Healthy Greek Vegetable Recipes

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Low-fat Greek Salad

Here is a figure-friendly delight for a hot summer day! With tomatoes, red onion and cucumbers, dressed with olive oil and finished with crumbled feta cheese, this low lighter version of the classic makes a wonder lunch salad when you are trying to shed... - 130.976

Greek Lentil Soup

Even if you are not in a mood to cook, you still can serve nutritious and delicious food on your dinner table, by using your stock of canned soup products. Here, the chef is using the canned lentil soup and adding certain ingredients to give it a Greek... - 118.17

Homemade Greek Salad

If you are an ardent Greek food lover, then this easy recipe of Greek salad will come handy. It's easy, it's quick and it's fabulous. Moreover, a fresh Greek salad is just sufficient to substitute your lunch. Go through the video and learn the simple details. - 115.737

Summer Salad

Interested in making a quick salad in 10 mins? Then do watch the video for the full recipe. The chef makes this healthy Greek salad which you will really enjoy. Those who are diet conscious should try the salad. - 114.695

Healthy Greek Salad

Greek Salad is a nice and healthy salad. Greek Salad is one of the most common dishes found in Greece. This salad is so yummy and filling, that you can even have it as a complete meal with toasted bread. - 103.289

Greek Bread Salad

Greek salads are unique for the ingredients used in them as well as for the ways of making them. Check out this recipe to make Bread Salad or Dakos with brown or white Focaccia bread and seasonings in layers. Makes a good breakfast dish. - 82.7257

Greek Moussaka

Greek Moussaka is a classic meat dish something like a French casserole. You don't need visit Greece or a Mediterranean country to enjoy it, Nikko and Tina put up the dish together like a team with total ease. Spicy meat with eggplant baked in bechamel sauce... - 70.5897

Yemistes Domates Me Rizi

It is nearing the end of tomato season her and I am taking advantage of those last gorgeous juicy heirlooms. I picked some Caspian Pink tomatoes and decided to make Stuffed Tomatoes ( Yemistes Domates me Rizi). Sometimes I use feta in them but we prefer the... - 49.4676


Spanakopita is the universal snack in Greece, bought at bakeries and snack shops everywhere. These pies are often eaten on the run on the way to work or to stem mid-morning hunger before lunch, which is usually taken late in most parts of the country. - 40.2674

Greek Salad

An easy to make healthy Greek salad. This salad combined with a chunk of bread this is a meal in itself. A good meal idea for when you are a little lazy to cook. - 38.2497

Healthy Greek Salad

Wash, pat dry and tear up the romaine and iceberg lettuce leaves. Slice and dice the other vegetables. Toast the pita breads, separate each into 2 pieces and cut into 1 inch size pieces. Keep pita separate from the vegetables and add at the last minute so... - 31.3553

Greek Salad

Here is an easy and healthy Greek Salad recipe just for you. My mother is very sincere about healthy cooking . When we come home during holidays, she generally prepare this Greek salad. It is very healthy and my whole family enjoys it. - 31.047