Healthy Saute Vegetable Recipes

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Msuhrooms And Beans With Roasted Garlic

Boiled green beans for dinner? Well if you thought that was appetizing, then you must watch this recipe video!! This is fantastic!! Simple and quick, this has just a few ingredients but is full of flavor. Watch the recipe and cook up your beans in a new way! - 127.395

Healthy Eggplant Pomodoro With Whole Wheat Angel Hair Pasta

This is a classic Italian spaghetti dish, done with Chef Binks healthy twist. Diced eggplant turns tender and tasty, sautéed in olive oil. Toss with fresh plum tomatoes, green olives, capers, basil and paprika and you have a simple light summer sauce. Mix it... - 117.231

Healthy Green Beans Almondine

A healthy version of the traditional classical French-American family favorite; green beans with almonds. This one is a winner when you are looking for a great vegetable side dish to accompany your meat on the plate! Turning an unhealthy dish into something... - 113.675

Healthy Pan-fried Cajun Spiced Yam

Home-fried yames make a perfect slow-releasing carbohydrate side dish to lean protein or any entrée that needs a potato. yam is high in vitamin A, fiber and flavor and is naturally sweet thus does not spike your blood sugar levels thus a wonderful healthy... - 111.26

Tempeh With Tomatoes

Do you like quick cooking? Well this is as quick as it gets…A recipe with only 3 ingredients!! A simple recipe that goes well with a side of steamed vegetables. Watch the video and try it out! This recipe will surely not disappoint you. - 111.174

Spicy Glazed Tempeh Fajitas

Its Friday evening and you want to make a fun filled, tasty dish? Here's a great suggestion, that never fails to impress. Watch chef Heather prepare these Spicy Glazed Tempeh Fajitas that are totally drool worthy. Try this recipe now. - 110.716

Lemon And Cilantro Sauteed Zucchini And Summer Squash

If you like to eat what’s in season, try this delicious and super healthy summer squash and zucchini recipe. Summer squash and zucchini are at their peak freshness in summer and low in calories and fat. You also get vitamins C and A, but the best part is... - 106.84

Quinoa Linguine With Spicy Broccoli Rabe And Pecans

Look at this super healthy pasta recipe that is highly nutritious and absolutely flavorful. The video is very interesting to see and wonderfully presented. Watch the video to make this unique quinoa linguini with a spicy broccoli rabe and pecan crumbs. Check... - 104.536

Sauteed Broccoli Rabe

Broccoli rabe is something that causes a little confusion with most people but it’s a cool leafy green veggie, a macho, darker and bitter alternative to broccoli and a great side dish to get into your game. Chef Binks shows you how to cook broccoli rabe... - 101.355

Pan Seared Tender Asparagus With Parmesan

Asparagus is a wonderful, nutritious and delicious green vegetable but finding a nice fresh, fast and healthy way to make it is a bit of a challenge. A little bit of Parmesan helps you to do that. Pan sautéed asparagus cooked al dente and topped with... - 101.117

Healthy Lemon Garlic And Gingered Carrots

A nice light and healthy approach to glazed carrots, this dish is a great lower calorie alternative to buttered carrots or corn side dishes. This carrot side dish is packed with flavors and goes with a lot of dishes like pork, beef and veal. These steamed,... - 100.92

Warm Sweet Corn Shiitake Mushroom And Arugula Salad

Summer is the time for fresh, light and colorful ingredients and quick and easy cooking. This warm sweet corn salad smells tastes and looks like summer! It has such an interesting combination of flavors that complement each other. The earthy mushrooms, sweet... - 95.4502

Spinach In Cream

In a mood to have a healthy side dish. Check out the video of the yummy and delicious Spinach in Cream. A very healthy dish as it's main ingredients is spinach. Do check out this video. - 94.8784

Lentil Soup With Ruby Swiss Chard And Lemon

A nice recipe for a warm summer noon. Check out the video of the tasty Lentil Soup with Ruby Swiss Chard and Lemon. A very nice recipe prepared by our chef just for you. Everyone should definitely try out this recipe. - 79.5757

Healthy Gluten Free Gamer's Meal

Are you looking for a complete healthy meal that can be prepared in no time? This video has exactly the same. Watch the chef churn out this healthy meal with a steak and potatoes to charge you up. - 68.4321

Karela Masala By Chef Sonali

Clean, wash and wipe karela absolutely dry. Remove half a centimeter from both ends. Slit and keep aside. Mix red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, dry mango powder, turmeric powder and salt. Stuff the karela/bittergourd with this masala. Keep... - 52.1603

Vegetarian Cacciatore

CACCIATORE (" in the style of foragers") is one of the most popular Northern Italian recipes. To me it is true comfort food, perfect for a fall meal. I use an assortment of available vegetables with the back-drop of tomatoes. I usually use some sliced... - 50.9465

Aloo Gobi

This is a famous north Indian dish which can be had with roti or poori. - 49.9189

Rice Noodle Salad With Vegetables And Tofu

1. Cook noodles according to package directions. 2. Combine mint and next 6 ingredients (through garlic). Combine half of mint mixture and rice noodles in a large bowl. 3. Heat dark sesame oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add yellow... - 49.1447

Spicy Pav Bhaji

This is a famous North Indian dish. This can be had as a breakfast or dinner or as a snack in the evenings. - 48.9142

Minestrone Soup

Cut the carrots in 4 lengthwise, then chop. Dice the turnips, rutabaga and the potatoes, all about the same size. Set aside the potatoes in water to avoid blackening. Cook the bacon and the onion in a large saucepan, over low heat, for 5 minutes. Add the... - 47.5219

Rajma (red Kidney Bean Curry)

This vegetarian dish originated in Punjab, a northern state in India. Kidney beans are an excellent source of protein and dietary fiber, making it an ideal ingredient in a vegetarian diet. For more recipes, visit - 45.7428

Kaaigari Piratal

This is a famous Chettinadu variety of food. - 45.5976

Cream Of Mussel And Leek Soup

Combine the mussels and the dry white wine in a pot and bring to a boil. When the mussels open, remove them from the pot. Let cool slightly and remove the meat from the shells. Throw away those mussels that did not open and set aside the others. Sieve the... - 45.3782

French Cut Beans & Lima Beans Curry

This French cut beans can be seen in all American grocery stores in the frozen section. This is just the plain beans which is cut lengthwise.This curry can be had as a side dish for plain rice or chapatti. - 44.6472

Curry Pumpkin Soup

This Curry Pumpkin Soup recipe is my favorite and also liked by my family. This soup is not only tasty but also very nutritious. So if you have good taste and also care about your health , you must try this Curry Pumpkin Soup recipe. - 44.051

Vegetable Sabji

This subzi can be had with Chapatti, puri and paratta as well as a good side dish for Rice. - 43.9544

Green Onion Soup

Melt the margarine in a saucepan and brown the green onions over low heat for 15 minutes or until they are tender (do not overcook - their colour should not change). Add the broth and the potatoes and cook for 20 to 30 minutes. Pepper to taste. Place the... - 43.7258

Spaghetti With Vegetable Sauce

Saute eggplant strips, then zucchini slices in 1/4 cup hot oil in 4-quart saucepan ordutch oven 1 minute on each side; remove. Add green peppers, onions, garlic and remaining 1/4 cup oil to pan; cook until onions are tender, but not brown. Place tomato slices... - 42.785

American Chop Suey

Cook the onion, garlic and ginger, stirring in the oil over medium-high heat. Add the carrots and celery, and cook for 5 minutes stirring in between. Add the mushrooms, peppers, cabbage and zucchini, and cook 3 minutes more. Add the bean sprouts,... - 42.7149

Thai Fish Cakes With Som Tam And Fried Spinach And Glass Noodles

An easy to make appetizer, the yummy Thai fish cake is a harmonious blend of ingredients that are successful in creating a great tasting dish. Presented with fried spinach and glass noodles, the Thai fish cakes are a real pleasure to your senses. - 42.7133

Bharwan Bhindi By Chef Sonali

This is Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe - 42.0769

Cabbage Saute

Cabbage Saute is a very simple, light dish. Healthy and tasty, quick dish. Try it and enjoy!!! - 41.9106

Spicy Stir-fried Tofu

This easy tofu dish makes a great meal in one. It is a great way to enjoy the benefits of tofu that is quick, flavorful and interesting. Prep and Cook Time: 25 minutes - 40.1218

Lady's Finger Hot Saute (okra/bendakaayi Saute)

Lady's finger Saute is a simple, tasty dish. Try and enjoy!! - 39.9721

Colourful Beans Carrot Saute

Beans Carrot Saute is a very easy and healthy dish for all family members. Enjoy!! - 39.6681

Beef And Vegetable Soup

Heat the oil in a saucepan and brown the onion and the meat. Dilute the concentrated chicken broth in the 3 cups of hot water. Add the chicken broth, leek and tomatoes to the saucepan. Bring to a boil, cover and let simmer over low heat for 15 or 20... - 39.6176

Achari Shimla Mirchi Aloo By Chef Sonali

This recipe is a combined effort of my cousin Ranjana and me. - 39.5732

Herbed Vegetable Saute

Remove strings from beans; wash and cut beans into 11/2-inch pieces. Combine beans and next 7 ingredients in a large skillet; bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 15 minutes. Add mushrooms, simmer 5 minutes. Stir in tomato, cook, stirring... - 39.0807

Vegetable Fried Rice

1. Cook rice in sufficient water (Add salt and 1 tsp oil to the water) till done and drain the excess water. Keep aside to cool down. Separate the grains with a fork. 2. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan, add the onions. Saute till traslucent. 3. Add the vegetables... - 38.3207

Rich Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Melt the margarine in a saucepan over high heat and cook the onion, leek, celery and mushrooms slowly. Add the beef broth and stir, then add the potatoes and let simmer for 15 minutes on medium heat. Puree in an electric mixer or with a hand mixer. Add the... - 36.3558

Sesame Vegetable Medley

1. Remove and discard mushroom stems. Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray; add oil. Place over medium-high heat until hot. Add mushroom caps, snow peas, and next 3 ingredients; saute 2 minutes. 2. Combine water and next 5 ingredients; add to... - 35.5832

Squash Saute

A nice quick side dish - 34.0556

Broccoli Saute

Wash broccoli. Split ends of large stalks lengthwise into halves or quarters, depending on size. Place in large skillet. Sprinkle with water, Planters Peanut Oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Cover tightly; cook over very low heat 20 to 30 minutes, or until... - 32.7483

Creamed Dandelion Greens

Simmer greens in water in covered pan 12 minutes. Drain well. Melt margarine, stir in flour, then slowly blend in milk. Season with salt and pepper. Mix into greens. - 32.4938

Vegetable Barley

While the barley cooks, heat the oil in a large frying pan or wok. Saute the vegetables in the order given, adding each one as the one before gets hot and starts to sizzle. The total cooking time should be about 10 minutes. The carrots should be crisp, the... - 30.8133

Mushroom With Black Pepper

I love mushrooms and try making different recipes... once i was short of onions and tomatoes. Just had mushrooms at home so came up wid the idea of this recipe... whc is very very easy and tasty too... - 30.4152

Sauteed Squash

Coat a large skillet with cooking spray; add wine. Place over medium heat until hot; add onion, and saute 1 minute. Add zucchini, yellow squash, and bouillon granules, saute 3 minutes or until crisp-tender. - 28.4588