Healthy Popsicle Recipes

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Banana Almond Butter Popsicle

In summers kids enjoy popsicles a lot and if they are store bought they are packed with sugar which is not good for kids. Weelicious host therefore makes banana almond butter popsicles which are pretty easy to make and lot healthier with banana and almond... - 115.336

Raw Popsicle

Meet my good and evil twins who try to influence me when I'm under-carbed :) Then I'll show you how to make the best raw popsicles ever! They totally taste like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. - 111.183

Fruit Popsicle With Banana And Strawberries

For moms racking their brains for healthy summer time treats for kids this recipe is perfect. Fresh fruits go in this Popsicle that scores both on health and convenience. A perfect snack which kids can never say no to. - 90.4638

Fruity Popsicle

So these colorful popsicles always tempt you? Now you can prepare them in your own kitchen. Watch the chef share this easy to make popsicle recipe. Treat your kids and their friends to this tasty delight today. - 62.8622

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Homemade Tri Color Popsicles - Mango Strawberry Kiwi Popsicles

MAKING 1. In a blender, puree the fruits separately. First the kiwis, then the strawberries and finally the mangoes. (Rinse the blender jar in between blending each fruit) 2. Remove each of the pureed fruit into separate bowls. 3. Take the popsicle molds and... - 105.526

Banana Almond Butter Popsicles

Popsicles! Here is a great summertime treat that easy to prepare and healthy for your kids. Who doesn't love popsicles? These pops are a perfect energy treat for your little one because they have a fruit and protein. Try pulling them out at a kids summer... - 105.453

Fresh Orange Raspberry Popsicles

No more store bought popsicles, make them at home from fresh fruit juice! Juice the orange and the raspberry and pour into your popsicle container and freeze them! A simple video with easy instructions! - 80.381

Fresh Juice Popsicles

Linda Kordich has a great idea for the summer; Lemonade & Strawberry Popsicles. You and your children will love making and eating them. All natural, no added sugar or preservatives needed. - 110.369

Homemade Strawberry Popsicles

Homemade strawberry popsicles are not only packed with vitamin C but they are naturally delicious, something that wouldn't be found in a store bought popsicle. These are fun to make and healthy for the kids to enjoy as dessert. Just 2 ingredients blended... - 128.788

California Giant Strawberry And Blueberry Breakfast Berry Smoothie & Popsicles

Sometimes you just need breakfast on the go, and this Strawberry and blueberry breakfast smoothie is the perfect solution for those mornings when time is not on your side. The perfect fresh berries are as versatile as they are delicious. By making extra and... - 126.766

Nectarines And Mixed Berries Popsicles

Summer time is here again so why not make some ice popsicles at home. Take a look at this interesting and informative video that shares a recipe for some unique fruit popsicles. Enjoy your summer with these delicious and healthy ice popsicles. - 96.3442

Red, White & Blue Patriotic Popsicles

MAKING 1. In a Popsicle container, put raspberries, coconut water, Greek yogurt and blackberries in layers as shown in the video. Seal the container and refrigerate for 4 hours. SERVING 2. Serve the popsicles chilled. TIPS 3. If you want to make a vegan... - 88.7655

Homemade Lemon-lime Popsicles

This ice pop is an original of Maria’s, she will eat lemons and limes right after they are chopped, so this is her perfect summer treat that is packed with these vibrant flavors. - 52.4047

How To Make Fruit Popsicles

Make your own fresh fruit-filled popsicles by blending assorted summer berries, kiwis, strawberries, grapes with orange juice. Healthy and refreshing homemade fruit popsicles. These multicolored fruit popsicles are easy to create! - 109.344