Healthy Pregnancy Drink Recipes

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Detox Breakfast Drink

This powerful superfood juice recipe by Dr. Oz. is the famous green smoothie breakfast drink used in his 3 day detox cleanse. This breakfast drink by the beloved doctor is supposed to start the "elimination process" meaning this high fiber smoothie with... - 146.044

I Drink My Morning Oatmeal

MAKING 1. In a blender, pulse oats well to make oat flour. 2. Add banana and blueberries. 3. Add hemp protein powder and soy milk. Blend it well. SERVING 4. Serve it chilled. - 125.489

Apple Beet Celery Juice

For all the health conscious persons, here is something delicious as well as nutritious. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice without addition of sugar is the ultimate health drink. This recipe of apple, beet and celery juice is something you are going to enjoy... - 118.221

Bone Densi Tea Soup

Won't you like to try a delicious tea soup? See this amazing video that is quite interesting and shows you how to make a tasty, flavorful and healthy tea soup. Making tea would never be so great. Surely this video is a must watch! - 116.303

Anti-hangover Remedial Juice

How do you deal with your Saturday morning hangover - well here is a great way to fight with this irritating problem. Watch chef to blend up the juice using strawberry, carrot, lemon etc. All these nutritious ingredients provide enough support to the body to... - 116.219

Super Spinach Chocolate Milk

MAKING 1. In a vitamix, add the bananas, spinach, cocoa powder and water. 2. Put on the lid and blend well. 3. Pour into glasses. SERVING 4. Serve as a beverage. - 113.034

Fruit Smoothie

Done with your workout and need something to refresh yourself, here is a recipe to make a smoothie do that. Check out Katrina making fruit smoothie by blending fruits particularly berries along with other milk products. Great way to refill energy! - 104.61

Organic Almond Milk

Almond milk is a very important substitute for cow’s milk or even soy milk. Watch this video to learn how to make homemade raw and organic almond milk. It’s such a great alternative for people who are dairy intolerant and for children under two years old.... - 96.1209

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

When looking for a quick, high-protein breakfast that can be whomped up in a matter of minutes, this yummy breakfast smoothie will make for an excellent choice. Lee Hayward blends a delicious, protein-dense creamy, yummy smoothie that is just the best choice... - 92.3711

Chocolate Peppermint Protein Shake

Protein shakes are healthy and a great way to keep fit. Here is an excellent video that displays the recipe for chocolate peppermint protein shake. The video is very informative and offers great health and fitness tips. - 85.491

Basic Milk Shake

This is the basic milk shake recipe any number of combinations can be made with this. - 30.4612

Fruity Punch

Combine juices and chill. Pour into punch bowl over block of ice and add ginger ale. - 25.2951