Healthy Sweet Vegan Salad Recipes

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Indian Cantaloupe Salad

How about some spiced up fruit salad for a change. Watch this video recipe of Indian Cantaloupe Salad and try it out. This recipe uses some Indian spices to add punch to this dish. - 118.802

Special Quinoa Fruit Salad

If you are allergic to food and refrain from salad, quinoa fruit salad is for you. It is healthy and a perfect food combining the goodness of protein and fruit. Now you can enjoy your favorite salad with the help of Maria's easy cooking tips which explains... - 118.509

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad Recipe Easy Fruit Salad Recipe for Kids! You'll find the most unique and interesting Recipes here on HooplaKidzRecipes. It's a great way to introduce all kinds of seasonal fruit to your kid. - 112.783

Organic Mango And Strawberry Salad

Are you looking for a great salad recipe that could be perfectly served over breakfast, lunch or even dinner? The take a look at this mango and strawberry salad. Watch the video to see step by step directives. Defiantly a nice energizing, refreshing and... - 108.422

Anti Aging Fruits And Vegetables Vegan Salad

Looking for a quick and healthy salad recipe that is also tasty and can be served anytime? Then watch this video by BlendItandMendIt and learn to make a yummy vegan salad. Enjoy! - 102.755

Fruit Salad

Last night a friend came over and gave us a whole lot of fruit so today I decided to make a fruit salad. - 97.661

Raw Sweet Corn Salsa

Sweet corn yells “summer”. Here is an incredibly simple raw sweet corn salsa recipe that improves with refrigeration. It's a great way to use summer corn and other fresh garden vegetables, and tastes great with a variety of meals, This is indeed a healthy... - 89.7607

Pineapple Pomegranate And Mango Salad

Enlighten your senses and rejuvenate with a fresh and colorful fruit salad. Take a look at this incredible video that exhibits excellent technique to peel and slice the fruits to make a super healthy fruit salad. The wonderful presentations of the salad... - 83.4243

Mixed Berries Salad

For those who are fond of berries, here is how to make a super simple healthy mixed berries salad. Watch this impressive video that shares a recipe that looks so awesome and colorful. Great way to enjoy your berries and present them in an absolutely appealing... - 83.2477

Creamy Almond Butter Vegetable Salad

A nice creamy salad with some almond butter and veggies all mixed in a bowl is enough as it is as a meal! The eco vegan girl makes this veggie salad which is delightful and filling! See the video on more vegan recipes! - 82.589

Coconut And Cucumber Anti Aging Salad

Want a salad recipe that is yummy and promises to do wonders for your skin? Then try the one detailed in this BlendItandMendIt video. Guaranteed to leave you pleased! - 81.6418

Sautéed Fresh Corn With Onions And Sweet Peppers And Natural Corn Cream

This sauteed fresh corn recipe features one of my favorite ways to prepare fresh corn; it’s just luscious! The corn kernels are sliced off their cobs and the creamy, delicate substance that I call "corn cream" is scraped from each cob into the kernels.... - 49.2406

Orange-fennel Salad W/citrus Vinaigrette

This is a delicious orange-fennel salad that is both aromatic as it is delicious. The orange slices lend some citrusy sweetness, while the fennel adds a licorice like complexity to it. The vinaigrette is a light and tangy salad dressing that brings all the... - 42.6907

Sweet Corn And Apple Salad

The sweetness of the corn and apples and the tanginess of the tomato and lime juice make this salad a very fresh and pleasant appetizer. Mint adds to the freshness. - 42.1387

Sweet Corn Salad..

You don't want to over bear the flavor of the fresh corn - just enough to enhance the flavor. * To make chiffonade: Stack basil leaves, then cut across the stack to make small "ribbons." Scrape the corn kernels from the ears of corn by using a sharp... - 41.1655

Fruit Salad

Remove the skin of all the fruits and cut it into small cubes. - Add salt according to taste and black pepper powder. Mix well. - Remove this mixture in a big bowl and keep it in the refrigerator for around 20-25 minutes. - Cool it and relish it. - 38.1309

Grape Apple Salad

It is too much healthy salad! - 37.5597

Melon With Sweet Onion Dressing

1. Place melon balls in a large bowl. 2. Combine sugar and remaining ingredients in a small jar; cover tightly, and shake vigorously. Pour over melon balls, and toss gently. Cover and chill. Toss gently before serving. Serve with a slotted spoon. - 34.9318

Fresh-fruit Salad

Purchased vinaigrette and feta cheese perk up a colorful fresh-fruit salad. - 34.0876

Fresh Fruit Salad

A very healthy fruit salad what will make you want more... - 31.2407