Healthy Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipes

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Cold, Refreshing Creamsicle Smoothie

Another great idea when the weather is HOT! Cold, refreshing, low-fat Creamsicle smoothie. - 97.2192

Orange And Banana Creamsicle Smoothie

What if a smoothie also gave you vitality? This Orange and Banana Creamsicle Smoothie does exactly the same. Watch this video for this anti-aging drink that tastes delicious and it will impress you with its smooth texture. - 100.56

Vitamix Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Blenditandmendit

AntiAging Raw Chocolate Truffles And Beauty Water is a sweet healthy recipe video. Jane shows to make raw chocolate truffles and pairs it with one of her beauty waters. Her chocolate truffle is full of fibers and good sugar. The raw chocolate powder has... - 101.635

Orange Honeydew Creamsicle

Have you ever tried a orange and honeydew blend? Melon and citrus are a combination that come highly recommended and so does this drink. Simply put the two together, blend, and you have rejuvenation in a glass! - 87.5246

Persimmon Creamsicle Smoothie

I always prefer a fresh fruit smoothie over the frozen fruit kind. This persimmon smoothie is no exception. With coconut milk, orange juice and ripe persimmon, this drink is earthy and sweet, spicy and just slightly tart. Oh, and it is vegan! - 113.753