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Oriental Taiyaki

Your search for a perfect Taiyaki recipe ends right here. This video shows an easy to follow procedure to prepare the authentic Japanese Taiyaki which is a fish shaped cake. Watch how the chef makes this Japanese delicacy almost effortlessly. - 147.054

Healthy Bake-ahead Breakfast

Are you looking for a freshly cooked breakfast that is low in calories and fat? Try this easy baked breakfast, its filling and give you a lot of energy without much calories. This dish is a must have on weekend after a rigorous morning exercise when you don't... - 135.641

Egg Meat And Vegetable Salad

Summer time calls for cool salads. This is a video to prepare a very easy, flavor-filled 'throw-together' salad with ham, turkey, cheese and lots of fresh veggies. A highly delicious salad is so yummy that is makes a wonderful treat on its own. Incredibly... - 132.841

Lentil With Baked Eggs In Ramekin

Explore the world of vegetable protein with this simple recipe, Lentil baked in Ramekin. Lentils are good source of protein and fiber. For those who want to switch over to vegetable proteins for health reasons, this dish is an obvious choice, it nourishes one... - 132.265

Simple, Healthy Egg Frittata

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 2. Prepare a butter greased baking pan. MAKING 3. Place the spinach, green onions and red pepper in the baking pan. 4. In a bowl beat the eggs until frothy. 5. Season the eggs with sea salt, black pepper and... - 132.208

Guilt Free Year Round Eggnog Cupcakes With Eggnog Cream Cheese Icing

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is eggnog. Seriously, I could drink it by the quart. I came across a recipe in a Paula Deen magazine for an eggnog sheet cake with a marshmallow eggnog icing and I got really excited. No – really. I highlighted,... - 131.752

Tortilla Wraps

Want an easy, fresh and delicious meal for kid's? Here is an easy tortilla wrap recipe by weelicious and mom and Kenya together show us how to make it. As the mom says, anything that is there in the kitchen can be wrapped inside the tortilla. She is using... - 128.443

Chinese Scallion Pancakes

GETTING READY 1. In a small bowl, lightly beat the eggs and set aside. MAKING 2. In a small sauté pan over medium heat, toast the sesame seeds without oil for 3 minutes or until golden. Remove from the pan and set aside. 3. In the same sauté pan, heat the... - 126.755

Baked Eggs With Prosciutto And Herbs

Planning for a fabulous breakfast for this weekend? You should try out the recipe of baked eggs on prosciutto with a sprinkle of your favorite herbs. Doesn't it sound exotic? Yes, it is. Check out the instructions from the video and get ready for an exotic... - 124.024

Classic Stuffed French Toast

Are you thinking what to make for breakfast? Then do try out this recipe. Chef Jessica shows how to make stuffed French toast. This is so amazing and slightly different from the regular French toast. Don't forget to watch the video for this amazing recipe. - 123.34

Baked Eggs With Fresh Herbs, Parmesan Cheese, Healthy, Delicious And Easy By Rockin Robin

These baked eggs with herbs are so easy to make and take just a few minutes to prepare. These are actually broiled in the oven and come out with a nice browned crispy top of parmesan cheese. - 123.175

Mushroom Scallion Cream Cheese Omelette

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don't skip it! Here's a quick, easy and tasty option to add to your breakfast menu that's filling, and as always Fit- Foodie style ;) - 121.968

Italian Chicken Parmigiana

If you think, you can never prepare authentic Italian food at home, then you are wrong. Watch this video to learn the step-by-step process of making chicken parmigiana. It is going to be the ideal menu for the weekend dinner. - 121.855

Kale & Quinoa Crustless Quiche: Healthy

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. MAKING 2. In a large bowl add the eggs, egg white, almond milk, mozzarella, garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper (if using), kale and onion. Mix well till combined and frothy. See to it that the cheese is... - 121.036

Egg Salad Sandwich

A smart, stylish, satisfying starter, egg salad sandwich truly makes for an irresistible treat. Great for a summer lunch, picnic or barbeque – this filling treat takes no time to make at all. Betty's version of this sumptuous sandwich is a breeze to make... - 120.105

Healthy Sweet Potato Hash And Scramble Egg Skillet

Breakfast will become a favorite meal with this hash and scrambled egg skillet. The traditional version consists of white potatoes, whole eggs, bacon and butter. Chef Binks recreates his favorite, “jafafa” as he likes to call it, with a few simple... - 119.503

Cuban Flan De Calabasa

Nothing says holiday like a lip-smacking dessert. This holiday, add a unique touch to your dessert time treat by preparing a low-fat, luscious and soft egg-custard. To make your dish all the more innovative and drool-worthy, just try this pumpkin variation as... - 118.972

Egg Breakfast Cups

A new fun way to eat breakfast! Learn how to make Egg Breakfast Cups with a quick and easy recipe. - 118.695

Spanish Meringue Omelette Cake

Looking for an exotic but effortless dessert, try this Spanish meringue omelette cake recipe and you won't have to look for anymore. This is such an amazingly easy and wonderful recipe that you won't believe for the first time that it was a home made dish... - 116.761

Healthy Spanish Potato Omelet

Little Spanish mixed with a little Irish! There's nothing too fancy about this Spanish style omelet, except that it’s got sweet potato replacing the high-starchy spuds, and egg replacement instead of regular eggs. This is definitely lighter, healthier, but... - 116.751

Whole Wheat French Toast With Quick Berry Sauce

MAKING 1. In a medium bowl add in the strawberries and raspberries. Microwave for 5 minutes until hot and soft. 2. Take out the bowl from the microwave and add in the sugar free instant strawberry gelatin. Mix well and set aside. 3. In a medium bowl add in... - 116.508

Chinese Pork And Shrimp Wonton Soup

Chinese pork and shrimp wonton soup is an appetizing soup with yummy wontons. This soup is simple and delicious with authentic chinese flavors in the wontons. Just relax and enjoy your evening with this wonderful soup with the family in your cozy home and... - 116.136

Home Style Cheese Omelet

When it comes to home style cheese omelet, this recipe is a winner, because of its simplicity and ease of making. Check out this video clip for the recipe. True home style delicacy! - 116.035

Bacon Wrapped Egg Cups

These bacon wrapped egg cups make an excellent low carb breakfast. - 114.666

Eggs And Pork Fried Rice

Chinese eggs and pork fried rice is definitely a favorite with all. The chef here makes it look all the more simple to cook it at home! A few ingredients right from your kitchen cabinet and a little stir fry in a wok; there you have a fried rice ready to... - 114.607

Egg In A Mug

Always in a hurry to leave the house and skip the most important meal of the day or grab a cup of coffee and a donut instead? That’s just not going to do you any good. What you need is a mug full of protein to kick start the day. Chef Bink gives you a super... - 114.572

Delicious And Quick Deviled Egg From Leftover Easter Eggs

Got leftover eggs from last night's Easter party? Fret not! Bet on Betty's quick deviled eggs recipe that is just the perfect way to use up your leftover boiled eggs. Prepared in minutes, deviled eggs serves as the perfect canvas for creative and delicious... - 114.371

Avgolemono - Greek Lemon And Egg Soup

Lemon-egg soup may sound like an odd combination of flavors but 10 million Greeks can’t be wrong when they chose this as their favorite soup! Quick to prepare and absolutely delicious! - 113.749

Zucchini Mushroom And Egg White Frittata

If you are looking for an alternate to your eggs and bacon breakfast, your search stops here. This zucchini mushroom and egg white frittata is one dish which completes the breakfast and keeps you healthy. So whenever you want a change of taste in your... - 113.688

Italian Style Eggs

Here is an economical, super quick and easy egg recipe with plenty of vegetables making it highly nutritious. The video is absolutely interesting and a great way to combine eggs and vegetables in a dish. Watch the video and pamper your family with this extra... - 113.524

Healthy Herbed Chicken Omelette

This is the perfect dish is you have some leftover chicken. Say if you had roasted chicken for dinner the night before, chicken breast off the grill or an extra piece of chicken you couldn’t finish, this is a great way to utilize it the next morning for... - 113.32

Low Carb Denver Omelet Egg Muffins

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 2. In a large skillet, add butter, the onion, green pepper, red pepper, salt, and black pepper. Cook until tender. 3. Reduce heat once veggies are tender, and add ham. 4. In a large bowl, add eggs. Beat... - 113.173

Turkey And Egg Sandwich

If you love sandwich for your lunch or dinner, here is a recipe of heavy sandwich, which will keep you full for quite some time. It is really tasty with all the fillings of butter lettuce, turkey, egg and fresh tomato slices. It also serves a good dose of... - 112.562

Healthy Crustless Spinach Pie

Here is a healthy egg and spinach dish, low fat and low carb, but high protein and nutritious. This easy to make crustless yummy pie can be made for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and be satisfying and good for you. It’s made with egg substitute, almond... - 112.523

Chicken And Egg Noodles Soup

Want an easy recipe for the classic chicken noodle soup? Watch this video by LynnsRecipes and get learn to cook this traditional soup in an easy way. It will turn out to be delicious and your guests will want more, so you might want to make a large batch. - 112.403

Healthy Omelet With Veggies

A way to involve kids into healthy eating is allowing them in the kitchen and let them cook, this is what this video conveys. The little chefs in the video make an omelet with vegetables for a quick breakfast. - 112.117

Healthy Omelette

MAKING: 1)In a medium bowl break open the eggs and pour in the milk and whisk slightly. 2)Heat the olive oil in the pan and heat the oil on medium high. 3)Spread onions, ham, spring onions, green pepper, tomatoes, garlic and let it cook for a few... - 112.065

Chicken Egg Noodle Soup

This wonderful video for chicken egg noodle soup would simply enhance your mood and gear up for a healthy day ahead. The chef here makes this dish absolutely flavorful and surely a great way to kick start a nutritious meal. Nothing would beat a bowl of... - 111.992

Quick Egg Devil

A quick and healthy snack - is this all you are looking forward to? This recipe video is dealing with an easy option for devilled egg. You can do it with one or multiple eggs, depending on your requirement. If your kids are not egg-friendly, then you might... - 111.268

Quick And Comforting Southern-style Tex-mex Omelet

Here is a classic Tex-Mex twist on omelet. Betty shows you how to make an authentic Southern style Tex Mex omelet that comes loaded with onions, jalapenos, sausages and yummy seasonings. Try it for brunch or a comforting weeknight dinner. Stream the video... - 110.838

Healthy Low Carb Pancakes

Carb-laden pancakes do more good than harm to your body. In that case, knowing how to make your pancakes nutritious and all the more low in carb should help. This video guides you on how to make low-carb pancakes sans much pain. - 110.245

Chinese Pork And Eggs Fried Rice

This chinese pork and egg fried rice is a very quick and easy dish to prepare after a busy day at work. The chef here presents the dish in a simple manner to cook in your kitchen. A few ingredients straight from your kitchen cabinet, stir-fry them and pork... - 110.148

Egg And Sausage Baked Breakfast Casserole

If you are looking for a simple yet delicious recipe for a breakfast casserole then your search ends here! Watch this video and learn to make a yummy casserole that everyone will definitely love. - 110.048

Chinese Deep Fried Pork And Shrimp Wonton

Chinese fried pork and shrimp wonton is an excellent party snack. The chef has nicely presented the preparation of wontons in a simple manner. These wontons tastes fabulous with some hot sauce for a hot and spicy flavor. This fantastic recipe is definitely... - 109.603

Breakfast Omelette

Many of us skip breakfast just because there is no time or just because we don’t even know how to make a Breakfast Omelette. Although it’s a simple Breakfast Omelette recipe, everyone must be watching this video not for the recipe but for the Chef. A... - 109.594

Flour Free Pancakes

Pancakes made out of eggs are not only delicious but also healthy way to start the day and here is a flour free recipe to make one. Check out Bethanny making healthy and golden pancakes using eggs and fruits. Sweet to taste and sweet to health as well! - 109.093

Easy Poached Egg

Eggs make a super breakfast and if you are one of them who like them in any form, here is a video for you. Watch the video to learn how to perfectly poach an egg. Also take some tips from the chef while poaching the egg. I am sure the breakfast will be more... - 108.759

Low Carb Kale Frittata For Breakfast

This low carb frittata is so delicious and easy to make. Great for a quick low carb breakfast. - 108.477

Low Carb Healthy Carbquik Pancakes

Pancakes do not always have to be carb and calorie filled. Don't believe us? Then watch this video by LowCarb360 and learn to make healthy pancakes that are packed with a lot of taste. Watch and learn! - 108.164

Mini Veggie Frittatas

The perfect appetizer, brunch item or healthy snack? Sauteed Veggie Mini Frittatas! Topped with gruyere cheese, these cuties are super moist, tasty and filling. Best of all, they're organic! - 107.749

Spinach Soup

What better can a chill winter evening get when served with hot and flavored soup. Watch Chef Caitlin making Bride soup using chicken stock along with spinach and other flavors. Snuggling up in a blanket and having this soup is such a warm delight! - 106.787

Egg And Broccoli Cup

Here's a video for all those people who thought breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The egg and broccoli cup is certainly a filling breakfast which maximizes you nutrition schedule. With everyone tending to have an uber-busy lifestyle, the egg... - 106.428

Baked Ham And Egg Cups

In this video, two cute chefs are cooking Baked Ham and Egg Cups. There are many reasons why everyone should watch this video, if two little girls can prepare a breakfast why can’t the elders. And cooking is not always a serious job, it’s fun to do and... - 105.909


As the name suggests, this is a dish for which you must have a liking for Asian or Japanese food. Amy tries her best to make a tamago, which is more of an omelet roll with soy sauce. Watch the video and see if you like it and then try it on, instead of trying... - 105.628

Low Carb Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F. 2. Line the cookie sheet with the parchment paper. 3. In a mixing bowl take egg white and cream of tartar. Beat with electric mixer on high for 6 minutes. 4. In another mixing bowl take egg yolk add in... - 104.89

Delicious Deviled Eggs

One of the easy and fabulous ways to increase your protein intake during pregnancy, is the deviled eggs. Eggs are great source of protein and when served as deviled, it becomes more delicious. This video also shares some of the most useful tips to manage your... - 104.871

My Texas Kitchen : Egg Salad

GETTING READY 1. In a pot, take water and boil the eggs. 2. Peel them and cut them to small pieces. 3. Deseed and chop the bell pepper and jalapeno pepper. 4. Chop the sweet onion. 5. In a pan spray the non-stick cooking spray and add the onion and peppers.... - 104.734

Omelet In A Bag

This recipe is more about the technique and not so much about the ingredients themselves. This results in a completely oil-free omelet, soft and fluffy, without a drop of oil being used in the cooking process or in the technique. No flipping, no special... - 103.839

Baked No-cholesterol Omelet In A Dish

You are going to love this omelet recipe because there is no flipping involved! This is the perfect baked omelet in a dish! Notice that there are only two steps to this recipe. A simple egg white and almond milk custard is poured over whole wheat bread cubes... - 103.542

Vegetable Frittata

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 375 degrees F. 2. Grease the baking pan with nonstick spray. MAKING 3. In a pan sauté all the vegetables for 8 minutes. 4. Keep it aside. 5. In a large bowl whisk together egg, sour cream, ricotta cheese and salt and... - 103.382

Bacon And Cheese Frittata Casserole

For a tasty bacon and egg dish without all the fat and calories, try this one! Pork bacon is substituted with lean turkey bacon, whole eggs for egg whites and whole milk with almond milk. No flipping, no oil, and it’s out of the oven in under 20 minutes.... - 103.21

Healthy Egg Roll With Hot Mustard Sauce

For all who love egg rolls and wished to have it healthy, here is a very interesting version of the dish from Amy. Serve it up for breakfast with hot mustard; ah, what a wonderful way to start the day! - 103.187

Eggnog Made With Egg Substitute

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make Eggnog using Egg Substitute. I have another version of eggnog in bettyskitchen that uses raw eggs. In this version, I use Egg Beaters, which is a liquid made from egg white, and it is pasteurized. Both versions... - 102.988

Salt And Egg Crusted Baked Bronzini

Bronzini is a Mediterranean fish which is being salt crusted and baked by Chef Mark in this video. It’s a simple recipe with an unusual preparation style, worth trying if you like to prepare fish in different ways. - 102.768

Healthy Breakfast Egg And Sausage Casserole

This is a healthy makeover of the classic egg casserole. This is definitely lighter, healthier, but just as tasty. Chef Binks shows you how to make a hearty egg and sausage casserole in under 30 minutes, one of the best healthy casserole recipes to. Begin... - 102.762

Tender Spring Asparagus Low Fat Frittata

Frittata means no flippy-flip! This is a heart friendly frittata using egg whites, tender spring asparagus, onions cooked in olive oil and topped with a little cheese. This frittata is perfect for a light, high-rich springtime lunch or brunch. - 102.382

Green Tea Pancakes

Health lovers will love this Green tea pancake. This is tasty, healthy and a wonderful substitute to the regular pancakes. Try it once to believe it. - 102.115

Chinese Egg Drop Soup

Chinese egg drop soup is an appetizing soup with egg and mushroom. This soup is simply delicious with authentic chinese flavors and a parsley and green onion garnish. Here the chef has presented this recipe with a few readily available ingredients. Just... - 101.852

Egg Drop Soup With Spinach And Mushroom

A soup to make you all warm and cozy. Try this video to prepare a fine variety of egg drop soup with spinach and mushroom. Loaded with Asian delicacy, this is a real comforting soup. This soup is a classic beginning to any Asian-style meal and extremely easy... - 101.499

Summer Scrambled Eggs With Cherry Tomato, Basil And Feta

For all those who love soft creamy scrambled eggs for breakfast and the flavors of the Mediterranean, this recipe by Chef John is a must-try. This is indeed a summer breakfast that you should enjoy while sitting out on your porch on a bright and sunny day!... - 101.344

Brunch Special Spicy Mexican Omelet

If you are looking for an easy, healthful and flavorful alternative to the regular toast and egg breakfast, this is it. Scrumptious and hot, this Mexican style egg dish is sure to tickle your taste buds. Be it morning, noon or night, this delicious egg omelet... - 100.754

Breakfast Panini

Taking a fresh approach to the morning meal, Chef Binks transforms the classic combination of bacon, eggs and cheese with toast into an iconic sandwich that is cooked to crisp perfection on a panini press. There’s nothing more instantly mouth-watering than... - 100.704

Heart Healthy Egg And Sausage Bake

Breakfast will become a favorite meal with this egg and sausage casserole that is a healthful and energizing start to the day. This recipe is low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-carbohydrate and low-sodium. Made with turkey sausage, egg substitute, almond milk and... - 100.683

Easy Healthy Breakfast

MAKING 1. Place a pan on flame and heat coconut oil in it. 2. Add egg whites and egg in it. Stir to spread. 3. Sprinkle lima beans all over the egg. 4. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and cook on low to medium heat until done. SERVING 5. Serve egg with... - 100.187

Thai Deep Fried Squid

Thai deep fried squid is an excellent appetizer that can be prepared in just a few minutes. The chef here has wonderfully flavored the squid with flavorful Thai ingredients and deep fried for a crispy texture. Surprise your guests by serving this... - 99.9644

Deviled Eggs For A Low Carb Diet

MAKING 1. Place eggs in a saucepan, and cover with cold water. Bring water to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Cover, and let eggs stand in hot water for 12 minutes. 2. Remove from hot water, and cool. 3. Place bacon in a skillet. Cook over... - 98.9424

Healthy Breakfast

This video is a creation of hispanic-food-network. You can visit hispanic-food-network for complete recipes, and more videos. - 98.8379

Burritos And Scrambled Eggs With Roasted Potatoes

Combo meals using just some basic ingredients to serve kid and adult guests can be really fun with these recipes. Watch Tamra Davis making breakfast burritos and scrambled eggs using a lot of eggs and roasted potatoes for side. Carefully cracked eggs keeping... - 96.916

Scrambled Eggs With Fresh Herbs And Smoked Salmon

Look at this incredible video that shows an excellent technique to make a perfect egg scramble. The video is amazing and surely a must watch. Pamper your family with this super healthy breakfast that is quick and easy to make. Check it out…. - 96.8482

Unsweetened Raw Organic Egg Nog

Eggnog is a Christmas classic beverage but the traditional one is high in calories and sugar. If you are on the path to cooking for health and well being, then you must try this recipe. Watch Luci Lock prepare organic, raw and all natural eggnog. It is so... - 96.8201

Healthy Egg White Omelet With Vegetables

Simple, capacious and very, very healthy, what better way to make the most of your eggs and get vitamins than whisk the white part together and fry them with veggies. Juan Montalvo shows you how you can prepare your breakfast or dinner eggs in a snap by... - 96.2005

Healthy Baked French Toast - Egg Mixture

Do you love French Toast but are worried about the calories involved? Then stop worrying and watch this video! In the 4 part series, Ramona Werst shares a heart healthy recipe to make baked French toast that tastes really good. In Part 1, we learn how to make... - 96.0181

French Crepes

Why not start the day with some healthy fruit topped crepes. Watch the video to learn how to make delicious French crepes easily at home. Once you know how to cook them, relish them topped with your favorite cream, spread, or fruits. - 95.5734

Chinese Chicken And Egg Soup

If you are down with a cold and looking for a hot, healthy soup, then this Chinese chicken and egg soup is just right for you. This not only serves as a nutritious soup but also pampers your taste buds with its amazing flavor. This magical soup is worth... - 95.4537

Organic Scrambled Eggs In Black Truffle Oil

If you have never tried eggs with black truffle oil, then you must give it a try. This recipe is simple and full of flavour. The best is you can serve it for any meal. The chef makes the traditional scrambled eggs so appetizing. - 95.4211

Baked Eggs In Avocado - Start Your Day Off Right: Healthy Breakfast Collaboration

KC Pomering from G-Free Foodie shows you how to make a Healthy Breakfast - Eggs Baked in an Avocado! - 95.2361

Healthy Egg Muffins

Many of us never seem to take out enough time to cook up something healthy for breakfast. Amy is showing how to make healthy egg muffins in just a few minutes. A great breakfast idea fit for those busy morning days. - 95.0641

Holiday Eggnog Drink

Your holiday platter is incomplete without the classic, festive eggnog. Rich, creamy and extremely simple to make, this eggylicious drink. The wonderfully distinctive flavor of eggs makes sure that you reach out for a second helping. Stream the video recipe... - 95.0505

Egg Salad Sandwich With A Twist

One of the issues with in very house every morning is making quick, healthy and filling breakfast. Here is a common but interesting recipe of an egg salad sandwich. You may wonder what is different in this recipe. Watch the video to know. - 94.7309

Soft Boiled Eggs With Baked Prosciutto

All health watchers - here is a delicious breakfast idea, which offers all kinds of nutrition to kick start the metabolism. Soft boiled egg, served on blanched spinach with baked prosciutto and light toasted bread - all these makes a great combo for a healthy... - 94.4825

English Muffin With Bacon, Poached Eggs And Hollandaise Sauce

To all you people who love their breakfast nice and heavy. You have come to the right place. Check out the video of the delicious English muffin, topped with ham or bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. A nice combination of rich and healthy dish. - 94.2568

Poached Egg

This video is a creation of legourmettv. You can visit legourmettv for complete recipes, and more videos. - 94.088

Poblano Pepper Baked Egg

Chef Tina is making an impressively simple dish, Poblano Pepper Baked Eggs. The dish is quiet flexible as one can add just about anything in the ramekins and top with egg; its sure to turn out delicious. Tina is using ramekins for small serving but one can... - 94.0541

Egg And Bacon Casserole On The Grill

One great way to enjoy the smoky, rich flavor of bacon and goodness of eggs is to grill them to make a delectable breakfast casserole. Hearty, wholesome, and quick, this filling casserole won't take you any more than 30 minutes to bake. Not just for... - 93.736

Perfectly Poached Eggs

Why not try poached eggs for breakfast instead of the usual boiled or fried? Chef John gives some helpful tips and step by step directions on how to perfectly poach eggs. It is such a healthy way to prepare eggs, without using any oil or butter. Serve them... - 93.2005

Olivia's Healthy French Toasts

If you have teenagers in your home, then make them watch this video; because they'll love it. Olivia shows how to make healthy French toasts using readily available ingredients. Adult Supervision is strongly recommended. - 92.9757

Healthy Breakfast Casserole

Wake up to a tasty morning meal with yummy breakfast casserole. Baked with sausage meat, milk, cheese, eggs, peppers, onions and yummy seasonings, this make-ahead dish is a breeze to make. Chef Merlin shares a yummy casserole recipe that takes flat 45 minutes... - 92.9524

Easy Egg Omelet With Cheese

Looking for a quick and easy breakfast idea, then nothing like preparing an omelet. Here the chef is presenting a simple egg omelet with cheese. With a few ingredients right from your kitchen, you can begin your day with this healthy breakfast. Give yourself... - 92.6973

Boiled Poached Eggs

Want to cook something good for breakfast? You have come to the right place. Check out the video of the yummy and delicious Poached Eggs. Serve these yummy Poached Eggs with slices of bread. - 92.4875

Cast Iron Poached Egg

If you are about to discard your old cast iron pans, watch this video Cast Iron Poached Egg and then decide. On popular demand Dave has come up with this video showing everyone how to use an old cast iron pan for making egg breakfast. It is rather insightful... - 92.3128

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