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How To Use Mayonnaise For Skin Care

  Mayonnaise, which is definitely a true delight to the palate of any food lover, is also a trove of skin care benefits. It can actually prove beneficial to your health and skin by supplying them with important nutrients. Read on for more... -

Mayonnaise Substitute Ideas

This is the right time to look for mayonnaise substitute ideas because, after all, you like to use this much-loved condiment at home with your salads, bread, and chips but the regular  mayo (short for mayonnaise) is full of fat, which is harmful for you ... -

It's National Nutrition Month - Eat Healthy, Eat Tasty

  Did you know that March is observed as the National Nutrition Month ? Well, it’s true that you should be eating nutritious food every day, but do you really do so? What people end up buying or cooking is most often the... -

Healthy Salmon Dishes For Kids

Healthy salmon dishes are recommended for kids, by dieticians and health experts as these are prepared using herbs, with very little oil and mainly baked with minimal use of butter or oil. Salmon dishes, in order to make them healthy, can be... -

Eat The 'healthy' Junk Food

Good news for all junk food lovers, junk food can be healthy too , forget about overcoming those temptations for your favorite food.  Just eat the healthy junk food without worrying about those extra pounds and the ill effects therefore. Sure, you... -

Healthy Snacks To Serve At Classroom Parties

Classroom parties can heave healthy snacks served to children rather than the unhealthy chips, and sugar loaded sodas, fries, doughnuts and pretzels. There are so many ways you can think of making the snacks healthy and fun. Children are not fond of things... -

Top 5 Healthy Sandwiches For Your Family

  Sandwiches are the best for a quick and filling meal. It is one dish which gives you a lot of scope to improve, both taste wise and health wise, by adding your own choice of ingredients. If you are someone who is always on the... -

Healthy Dinner Choices

Healthy dinner choices for one and all - that is what the blog is all about. This blog concentrates on making your dinner healthier. If you are short of dinner choices, do not fret, just read on and discover an array of healthy dinner choice -

What Are The Ideas For A Healthy American Dinner

Americans realize the importance and need of a healthy diet which is considered to be complete with a variety of vegetables and fruits which are less of calories but more of essential nutrients and vitamins. What Are The Ideas For A Healthy American... -

Healthy Egg Dishes For Kids

Healthy egg dishes are known for high quality protein content and essential amino acid. Simple and tasty dishes can be prepared in no time with egg and can be served during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here in ifood, you will find some delicious and healthy... -

Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips

Holiday Cooking can be stressful and sometimes, we focus more on how they taste than their nurtritional value. That being said, here are some Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips to help you:     Holiday Appetizer... -

How To Eat Healthy Fast Food

                                                              The busy schedule and dealing with careers, friends and family is unconsciously leading us to the unhealthy lifestyle. One of the major causes of this unhealthy... -

Healthy Snacks To Make With Hummus

Make healthy snacking a part of your daily routine and you will soon forget about high calorie, sugary and fatty snacks which do you no good. Here are some ideas for healthy snacks to make with hummus . Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip or... -

10 Healthy Foods For Spring Season Party

Spring season calls for party time but that doesn’t mean it is a green light for you to have junk food. This guide on 10 Healthy Foods For Spring Season Party will help you have a great menu for picky eaters as well as for grownups. Devilled... -

Healthy Meals On A Budget

  You want to provide your family a healthy meal, but due to the rising cost of produce, it’s getting difficult to do. But the good news is that you can feed your family with healthy meals on a budget and still feel... -

How To Make School Snacks Healthy 

How to make school snacks healthy is every parents concern. After all fatty and sugary snacks do not contain the nutrients which are needed to support growth and development of young school going children. The responsibility to bring about this change is... -

Eat Healthy At Mcdonalds

Before you visit McDonalds for the next time, you must learn the tips on – eat healthy at McDonalds . McDonalds is a favorite eat-out destination for many of us, but at the same time everyone is very much concerned about eating all these junk foods with... -

Serve Healthy Kid-friendly Food With Sustainable Fish

If it tastes good, even the pickiest tykes in your family will eat what's good for them. Take a look at a couple of fish-based recipe ideas from Janes. These menu ideas stand out in a crowd because they are made with salmon and haddock from sustainable... -

How To Stay Healthy During Holidays

With all the parties and festive goodies being sent to you by friends and family this holiday season, it can be easy to pack on a few pounds before realizing it. Don’t worry; here are some helpful tips on Ways to stay healthy during the Holidays . ... -

Healthy Shrimp Meals

Shrimps are the world’s most popular seafood and you can enjoy numerous varieties of healthy shrimp meals prepared from different types of shrimp available. Shrimp is an excellent and healthier alternative of meat protein. Presence of selenium in... -

Healthy Potato Dishes For Kids

Kids love potatoes, however parents are always concerned about the health value of these foods. Not to worry though, for it is quite easy to prepare healthy potato dishes . Potato is said to be healthy when it is not deep fried – hence when you choose to... -

Healthy Fish Dishes For Kids

Healthy fish dishes are all those dishes which are prepared with fish and can be in the form of baked, boiled, roasted, barbecued, stir fried, and shallow fried. These dishes are normally prepared with very low quantity of oil or spices, which ensures... -

Healthy Seafood Dishes For Kids

Healthy seafood dishes are all about shrimps, crabs, prawns, and other fishes cooked in a healthy style. Seafood is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acid. Most of the seafood is low in fat and cholesterol content and since long, it has been known... -

What Is A Healthy Diet Meal Plan?

Normally people think that the health is a state of a living being where there is no disease and in fact it is really difficult to describe that what actually health is but for sure health can be maintained with the help of good habits and healthy diet meal... -

Healthy Chicken Dishes For Kids

You can prepare a variety of healthy chicken dishes at home and serve them as a part of  lunch, mid day snacks or even during dinner. Children are quite fussy about food, but chicken has always been their favorite. Normally when you fry or add too... -

How To Plan A Spring Birthday Party With Healthy Foods

      Plan a spring birthday party for your kid this time. You would love to make it a color blast with the spring of good health. So help yourself with a few ideas on how to plan a s pring birthday party ... -

Healthy Eating Habits For Teenagers

  Teens spell screams of rebellion and also the silent protest in the matter of food but some tips on healthy eating habits for teens can help to build a healthy system, which is so very vital during those adolescent years.   ... -

Baked Fish Fajitas – A Tasty, Healthy Twist!

Baking fish is a healthier option, and less messy, too.  This particular method—breading then roasting fish at high heat—provides crunchy texture similar to fried, while keeping it moist and flavorful.    Serve fajita-style, wrapping fish strips in a... -

Healthy Tofu Meals

Tofu is a versatile, flavorful and nutritious food that can be cooked in multiple ways. Healthy tofu meals can be prepared in different styles and can be cooked as a substitute for meat. Tofu, also known as Bean curd, is a high source of protein with... -

Top 5 Healthy Meal Plans For Diabetics

Gone are the days when the Diabetics had to cut short all their desires, now with so many healthy meal plans, they don’t need to curb any wishes. Some of the best Diabetics’ healthy meal plans are the center of sweetness for this write-up. So read on for... -

Healthy Snacks For Your Toddler

Toddlers are bundles of energy requiring all the necessary nutrients in their food. They need calcium rich foods 1000-1200 calories a day. They also require healthy snacks to supplement their energy requirements all through the day. Mid-morning, mid-afternoon... -

Top Ten Healthiest Snacks

The American Dietetic Association has recommended a list of the Top Ten Healthiest Snacks . These snacks, when consumed in a generous quantity, not only gratify one’s taste buds but also fulfill the daily requirement of nutrients. These snacks are not as... -

Low Calorie Burger-try It

I love burgers. However, when I think of it then all the cheese, yummy but high calorie mayonnaise and all makes me feel absolutely guilty. Junk food, extra calories that would make a huge contribution to my losing battle to my weight gain problem is what... -

Top 10 Broccoli Dishes That Are Hard To Refuse

  Broccoli is a very nutritious cruciferous vegetable that helps you fight even cancer. However, not many people like it and kids hate it to the core. If that is the scenario at your home, how do you get your family to derive the... -

Do You Know About Good And Bad Fats ?

Which is healthier for you: a peanut butter sandwich or a glass of whole milk? In terms of fat, the sandwich is actually better for you, according to an article recently published by American Heart Association.   The AHA recommends a... -

Okra Health Benefits

History claims that Cleopatra, one of the most beautiful woman, ate okra, maybe for okra health benefits that are so many in number that you would be pleased to cook it almost every other day. Okra has its origin in Egypt and spread to other parts of the... -

Wholesome Salads To Fill You Up

I love my salad greens, but I have to admit that  for me, salads for all their goodness and health benefits are a preferred accompaniment to a main course rather than being the main course. It was only until I came across some salad mixtures that... -

How To Replace Butter In Your Life

If your new mantra in life is to shed off the excess kilos with a fat free diet, then one of your quests would be aiming at finding out how to replace butter in your life! The health quotient doesn’t necessarily mean removing the entire taste quotient from... -

Top 5 Superfood Salads To Boost Your Health

  Salads are quick and healthy dishes you could make at any time. How about making them healthier with some of the best known superfoods available locally? Find below our top 5 superfood salads made with nutritious and easily... -

Make Your Diet Your Priority

Waking up in early mornings, going to bed late at nights and superbly busy schedules in the between do not give us much time to pause for a while and think about our lifestyle. But it’s time to change; it’s time to make your diet your priority . A... -

Eat Clean Diet Menu

Eat clean diet menu is all about whole natural, unprocessed foods that are rich in healthy fats, lean proteins and complex-carbs. Eating clean is all about nourishing your body with naturally potent food. The eat clean diet not only helps to keep your... -

Diet Menu For Men

When it comes to zeroing down on a perfect menu that is satiating, appeasing, and high on health, men often hit a duck. Thank god, there is a specialised  diet menu for men   devised to address men’s unique requirement of foods and nutrients. The food... -

Buffet Finger Foods

Buffet finger foods serving are a delicious handy way to treat your guests. Buffet finger food ideas are wonderfully creative and can complement the gala mood of the party in a wonderful way. Buffet is arranged for entertaining quite a number of guests and... -

How To Make 5 Quick N Easy Salads

When the bikini season is around the corner, most of us yearn for a bowl of salad. Here are some of the quick n easy salad recipes that you can try out to beat the summer heat. Strawberry-Mango Mesclun Salad This summer salad can be easily... -

10 Recipes You Can Save Your Life With

There is nothing like eating your own cooking- it’s healthy and rewarding considering the interests invested in the ‘art’.  As we witness the art of self cooking fading away into the speed of today’s lifestyle, here are some 10 recipes you can save... -

Learn The Benefits Of Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil is extracted from grape seeds that are byproduct of wine production. The  benefits of grape seed oil is due to it’s high anti-oxidant, Vitamin C, E and flavonoids content. Researchers claim that grape seed oil is highly effective in... -

Popular Sauces For Salads

Sauces for salads help to keep the freshness and flavor of the salad distinct, while adding to its taste. People love to experiment with sauces, since there is no particular rule for salad sauces. Individual preferences and likes help to determine... -

Sandwiches - Anytime...anywhere, Just Right

  Pic courtesy: Before I began my culinary adventures, sandwiches to me meant just putting together bread , butter, jam and maybe a step further would mean adding an egg.... -

What To Do With Leftover Dressing Quick Ideas

  Some of you would have had leftover dressing that would have left you confused as to what to do with leftover dressing . The simplest and easiest thing that comes to your mind is to throw the leftover dressing. However, there are some... -

Eat Mayo: Earn $1500

Mayonnaise is considered to be a necessary evil by many.  The delicious, yummy condiment is a must have despite its unhealthy tag. Well, there is some good news for the die-hard mayo lovers. A Japanese job posting, “Eat mayo and get paid!” could be... -

British Cricketers To Enjoy Kebabs From Around The World

  Did you think British Cricketers have taste buds only for meat pies? You’d be horribly wrong if you had that idea! According to the dietary demand list sent by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to Australia ahead... -

Eliminate Processed Foods With Natural Substitutes!

  Modernization has not only eaten into our land, but has also wiped away natural foods from our diet. Take, for instance, the different kinds of food you eat. Don’t they include unhealthy foods like sauce, mayonnaise, cream,... -

Pregnancy Food For Mariah Carey – You Can Eat It Too

Mariah Carey pregnant with twins is giving in to her cravings. Listed below is pregnancy food for Mariah Carey that you can eat too. Mariah Carey's pregnancy food includes comfort foods such as pecan pie, red beans and rice, collard greens and... -

10 Easy Duck Starters

  The luscious duck starters are perfect appetizers for an elegant dinner party or special occasion. Ifood presents a wide assortment of duck appetizers, which will wow your guests. Delve into this write-up on various duck appetizer ideas... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Crab Cakes

Crabs are rich source of low-fat proteins that is very healthy for you, unless you degrade its health quotient by piling it up with high fat, not-so-healthy ingredients. Crab neat not only replenishes your body with essential proteins, but is also a potent... -

Food Fraud: Salad Toppings

If you seek advice on weight loss or a nutritious healthy diet, the first suggestion that comes your way is to eat salad. While the fresh veggies are healthy and do a lot of good to the body, most Salad Toppings are unhealthy. Toppings of... -

Worst Holiday Foods Of 2010

Holiday Foods though tasty and comforting can be high in fat and sugar and add unwanted calories to your diet. They ruin your efforts to staying fit and healthy.  Here is a list of Worst Holiday Foods of 2010.  Eggnog: This is one of the... -

Top 10 Vegan Lunches For You

Vegetarian meals are healthy, delicious yet cheaper as it offers a combination of good nutrition as well as fine flavor. Here are top 10 vegan lunches for you. 1. Vegan Gluten-Free Recipes: The gluten-free eaters must try Southwestern Bean and... -

Top Useful And Effective Weight Loss Tips

Tip 1 The first most important step you should exactly do is to giggle by yourself and swear to god as you will be happy every-time you try to lose your weight. Most people will be serious with any weight loss methods that it makes negative attitude or... -

New York Menu

New York is famous for its variety of food, as the cuisine here belongs to various ethnic groups. It is real pleasure to taste each New York menu item including its huge variety of wines. You can find a large variety of delicious food, although the... -

Might Of Mayo

Americans just love to drown everything in red, gooey ketchup. Well, so thought every true blue Yankee until the myth got busted courtesy Euromonitor, a market research firm, which gave a huge thumbs up to mayo, the new hero.   It has widened its hold... -

Say Cheese! Its National Cheese Soufflé Day

May 18 is the National Cheese Souffle Day and if you feel intimidated by this delicate French dish, this is the day when you should shed all your fears. Here is a list of recipes, which will take you through this day and also help you impress your family and... -

Easy Creamy Coleslaw

                    A Simple delicious Creamy Coleslaw is easy and simple and easy to make.It's a very good healthy dip salad love to see and also eat.This salad is good for the kids.It gives delicious company with Tandoori... -

Lunchbox Ideas For Office – A Box Full Of Ideas To Chew

Packing lunch for office may not be your cup of tea, considering the morning rush hour and ‘on-your-toes’ chore-schedule. However, you can brace up for the task and buck with our “quick pack” lunch box ideas for office. Taking lunch... -

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet Menu

Originally devised for epileptic children to prevent seizures, cyclic ketogenic diet or CKD has become the ultimate fitness mantra for body builders and fitness enthusiasts today. High in fat, low in carbs, and moderate in protein, cyclic ketogenic diet... -

Top 10 Food Recipes In is known for its excellent and innovative recipes. It is now time to bring the top 10 food recipes of the food resource to the forefront once again. Going through the best food recipes is bound to make you take an active interest in culinary... -

How To Cut Calories In Lunch – Alternatives For Lunch Meat

If you are among those who believe that a lunch is incomplete without meat, then this information is going to surprise you.  It is time for you to learn how to cut calories in lunch  .  Alternatives for lunch meat are plenty, you just need to know... -

How To Make A Blue Cheese Dressing

I had to learn how to make a blue cheese dressing , as it is one of my favorites for the green salads. Making blue cheese dressing at home is not that critical. In fact, once you start preparing this by yourself, you will not want to taste the... -

How To Eat Potato

Baked potatoes are very healthy form of eating potato .  Several people do not eat the potato skin and they peel it off before consuming the potato. This results in keeping oneself away from the health benefits that potato skin offers. Follow the steps... -

How To Increase Soy Intake In Your Diet?

People often replace soy foods as replacement with non-healthy diets. Why? Because it is an answer to all vegetarians, who are concerned about not getting essential amino acids, a nutrient, which meat-eaters usually receive by consuming animal products. More... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Casserole

Casseroles may be instant crowd-pleasers, but they also pack in quite a large amount of fat. Most breakfast casseroles are packed with cheese, sausage, bacon, or hash browns that can shoot up the fat content of your casseroles. As an alternative, you can use... -

Vegetarian Foods For Kids

      In spite of the belief that vegetarian foods are less nutritious, you can find variety of vegetarian foods for kids that is nutritious and healthy. A well-planned vegetarian diet provides all the... -

Runners Diet Menu

Runners diet menu is the ideal nutritional therapy for runners looking to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass. Never mind if you are an elite athlete or a recreational runner, you need adequate nutritional fuel to pump up your energy levels, boost... -

Best High Calorie Foods For Gaining Weight

Thin is in alright, but there are some genetically thin people who always aspire to have the curvy Kate Winslet figure. It is always recommended that they have foods specifically recommeneded for gaining weight fast. You must be wondering what those foods... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Salads

Knowing how to put together low-fat salads can do wonders for your health and diet. The trick is to use low-fat ingredients and dressing to keep unnecessary pounds from piling in. Believe it or not, even the most simplest of salads, be it pasta, fruit or... -

Cholesterol Food Chart

We should know about Cholesterol chart food list from authentic source. Knowing ch olesterol food char t  is o ne of the best ways to keep a tight control on your cholesterol count. We often get... -

Quick And Easy Holiday Appetizers

Now that Thanksgiving has come and past  it’s officially become the Season to be Jolly!  Speaking of jolly, it is also the time of parties and entertainment.   It’s tough to be jolly though if you are spending all your time in the kitchen making food... -

Top 5 Fish Recipes To Enjoy This Christmas

Christmas is a global occasion celebrated with great pomp and show. This occasion has mainly to do with partying and enjoying delicious food and fish based dishes really add excitement to the Christmas dinner party menu. So try these recipes and add a healthy... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Coleslaw

Nothing really beats the taste and freshness of homemade coleslaw that is just perfect for summer picnic or barbecue. However, this yummy salad, whipped up using shredded cabbage and creamy mayo dressing, can be quite dense in fat. Thankfully, with a few... -

San Francisco Menu

San Francisco is considered an epicurean city of California where you can find a vast array of tasty authentic dishes. It is a popular tourist destination, renowned for its steep rolling hills, modern architecture and a wide variety range of San Francisco ... -

1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet Menu

1800 calorie diabetic diet menu is a special kind of diet especially formulated for diabetics to keep a tab on their glucose and blood sugar levels. Resorting to this diet won’t just help in controlling the rise of glucose levels  and burn energy, but... -

Peanut Free Snacks

  Peanut free snacks are not a rarity. In fact, you are likely to come across quite a few of them if you just look around. Keeping your allergic child healthy will certainly not be a problem. But you do need to avoid... -

Sneak Peek At Robert Downey Jr Diet

Robert Downey Jr had impressed his audiences with his lean, buff and well cut physique. Do you know the secrets behind Robert Downey Jr's diet? Well, come and take a sneak peek at Robert Downey Jr diet.           ... -

Polish Appetizer Ideas

  Are you inviting your friends from Poland for dinner? Well, not a problem, even if you are not a Pole yourself. This blog will help you plan a wonderful Polish dinner with great appetizer ideas. The Polish cuisine does shares... -

10 Easy Avocado Starters

  Whether it is a refreshing starter for a formal dinner, or some zesty nibbles for a cocktail event, these avocado starters are truly versatile. Ifood presents a unique collection of avocado appetizers which are easy to prepare, yet... -

Does Olive Oil Work In Weight Loss?

If you are asking “does olive oil work in weight loss?” then, I will reply you in affirmation. Why just me, the question “does olive oil work in weight loss” will get a reassuring ‘yes’ even from the health experts and all those who have already... -

The 12 Christmas Sandwiches - Start Counting

  "The 12 Christmas Sandwiches - Start Counting Your Calories " announced a newspaper heading. Now you can feel the punch of festivity in the air because luncht imes have started getting more interesting and exciting. Fast... -

1600 Calorie Diet Menu

1600 calorie diet menu is a huge rage among weight-watchers and dieters. Wonder why? This is because a 1600 calorie diet menu, unlike other fad diets, stresses on proper nutrition and multiple small meals. Just like the name suggests, a 1600 calorie diet... -

Athlete Diet Menu

Athlete diet menu has been designed keeping in mind the proper nutrition requirement of a player and hence, includes a healthy dose of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fats. Athletes require a well-balanced diet and ample nutrition to... -

Gluten Free Steak Health Benefits

  Steaks usually tend to be gluten free, which in turn makes individuals afflicted with grain allergies and celiac disease heave a sigh of relief. However, you cannot afford to put your defenses down as most of the commercially available ones... -

The Easiest Diet- How To Diet Without Really Meaning To

There are many ways to become fit and healthy. Here, we have mentioned a few easy to follow natural ways to make you fit and slim. Natural ways to make you stay slim are doing exercise and following a strict diet plan. Following fastest weight... -

How To Eat Broccoli?

To know how to eat broccoli you need to develop and acquire the taste for it. Fortunately, there are a few interesting ways in which you not just like eating broccoli , but also love them after adding flavors to this extremely healthy and nutritious... -

High Calorie Foods For Toddlers And Babies

  Do you always fail to feed the right food to your kid? If yes, then here is the simple list of some high calorie food for toddlers and babies . Handling the finicky babies could be very challenging at times. This could be super... -

Rye Menu

Working on a rye menu can be challenging as wheat reigns supreme when it comes to breads, cereals and grains. However, a rye menu does not have to be your run off the mill  rye bread sandwiches served with various fillings. You can do so much with... -

Kwanzaa Dinner Ideas: How To Plan A Traditional Kwanzaa Food Dinner Party

Just like all other festivals, food plays an important role in Kwanzaa celebration. Most Kwanzaa food recipes come from the African continent during the weeklong Kwanzaa celebration, which runs from December 25 to January 1. If you are new to this concept,... -

Top 5 Super Bowl Treats Made Lighter

Super Bowl 2014 is on and for its fans, there is nothing better than gorging on their favorite treats while watching their favorite players slug it out on the field. However, this line-up does include some of the worst foods too, which may not go down well in... -

10 Great Picnic Food Ideas

What is a picnic without great food? Nothing, right? That is why we bring you 10 great picnic food ideas, which you can serve outdoors and watch your family and friends enjoy a delicious feast under the sky. After you have decided upon where to go for... -

Low Cholesterol Menu

  A low cholesterol menu is for people who are battling cholesterol problems or are health conscious. Though cholesterol, a waxy substance found in our blood id necessary for the body, its high levels can pose... -

The Johnny Rockets Restaurant Review

If you are looking forward to spend a leisure evening in a classic American restaurant ambience, the best choice for you would be the Johnny Rockets restaurant. Where everyone laughs and sings, the staff and the customers hold a perpetual smile; here is a... -

American Appetizer Ideas

American appetizer is quite renowned for its exotic ingredients and flavors. In this article, let us delve into the scrumptious world of popular American appetizer ideas .   The American cuisine is very interesting and attractive.... -