Hua Hin

Gai Yang (Thai barbecued chicken) is a tasty way to serve chicken to family and friends. You can use chicken parts as this recipe calls for or whole chicken cut in half. Sometimes I use split Cornish Game Hens which have a milder and closer to a Thai... - 46.8121

Cambodian Shrimp & Pork Stir Fry With Smokey Eggplant (cha Traop Dot)

Cambodian Shrimp & Pork Stir Fry with Smokey Eggplant (Cha Traop Dot) make an easy and flavourful healthy stir-fry entre. - 46.091

Gourmet Thai Chicken Pizza

"If you're looking for a pizza that has a lot of flavor and is a little different from the rest, then this is an easy and delicious recipe to make that is sure to become a favorite. The carrot and cilantro dressed on top is a must." - 46.0083

Thai Spicy Seafood Soup

Learning to cook Thai Spicy Seafood Soup is easy if you know the proper way to add the ingredients. Now you can learn to cook this dish at home using the online video. - 45.428

Lemongrass Cooler

A lovely way to cool down on a hot summer day, this sweet, fragrant iced cooler is a sure winner. This combination of lemongrass, fresh mint and tea is very cooling and refreshing. Sip on it slowly and you will feel your energy coming back. - 45.0024

Thai'd Up Tomato Salad

This is an easy Thai'd up salad. Thai salads (Yams) are usually the hottest part of a Thai meal, but you can tame this salad by controlling the amount of minced chiles used. For more gorgeous foodie photos - 43.8859

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the Most Famous Noodle Dish in Thailand - 43.8162

Nam Phrik Kaeng Kare

To make your own curry paste is a most gratifying expierence. Best results are achieved by using a mortar and pestle, allow at least 20 minutes to make by hand using this authentic method. The flavours and aroma achieved due to pounding are far superior to... - 43.4859

Mushroom Broccoli Pizza

I enjoy with Mushroom Broccoli Pizza. - 42.7492

Thai Fish Cakes With Som Tam And Fried Spinach And Glass Noodles

An easy to make appetizer, the yummy Thai fish cake is a harmonious blend of ingredients that are successful in creating a great tasting dish. Presented with fried spinach and glass noodles, the Thai fish cakes are a real pleasure to your senses. - 42.7133

Cooking Thai Food, Green Curry With Chicken, "gaeng Khiew Waan Gai"

Cooking Thai Green Curry is simple once you see how it is done. In the 2 online videos you will be taught by Chef Chanrat Karatna, nickname Air, and his staff not only how to cook Thai Green Curry but about the ingredients. In the second video you will see... - 42.4007

Tangerine-soba Noodle & Seared Scallops

Boil H20, cook soba noodles. Cool, coat with seseme oil, chill. In a stainless bowl, combine Tangerine juice, soy sauce, peanut butter, sesame oil, ginger tangerine zest and chilli flakes (optional but recommended!) Next julienne red peppers, red onion,... - 42.2343

Healthy Sweet And Sour Sauce

MAKING 1.In a small bowl add the cornstarch and water and mix well. Keep aside. 2.Take a small saucepan, add in the remaining ingredients and heat the mixture. 3. Let mixture begin to bubble over heat. Keep stirring. 4. Now gradually add in the cornstarch... - 42.164

Thai Noodles

A spicy Thai noodle dish with chicken and vegetables. It's Great for Birthday Party & Fun Time. - 41.4586

Larb: A Delicious Thai-style Salad

Larb is a deliciously addictive salad from Thailand that combines meat (here, chicken) with greens, toasted grains and a wonderful dressing. - 41.3329

Yum Sai Grok Hua Plee

The Yum Sai Grok Hua Plee recipe is a yummy sausage salad in the traditional banana flower. It is a very healthy and easy to make appetizer. Your friends are going to be truly bowled over by your culinary expertise. - 40.8361

Thai Style Shrimp

"A dish made in half an hour! Plump shrimp are sauteed quickly and then simmered in coconut milk infused with garlic and ginger. Serve with white rice and steamed broccoli for a luscious quick dinner." - 40.3209

Thai Chicken Burgers

Perfect for a more exotic barbecue, these Thai chicken burgers combine ground chicken with sweet, tangy peanut sauce and red chili curry paste. - 40.1343

Spicy Stir-fried Tofu

This easy tofu dish makes a great meal in one. It is a great way to enjoy the benefits of tofu that is quick, flavorful and interesting. Prep and Cook Time: 25 minutes - 40.1218

Curried Coconut Chicken

"Curried chicken simmered in coconut milk and tomatoes makes for a mouthwatering hint of the tropics! Goes great with rice and vegetables." - 40.0379

Making Thai Chicken And Galangal Coconut Cream Soup.

Thai Chicken and Galangal Coconut Cream Soup doesn't take long to cook. You can replace the chicken with any meat or seafood. - 39.9651

Thai Peanut Chicken

This is a very tasty Asian-inspired dish made with chicken and broccoli in a spicy peanut sauce. If you like it mild, use less cayenne, like it spicy, use more. - 39.9556

Bebo's Cool Cucumber Crunch Salad

Crisp thin neat slices of cucumber tossed with robust flavours like soy and wine vinegar. Toasted sesame seeds add to the crunch of this exciting salad which can be made part of our daily meal plan. - 39.739

Thai Fried Rice

When the pan is extremely hot (smoking hot), pour in the oil. Add the egg and scramble the egg until the egg is all cooked. Put the egg aside or just push it aside and make some room on the bottom of the wok. Add soy sauce and stir. Keep stirring and mixing... - 39.697

Hot & Sour Soup With Shrimp

Method: 1)Place a heavy-based large saucepan over a medium to high heat. Drizzle the peanut oil over the hot pan then add the reserved shrimp heads and shells. 2)Sauté and crush the shells and heads with a spoon for about 5 minutes or until the shells begin... - 39.4007

Phat Thai

The Phat Thai recipe is the easy to make Thai fried noodles cooked with a combination of chicken, bean curd and shrimp. A complete meal in itself. Words really are not enough to describe the flavor and taste of this great tasting dish. Try it and do let me... - 39.3837

Shrimp Fried Thai Noodles

This is very popular Thai dish, good for lunch, supper or anytime you crave something exotic with a little tang. - 39.3788

Hot And Sour Soup

Ideal as a starter in a Thai meal. Not very filling, but a great appetizer. Very quick and easy to prepare. The tom yum paste is hot, so try the soup before adding the chile and decide if any extra heat is required. Do not attempt if you do not have fresh... - 39.2785

Thai Chicken Pizza

"This is an easy to make, spicy Thai-inspired pizza." - 38.6954

Thai Mackerel Salad

Thai macakrel salad is a fast, simple and delicious salad. It is a warm salad with lots of stir fried vegetables. Some variations are possible with this salad. - 38.6026

Thai Vegetable Soup

A delicious sweet and spicy thai vegetable soup perfect on a cold winter night. Best served with a loaf of crusty bread. - 38.5561

Thai Grilled Beef Salad

"This is a simple Thai beef salad. It can be eaten hot or cold, but it is usually served at room temperature. The ingredients can be found at most major supermarkets or Asian markets." - 38.1329

Kaeng Khiao Wan Nuea

The Kaeng Khiao Wan Nuea is beef dice cooked with Thai green curry. The subtle flavors and tastes that are so typical of Thai cuisine are evident in this yummy and highly nutritious delight. Discover the rich tastes straight from Thailand. - 37.8777

Thai Hot And Sour Soup

This is very good! - 37.8472

Beef Noodle Soup

This is a simplified version of a Vietnamese beef noodle soup. The Vietnamese make the broth from scratch, and simmer it for hours. - 37.589