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Top 5 Blueberry Breakfasts You Can Make

  Making a healthy breakfast is always a challenge. Why? Limited time, picky eaters, and not knowing how to make the morning meal interesting and healthy! If this has been your everyday battle, we are here to help you out. All... -

It's National Nutrition Month - Eat Healthy, Eat Tasty

  Did you know that March is observed as the National Nutrition Month ? Well, it’s true that you should be eating nutritious food every day, but do you really do so? What people end up buying or cooking is most often the... -

Top 5 Heart Healthy Dishes To Make

  Is there anyone with a heart ailment at home? If yes, they’d need special care when it comes to their food as they cannot eat everything like a normal person does. Heart healthy dishes should ideally contain ingredients that... -

Top 5 Quinoa Side Dishes For A Healthy You

  Quinoa has been the latest craze among the health conscious people around the globe. Tagged as one of the best superfoods, the grain has multitudes of health benefits. With all essential amino acids in place, it has complete... -

Do You Have Strong Food Cravings? Here's Why!

  Ever found yourself wanting to bite into a luscious chocolate cake – i-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y? Well, that’s food craving – a strong urge to taste a particular food, no matter where you are or what you are doing. At that... -

Top 5 High-protein Breakfast Recipes For You

  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the food that your body gets after a long overnight fast. So, the food you eat to break that fast has to be high in protein and nutritious to assist body functions and also... -

Make This Yum Black Bean Popsicle For Your Kid!

  How often do you struggle to get your child to eat healthy ? For many parents, it is an everyday battle, isn’t it? If it is true of you too, then you must be looking out for new ways to add healthy ingredients to your... -

Top 5 Tofu Main Dish Recipes For You

  Derived from nutritious soy beans, tofu is a rich source of protein and healthy fat. It also has a good calcium and iron content. Besides a decent nutritional profile, tofu is also a great ingredient to cook because of its... -

10 Tricks To Fool Your Brain And Eat Less!

  If you are overweight, you’d obviously want to eat less and lose weight.  However, fighting the urge to eat just one more piece of that decadent chocolate cake isn’t that easy! When you begin to eat, your mind controls... -

Top 5 Appetizing Egg Breakfasts

  Having a healthy, delicious, and filling breakfast is a challenge every day. If there is one ingredient that can match up to these expectations, it is the egg. A breakfast made from eggs is full of essential nutrients including iron,... -

Top 5 Soy Recipes For A Healthy Diet

  The most talked about bean with abundant health benefits is the soy bean. If you have underestimated it all these years, then you ought to know that it is one ingredient that is proven to fight major diseases like several types... -

A Very Handy Tool To Help With Portion Control

  Are you struggling to lose weight? Does the sight of good food make you take a few steps back in your weight loss journey? Well, if you need some constant prodding to monitor your portions, then there is help at hand – yes, your... -

Top 5 Recipes To Enjoy The Super Healthy Kale!

  You do want to eat healthy, but is the “Queen of Greens” finding place in your diet? Wonder what that is? It is none other than the most humble kale that overflows with health. It is a super nutritious vegetable that has an... -

Top 5 Vegetable Desserts Your Kids Will Love

  Kids get fussy when it comes to food, and if they hate vegetables, then it is really tough to get them to eat healthy. If yours is one such picky eater and you want to somehow get him to eat nutritious food, then desserts made... -

Top 5 Nut Recipes To Help You Live Longer

  Did you read the latest news about nuts ? It has been proved that eating them about three times a week will make you live longer! Well, we have always heard about how healthy nuts are, didn’t we? When we think of it,... -

Top 5 Healthy Sandwiches For Your Family

  Sandwiches are the best for a quick and filling meal. It is one dish which gives you a lot of scope to improve, both taste wise and health wise, by adding your own choice of ingredients. If you are someone who is always on the... -

Top 5 Healthy And Delicious Fritters For Kids

  Kids love anything crunchy, and fritters are just that! Now, why can’t you make use of this opportunity to sneak in something healthy? Here are some healthy fritter ideas that you may not have thought about. Just try these at... -

Top 5 Spinach Recipes For Your Family

  Spinach is one of the best known healthy foods that you should include in your diet. However, not everyone is a fan of spinach dishes when you make them at home, but that shouldn’t stop you from making them. Here are a few... -

Top 10 Broccoli Dishes That Are Hard To Refuse

  Broccoli is a very nutritious cruciferous vegetable that helps you fight even cancer. However, not many people like it and kids hate it to the core. If that is the scenario at your home, how do you get your family to derive the... -

6 Brunch Mistakes To Avoid

A good brunch is the best way to get your body cells working, especially over the weekend. However, before you pile up your plate and give yourself a major diet setback, pay attention to these six brunch mistakes, which you may be committing without knowing... -

Famous Raw Foodist Celebrities

Raw food dieting is strenuous and even more so when you lose the motivation you started out with. Before you put down that spoonful of fresh garden salad and chomp on a slice of pizza, have a look at these celebrities who make raw food dieting a really sassy... -

Gold Medal Fuel

  Have you ever wondered what an Olympic athlete's meal looks like? UK designer Sarah Parker and Photographer Micheal Bodiam help us see meals through their eyes. Gymnast Dish Runner Dish Hammer Thrower Dish ... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Margarita Recipes

    The calorie count of your favorite Margaritas could range anywhere between 90 to 500 calories, depending on what goes into it. The count can be more or less, also depending upon what other ingredients, in addition of tequila, you... -

Top 10 Low-calorie Lattes

A latte maybe your first beverage of the day, but it might not stop there. We understand you may have more than 1 latte due to your busy work life, but how many additional calories does this habit add?  Although avoiding lattes altogether may not be a... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Drink Mixes

  Low calorie mocktails or virgin (alcohol - free) cocktails are fantastic choices for people who are watching their weight. These low calorie drink mixes do not contain sugary syrups which are loaded with calories, but instead are made with... -

Nutritional Facts Of Us School Lunches

The nutritional facts of US school lunches, have been analyzed by many health experts. The verdict is – a far from healthy meal, contributing too many calories from fat and low in vitamins, minerals and fiber. The food and nutrition division of the 'US... -

How To Make School Snacks Healthy 

How to make school snacks healthy is every parents concern. After all fatty and sugary snacks do not contain the nutrients which are needed to support growth and development of young school going children. The responsibility to bring about this change is... -

Are School Lunches Rich In Fat?

Your child's lunch at school typically ranges from a hot dog, cheese sandwich, chips and fries to creamy sugary milkshakes. Still wondering whether school lunches are rich in fat? Unfortunately there is a dearth of healthy eating options at school... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Yogurt Drinks

  Drinks made from yogurt are not only refreshing and cooling, but also good for you. It is a great way to kick start you morning because it is filling and you can whip up a new drink everyday, even if you are trying to lose weight. Yogurt can be... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Soups

Nothing comforts you better than a large bowl of your favorite soup! If you think all soups are healthy,  pay close attention to the nutrition facts given. Most of them are loaded with calories and fats! Healthy? Not really!  All is not lost though. You can... -

Top 10 Low Calorie Smoothies

  Smoothies are an excellent option when you are both hungry and thirsty, but they always send you diet for a toss as they are calorie dense. So, how to enjoy the creaminess of a smoothie without piling on the calories? Try out these low calorie... -

Top 5 Energizing Food For Women

  With  multiple roles that women need to play today, they surely need to know about the top 5 energizing foods that should be a part of their diet. These are high in calories and provide additional vitamins and minerals that improve health... -

Top 10 Healthy Spring Foods

  Winter slowly withdraws its feet, paving way for the spring to acknowledge its presence. Green, yellow, red - the spring fills eye-pleasing colors all around you. And, you can view these colors in the spring produces as well. Give your diet a... -

African Food For Kids

African food for kids   is as diverse as the people that live there. Influenced by many countries and cultures over the centuries African cuisine is a true melting pot of diverse cooking styles. If you are looking for variety to impress your child... -

Roman Food For Kids

Whenever it comes to Roman cuisines, you will always be faced by great assortment of options. There are varieties of Roman food for kids which can be made without much hassle.   The food of Rome is world-renowned for its highly... -

Vegetarian Food For Kids

Making vegetarian food for kids is not so simple. It is a challenge for the moms to prepare delicious vegetarian foods that your kids will take preference.   There are varieties of vegetarian dishes which are interesting,... -

Italian Food For Kids

Does your kid like Italian food?   Read this article and find out some of the best homemade Italian food for kids . Italian dishes are the most kid-friendly cuisine on the planet. Making Italian dishes is fun and does not have to... -

Eat Clean Diet Menu

Eat clean diet menu is all about whole natural, unprocessed foods that are rich in healthy fats, lean proteins and complex-carbs. Eating clean is all about nourishing your body with naturally potent food. The eat clean diet not only helps to keep your... -

Need Of Protein Shake In Our Regular Life.

In this 21st century our life is so fast and busy in work life. Due to very busy lifestyle many people are not able to take care of their health. But human body needs proteins for growth. There are many types of protein shake s like fruit protein shakes,... -

Eat Healthy At Mcdonalds

Before you visit McDonalds for the next time, you must learn the tips on – eat healthy at McDonalds . McDonalds is a favorite eat-out destination for many of us, but at the same time everyone is very much concerned about eating all these junk foods with... -

7 Day Healthy Eating

Healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle has a lot to do with planning a seven day healthy eating. In this blog I have described few healthy eating plans for your 7 days.           7 day healthy eating... -

Advantages Of Healthy Eating

This article strictly deals with advantages of eating healthy and its direct link to foods involved in this process. We all are well aware of the advantages of eating healthy and staying healthy, wealthy, and strong. Given to the age old adage... -

Church Makes You Fat!!

  Church makes you fat  seems to be the common belief that most scribes have. Take the instance of a write up in Associated Press 7 years ago or the most recent press musings in the present times featured prominently... -

How To Choose A Healthy Bakeware For Your Family

    Do you want to buy a bakeware for your family but confused with how to choose a healthy bakeware? This blog will help you in choosing a healthy bakeware for your family in a very simple way. Plan according to your... -

How To Lower Tartaric Acid In Wines

    Wine is acidic in nature due to its preparation process. Acids are present in minute quantities in both wine and grapes. The variable amount of acids present in the wine determines the quality, color,... -

What Are The Best Ways To Eat Healthy

  Eating healthy  is not as difficult as we think. All you need to do is, figure out the best ways to eat healthy and stick to few basic methods than following a specific diet plan. What are the best ways to eat healthy is... -

7 Tips For Healthy Eating In Daily Life

      It is extremely vital that you follow a healthy diet daily in order to stay fit and fine. Simply eating fresh fruits and vegetables is not enough. There is more to be done but with very little effort. Here... -

What To Eat While Watching Tv

It’s inevitable that you eat while watching TV even if you are not exactly a couch potato. But you need to be careful eating while watching TV since often that could turn into binging. You could polish of huge buckets of popcorn while watching TV... -

Boost Your Metabolism With Cayenne & Lemon

Do you know eating spicy food will help in boosting your metabolism?? Well yes, it’s true. Read this blog to understand what metabolism is? And also know how lemon and cayenne help in boosting metabolism rate.   Metabolism is... -

What Are The Benefits Of Non-dairy Diet

Read this blog to know what are the benefits of non-dairy diet? Do you always think what if we stop drinking milk completely? Well, contrary to the general belief, eliminating dairy products from our diet can also have various benefits. So, here... -

Learn The 10 Principles Of Intuitive Eating Here

Intuitive eating is about creating a healthy relationship between your food, mind and body and there are many principles of intuitive eating. To make more sense, eating with intuition means to become an expert of your own body. The underlying philosophy... -

What Are The Advantages Of Eating Baked Potatoes

What Are The Advantages Of Eating Baked Potatoes ? – This topic may interest all of you because over the years potatoes have become an indispensible vegetable in our household kitchen. Baked potato is often treated as an elegant side dish with many broad... -

What Are The Health Effects Of Drinking Distilled Water

  The health effects of drinking distilled water is probably by far the most debated topic among the medical society. Distilled water health effects have widely been studied and documented by various specialists and each of them has a stand... -

How To Eat Healthy While Living Alone

It is very important to eat healthy while living alone . When you return home after a hectic day, it is difficult to even think about preparing a healthy meal. More over if you are hungry it is quite natural to go for a loaf of bread and make a bulky... -

Effect Of Walnuts On Cholesterol

  Walnut is highly beneficial for human cardiovascular system because it has got the ability to control cholesterol accumulated in the heart. So, let us learn the effect of walnuts on cholesterol in detail and see how walnuts are heart... -

Should We Eat Carbs Before Going To Bed Or Not

  Staying healthy involves physical activity and eating right. But did you know that the timing behind what you eat is just as important? In this case, we will talk about eating carbs right before bed. Is this something to avoid, or is it harmless? ... -

Youtube Video Shocks Soda Drinkers With Sugary Delight

    Recently put up youtube video shocks soda drinkers with sugary delight. Hats off to the New York City Health Department who have successfully put up a youtube video on soda drinkers . The video is just a... -

Here Comes An Actually Healthy Sausage

Healthy sausages sound more like oxymorons which catch you unawares. From its origin through its journey, the actually healthy sausage is almost non-existent- the fat and the red meat and well, the ton of chemicals that go into breeding the pigs for... -

Include A Variety In Your Meals To Keep Illness Away

As per the recent study it has been found that including variety in meals helps to keep illness away. The researchers found that instead of consuming only some food for their anti inflammatory benefits, it is beneficial for our health to have... -

Usda Announces First School Lunch Guidelines In 15 Years

USDA has announced first school lunch guidelines in 15 years. It was about 15 years they took in bringing some sort of reforms to the diet of the school kids. Right now a typical meal consists of low fat milk, a sugary fruit popsicle and roll with a... -

Junk Food Found To Be As Addictive As Street Drugs

  Binging on junk food like burgers, hotdogs and chips can be addictive, and it might be as bad as drug addiction.   The famous tag line of a fast food brand goes, “No one can eat just one.” Researchers at Rockefeller University fear... -

Are You Aware Of The Toxin In Your Drink

Are you aware that benzene is one of the toxins in your drink? Apart from large amounts of carbon-di-oxide (fizz) and the excessive sugar content that can lead to tooth decay, benzene is the new villain (toxin) in your soda.   Benzene is a... -

Healthy Baked Treats To Suit Any Occasion

From cupcakes, to bread and cookies baked treats are relished by one and all. Be it Thanksgiving Day, Halloween celebration, Christmas party or any other occasion, baked treats have always been in. Buttery croissants,... -

Which Are The High Fiber Fruits And Their Uses

  Which are the high fiber fruits and what are their uses? The advantages of eating fruits and vegetables cannot be understated. Their beneficial effects are long term and far reaching.  Adults and kids will benefit from this diet... -

What Are The Immediate Effects Of Eating Chocolate

My friend asked me the other day, “Do you know what are the immediate effects of eating chocolate?”  I said “Yes, it makes one feel happy.” Though, I answered her spontaneously that time, my curiosity to know the... -

Nuts, Fruits Can Be More Fatty Than Cream Cheese

  Nuts, fruits can be more fatty than creamy cheese says a finding.  A new research says that nuts and fruits contain catastrophic amount of saturated fats and sugar, which may cause more harm than good. Martin Isark, founder of the Supermarket... -

Want To Give Birth To A Daughter - Eat Veggies

Eat veggies to have a daughter is what the recent findings of Dutch scientists states. Isn’t it good news for all the women who want to give birth to girls? Well, then here is what the study says- According to these scientists the chances... -

Excessive Red Meat Ups Stroke Risk For Women

Red meat is sure tasty, but it also poses health risks for women, according to the reports of a study featuring 30, 000 Swedish women. Most of these women were putting themselves at an increased risk of stroke.   According to this study,... -

What Are The Effects Of Energy Drinks - Know The Truth

Energy drinks have been a craze in today’s world. People of all age group especially youths are mad for them in order to get instant energy without spending time in having food. But the effects of energy drinks are not always positive, it can be harmful... -

Choose The Best Protein Shake For Women

Protein shakes are great for healthy nourishment of your body but before that you should know the tricks to choose the best protein shake for women . When you search for the protein shake at the grocery store, you will find quite a few numbers of... -

Chocolate Cups Can Be Healthy Too - Did You Know

Chocolate lovers, there’s a good news for you – health care professionals have finally come to the conclusion that those yummy, delicious chocolate cups can be healthy too. It has been found that having dark chocolate every day is good for the heart. So... -

What Are The Benefits Of Healthy Eating

The benefits of healthy eating are manifold. Not only does eating in moderation help us to keep our weight down, it also helps us to remain active and feel good in general. The healthy eating benefits become obvious once you select the essential food products... -

How Many Meals A Day Should You Eat

Thinking about our diet and wondering how many meals we need to have a day has become a common habit. With more and more people awakening to the problems of weight gain and the benefits of healthy eating, it is customary to try and find out how many... -

Foods That Cause Gas

Certain food can cause gastric trouble. Here is a list   Does your stomach feel bloated up in between meals or just after a heavy meal? Do you sometimes have the urge to pass out the stinking gas? Gas formation in the stomach is a result of... -

Five Fruits That Can Moisturize The Skin

Five fruits that can moisturize the skin  include apple, banana, snow pear, orange and sugarcane.  It is necessary for people to supplement moisture for the skin, as the coldness and dryness in winter can take the moisture from our bodies.    ... -

Alcohol With Meal Results In Slow Digestion

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Alcohol with meal results in slow digestion – hic! Alcohol from times immemorial has been the root cause of a lot of things; Marilyn Manson, terrible hangovers, wars, cat fights, ability to telepathically connect with... -

Eating A Variety Of Meals Keeps You Healthy

  A balanced diet is very essential for our well-being. Eating a variety of meals keeps you healthy. Foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, wholegrain and important fatty acids are beneficial which would mean we need to make important lifestyle... -

Reasons Why You Should Choose Your Dining Room Over A Restaurant Dinner

  Dining room vs restaurant dinner is a debate that goes on and on without showing signs of abating in the least. While the reasons why you should choose your dining room over a restaurant dinner are quite apparent, a lot of people feel strongly... -

Culinary Adventures Of Gluten Free Girl

  This is the real story on the culinary adventures of Gluten free girl , Shauna James Ahern; who started with gluten free cooking after being diagnosed as a patient of celiac disease. Being a regular food blogger from... -

Fruits & Veggies Make You Sexier

A new study has findings saying ”fruits & veggies make you sexier”, a good news for all those vegetarians and hey you non–vegetarians are you listening! The study shows that fruits and vegetables play an important role in achieving fair... -

Why Veggies Will Always Be Good For You

We find a lot of people turning vegetarians with a vengeance now. Yet you must have an idea of why veggies will always be good for you. The meats especially red meats together with the fat laden cooking medium cause more harm than good and result in... -

10 Tips For Healthy Eating In The New Year

Do you want to make 2011 as your healthiest year? Then, start eating healthy in the New Year because a healthy diet is extremely essential for a fit body and soul. A guide of 10 tips for healthy eating in the New Year will help a great deal in keeping... -

Low-carb Options To Pick At A Thai Restaurant

On a low carb diet and got an invitation for dinner at a Thai restaurant? Don’t fuss and accept the invitation because I am gonna help you figure out What Low Carb Options Are There at a Thai Restaurant? Yes, I know that Thai food is known for its... -

Jamie Oliver - The Healthy-eating Advocate

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Yes! Jamie Oliver takes his show to West Coast. The man who taught Britain how to eat right, now wants to help the Los Angeles schools to suit-up and shape-up. The first season of his show, Food Revolution, was shot in... -

Get Crunchy This Winter With Nuts & Seeds

Weather is getting colder with the onset of winter. While we prepare ourselves with warm clothes, room heaters and geysers, it’s also good to get crunchy this winter with nuts & seeds to boost our immune system. There are many benefits of ... -

Drink Beet Juice To Promote Brain Health

The sweet and red beet root is a favorite to many people for its color, taste and nutritional value. The latest research on beet root has added another feather to its crown, by suggesting to drink beet juice to promote brain health . The study proved the... -

Why Men Should Eat More Celery?

“Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to Ultimate Health” is a new book on the block which recommends that men should eat more celery to attract women. Authors Judy Gaman, Dr. Mark Anderson, and Dr. Walter Gaman say that celery increases the pheromone levels... -

Variety In Meals Holds Key To Longer Life

My mom would often tell me to eat variety of foods for a healthy body, mind and a good health. It is true that variety in meals holds key to longer life . If you try to know about the diet patterns of all those people who lived more than 90 years, you... -

The Best Protein Drinks For Women

When you have information on the best protein drinks for women , it becomes easy for you to choose the right one among them. While searching, you will find a large number of protein drinks for women . But are they suitable for your requirement? Whether... -

How To Digest Food Faster

How to digest food faster has been written to share tips on how to train your metabolism to digest food faster. Burning calories in the body is directly related to your metabolic rate. Some people are blessed with high metabolic rates, while most of us... -

How To Make Indian Dishes Healthier

To many people Indian cuisine means that the food is hot, oily and spicy; which leads to a common conclusion that Indian dishes are unhealthy. But, there are various ways for making Indian dishes healthier .  If you can be little health conscious and... -

How To Make Healthy Choices At Chinese Restaurants

I was reading an article in a newspaper regarding “How to go about making healthy choices at Chinese Restaurants”? Being an avid Chinese food lover and a health conscious eater, this article on making healthy choices at Chinese restaurants served as a... -

Are Sports Drinks Better Than Water – A Healthy Debate

Are sports drinks better than water ? This is one of the most discussed topics of these days. There are people, who are supporting the sports drinks for having extra nutrients; whereas the other group of people is supporting the water, saying that there... -

Why You Should Not Eat Beef!

I am no proponent of vegetarianism; however, as a dietician, I always make it a point to advice people not to eat beef. Now, you might be wondering why you should not eat beef – is it a personal bias or there truly is any reasoning behind it…. Well, I... -

Eat Local To Stay Healthy

Eating locally grown produce is now a growing diet fad, and people who insist on eating exclusively local produce are popularly called ‘localtarians’ or ‘locavores’, and their diet is also called the ‘100 mile diet’, referring to the trend of... -

Limit Your Portions For A Healthy Meal

Being healthy is a lot about eating right; and when we talk about eating right, we not only mean the right kind of food, but also the right quantity of food. Therefore, the secret to a successful diet is to limit your portions for a healthy meal . While... -

What’s Wrong In Drinking Water With Meals?

  Have you ever been told by elders that it’s bad to drink water with meals? I am sure you have. And you must have wondered what’s wrong in drinking water with meals . But, have you ever thought why do we drink liquids like water or diet... -

How To Eat Spinach For A Healthy Diet

My mom taught me how to eat spinach. Spinach is a very healthy food which is fresh and very nutritious. You can try out different ways of eating spinach - here are some tips on how you can enjoy different spinach recipes . When you are selecting... -

What Makes Broccoli Healthy?

                           The one food that can fill us up, without filling us from out is broccoli. It packs the most nutritional punch of any vegetable and this is  what makes broccoli healthy. This hearty, tasty vegetable is rich in... -

Gelatin-based Desserts

Gelatin-based desserts                                                                                                                                                    These include... -