Healthy Pregnancy Low Calorie Drink Recipes

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Anti-hangover Remedial Juice

How do you deal with your Saturday morning hangover - well here is a great way to fight with this irritating problem. Watch chef to blend up the juice using strawberry, carrot, lemon etc. All these nutritious ingredients provide enough support to the body to... - 116.219

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Antiaging Drink Your Garden Green Smoothie

AntiAging Drink Your Garden Green Smoothie is a mix of fruits and vegetables, all of them are low on glycemic index. The smoothie is so refreshing, encouraging you to drink more and more and feel rejuvenated. You will most enjoy this on a summer day when your... - 113.295

Fully Raw Green Leafy Juice

Low Fat Raw Vegan Trendsetter Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram of Rawfully Organic lets you in behind the scenes of her first EAT IT RAW class at the national chain Sur la Table! She teaches you how to make a Green Juice to get you going for the day! Enjoy and share! - 123.152

Green Juice In A Nut Bag

A few of you asked "what the heck were you making in yesterday's show" so I thought I'd explain today...By the way, if you haven't watched yesterday's show on what percentage do you have to be to be considered a raw foodie, I recommend joining the... - 110.659

A Savory Raw Smoothie: Garden Vegetable Green Smoothie

When you've got a craving for good nutrition, but don't feel like anything sweet, Jennifer's Garden Vegetable Green Smoothie recipe is the perfect fit. Made with just half of a green apple, it's a wonderful option for people who want to cut back on sugar... - 116.606

Detox Breakfast Drink

This powerful superfood juice recipe by Dr. Oz. is the famous green smoothie breakfast drink used in his 3 day detox cleanse. This breakfast drink by the beloved doctor is supposed to start the "elimination process" meaning this high fiber smoothie with... - 146.044

Iceberg Lettuce Green Smoothie

MAKING 1. In a blender, add the iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber ans blend well. 2. Add some water, if required to create a smoothie consistency. 3. Pour into a glass. SERVING 4. Add a straw and serve as a healthy smoothie. - 101.589

Fresh Mint And Strawberry Vegan Smoothie

Are you looking for a smoothie recipe that can be whipped up within seconds, is healthy and actually promises to be anti aging? Then watch this BlendItandMendIt video and learn to make a tasty smoothie that will keep you young, healthy and refreshed! - 91.1269

Sweet And Tangy Berry Smoothie

Wondering what needs to be done with berries lying in the fridge. Well, you can turn them into delicious berry smoothie and have some sips post workout. The drink is easy to make and with a little lemon juice gets more flavorful. Watch this video for more... - 78.6181

Chia Fresca

Looking to make your own energy drink at home? Then this recipe should help. Chia fresca is a popular Mexican energy drink that can be easily prepared at home. A natural, healthy alternative to store-bought sugary energy drinks any day. Stir up a glass for... - 114.406

Pumpkin Spice Skinny Chai Latte

MAKING 1. In a teapot, pour in the hot water and place the black tea bag. Let it brew for sometimes and set aside. 2. In a microwave safe container, pour in the milk and add in sweetener. Mix well and place in microwave for 1 minute. 3. In a serving cup, add... - 92.8381