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Indian Style Chili Chicken

Indian style chili chicken is one dish that I can trade my chocolate for. In this video Pratibha shows how effortlessly it can be made with a few Indian spices and still it can scintillate your taste buds. So go ahead and try it on, it will only make you and... - 137.207

Mexican Black Bean Chili

As nights get nippy, take comfort in a hearty dinner with this Mexican black bean chilli for meal, perfect for warming up your midweek. Adobo sauce adds a touch of indulgence to this protein-packed bean dish. This spicy bean stew is vegetarian and low fat... - 131.729

Game Day Chili And Nachos

Graziella serves up a hot and delicious chili and nachos dish that is surprisingly healthy, but tastes naughty! Packed with good- for- you ingredients that no one will even suspect, this chili is a winner for any game day! Gooooo Chili, wooo! - 119.073

Thai Fish Cakes With Sweet Chili Sauce

Join Toby in preparing this wonderful dish from the "Hypertension Cookbook For Dummies" by Roseanne Rust and Cindy Kleckner (2012, John Wiley & Sons). Not too spicy and diabetes-friendly, we are excited to introduce a little Thai into our weekly menu for... - 116.908

Sweet Chili Pork Medallions With Baby Spinach Salad

Feel like eating a healthy salad and getting your meat, too? Here is a delicious way to enjoy both! Lean pork loin is spiced with a chili garlic sauce and is pan seared to tender perfection, and served over a bed of fresh, spinach greens tossed with red... - 112.914

Creamy Chicken And Cheese Chili

Think regular chili is too mainstream? Want a recipe that puts an interesting twist to the traditional chili? Then watch this video by LynnsRecipes and get ready to wow and surprise your guests with a chili that is so different, yet so tasty! - 111.999

White Chicken Chili With Bacon

Chicken and bacon makes the dish perfect for any party! - 111.965

Healthy Venison Chili

MAKING 1. In a pan, heat oil. 2. Add garlic, onions, celery and carrot and stir until it turns translucent. 3. Transfer the vegtables to a cooking pot. 4. Next, add the deer cubes into the first pan and cook halfway through for 15 minutes. 5. In the vegetable... - 108.777

Simple Lentil Chili And Sautéed Kale With Sun-dried Tomatoes

Here is a super healthy vegetarian dish that everyone will love. Lentil Chili and Sautéed Kale with Sun-Dried Tomatoes makes the perfect vegetarian main course dish. You can serve it with whatever you like. Watch and learn the recipe from this video. Cheers! - 105.543

White Chicken Chili

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees F In a baking dish place the chicken breast, 1 tablespoon olive oil, salt, and pepper. Rub the chicken so it’s fully coated. Cover with foil, and bake for 20-30 minutes until there is no pink in the middle of the chicken. Once... - 98.4741

Healthy Chicken Chili

GETTING READY 1. Chop chicken, bell pepper, and onion as shown in the video. MAKING 2. Place a large stock pot on flame for about a minute and then add cooking spray in it. 3. Drop onion, and bell pepper in pot. Stir and cook for a couple of minutes or until... - 98.0137

Dr. Victor Gong Healthy Chili - Part 1

A big pot of comforting chili keeps us warm throughout the cold fall months. If you are on the path of healthy, lower calorie cooking, try this easy delicious recipe by Dr. Gong. He shares tips to make your favorite chili recipe healthier. It's a hearty meal... - 97.2539

Super Bowl Chili Nacho Dip

Want to know of a yummy nacho dip recipe that is perfect for Super Food munch along food? Then watch this video and learn to make a yummy, cheesy, healthy dip that is easy to prepare and tastes great. This dip is the perfect nacho companion, but can also be... - 89.9723

Dr. Victor Gong Healthy Chili - Part 2

Enjoy dinner without feeling guilty! Dr. Gong continues to show you how to prepare his healthy chili recipe. These healthy cooking ideas are great for those who are watching calories and those who want to adopt a low fat, high-protein diet. - 88.3672

Hearty Chicken Chili

For all the chili lovers, there is always one problem, it is so yum but it is so full of fat. Well, it doesn't have to be. Watch this recipe video to see how Amy makes a hearty chicken chili and yet it is so low on calories because there is no beef. You would... - 87.9202

Healthy Vegan Chili

Think perfectly made Chili can never be vegan? Then you definitely need to watch this video by VeganCooking. Learn to make tasty chili that is 100% vegan and easy to cook. Watch to know more. - 86.0661

Spicy Hot Living Chili

Unless you mind singeing your tongue, you will surely enjoy a mouthful of this spicy, hot food. This blistering hot recipe blends loads and loads of peppers, tomatoes, carrots, avocadoes, and a slew of herbs. A lip-smacking way to boost your metabolism and... - 84.8512

Roasted Thai Chili Vinegar Sauce - Hot Spicy Healthy Condiments

Chili vinegar is an almost compulsory condiment or side served with rice or noodles in Thai cuisine. Check out this video showing how to make Roasted Thai Chili Vinegar Sauce that is great to serve along or to use into dishes. Spicy chili affair! - 83.4389

Healthy Stir Fry Thai Spicy Chili Garlic Sauce With Pork

Pork is a prominently used meat in Thai cuisine with varied ways to cook it and here is one such recipe. Check out the chef cooking Spicy Chili Garlic Sauce with Pork using pork slices, vegetables and seasonings. Great when accompanied with a wine! - 79.4152

Spicy Raw Vegan Chili - Part 3

GETTING READY 1.Soak the walnuts to remove the enzyme inhibitors 2.Soak the sun dried tomatoes for some time before blending. MAKING 3.In a food processor blend walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, water and all the spices. 4.Make the sauce by... - 71.1974

Spicy Raw Vegan Chili Part - 1

GETTING READY 1.Soak walnuts to remove enzyme inhibitors. MAKING 2.In a food processor blend walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, water and all the spices. 3.Make the sauce by blending sun dried tomatoes,fresh tomatoes and bell pepper with salt,... - 69.583

Spicy Raw Vegan Chili - Part 2

GETTING READY 1.Soak the walnuts to remove enzyme inhibitors. 2.Soak the sun dried tomatoes for some time before blending. MAKING 3.In a food processor blend walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, water and all the spices. 4.Make the sauce by blending... - 69.4424

Walnut Chili Dip

In search of an innovative and delicious dip? Try this lovely Walnut Chili Dip recipe today. The dip has a great blend of flavors and also has a lot of health benefits. Watch this video now to learn how you can prepare it at home. - 65.1546

Aloo Bhujia

Aloo Bhujia is a delicious combination of vegetables cooked in an array of Indian spices. Highly spiced, the dish is cooked initially with ghee and combines the flavors of onions, chillies, garlic and ginger. - 49.1064

Rc's Chili

For those cool fall days and cold winter evenings this dish will warm you up from the inside and keep you warm and full for that perfect night of sleep - 48.769

Paruppu Urappu Adai

Paruppu urappu adai is a tasty, hot, spongy pancake. Its a exact stomach-filling healthy breakfast for a good change. Enjoy!! - 47.8929

Vegetarian Chili Con Carne

GETTING READY 1) Chop onion and peppers. 2) Mince garlic. MAKING 3) In a large pot, heat the oil and saute onion and peppers. 4) Add few drops of water, if required to prevent scorching. 5) Add beans and remaining ingredients. 6) Reduce the heat and let it... - 46.5476

Chili Mostaccioli

GETTING READY 1. Mix the meat, crumbs, milk, salt and pepper and shape the mix into five patties. MAKING 2. In a large skillet, heat the Crisco and brown the patties 3. Remove the patties and set aside. 4. Add the onions and the garlic to the same pan and... - 45.729

Fish Coconut Chilly Fry

This Fish coconut chilly fry is a south indian dish. Tastes great. Try and enjoy!! - 45.0911

Chili Verde Mexican Stew

GETTING READY 1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2) Chop both beef and pork meat into 1-inch cubes. MAKING 3) In a large cooking pot, add in the cubed meat, 1 chopped onion, 3 cloves of garlic, salt and powdered garlic. Add in enough water to cover the meat,... - 44.5527

Pan Seared Orange Chili Scallops

MAKING 1) In a bowl add all the marinade ingredients and whisk them together. 2) Add scallops to it and marinate covered for 20 minutes. 3) In a bowl add all the ingredients for the sauce. 4) With a slotted spoon remove the scallops from the marinade. Place... - 44.4895

Skier's Vegetable Chili

MAKING 1) In a 4-quart saucepan, heat olive oil and saute onions and green peppers on medium-low for about 8 minutes. 2) When the onions turn soft and transluscent, add in the garlic, zucchini and carrot. Turn dowm the flame and cook for about 2 minutes. 3)... - 43.8535

Healthy Black Bean Chili Bake

GETTING READY 1) Set the oven temperature to 375°F before baking. MAKING 2) In a shallow 1 quart baking dish, mix together chili, corn and seasonings. 3) Cover with crushed corn flakes, keeping an open area in center. 4) Bake for 15 minutes in preheated... - 41.724

Cumin Flavored Vegetarian Chili

Coat a Dutch oven with cooking spray; add oil, and place over medium heat until hot. Add onion, green pepper, and celery; saute 5 minutes or until onion is tender. Add remaining ingredients except tofu to Dutch oven; bring to a boil. Cover; reduce heat, and... - 40.422

Chili Con Goji

While Goji Berries may or may not have miraculous properties, they certainly have a wonderful flavor which HHTV host Michelle Koen puts to great use in -of all things- a Chili recipe! - 39.369

Chili Relleno Casserole

This Chiles Rellenos Casserole is simply irresistible and mouth-watering side dish recipe. Try this easy to prepare recipe; I am sure you will love to share it with your loved ones. - 39.2934

South Of The Border Chile

In a large non-stick skillet, heat fat-free chicken broth over medium heat adding garlic and onions. Saute about 5 minutes. Add ground turkey cutlets and cook until done. Spoon off and discard any fat from the pan. Stir in the tomatoes and their liquid,... - 39.2295

No Meat Chili Beans

GETTING READY 1) In a large skillet or saucepan, place all the ingredeints. MAKING 2) Simmer all the ingredeints for 10-15 minutes to attain the flavor. 3) The mixture should make at least 5 cups (1.25 l). SERVING 4) Serve the chili beans over corn bread or... - 39.0578

Chili Paneer Sizzler -cutlet

For the Barbecue Sauce: Combine ghee, lemon juice, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, mustard powder, tomato sauce and water in a pan and cook on low heat till it is slightly thick. or the Cutlets: Mix the mashed paneer, potatoes, soft bread,... - 35.6834

Black Bean Chili Salad

Jicama, corn, tomato, green onion and a spicy dressing provide a flavorful alternative to the average bean salad. - 33.4276

Healthy Choice Beef Chili

Healthy Choice Beef Chili is easy to make. Healthy Choice Beef Chili gets its taste from beef mixed with oregano leaves and beans. Healthy Choice Beef Chili is inspired by many food joints across the globe. - 31.8508

Spicy Chili Made The Healthy Way

Who wouldn't enjoy a spicy and sumptuous chili for lunch? The ideal meal to warm you up on a cold winter day. Prepared this way, the dish offers a wealth of proteins and complex carbohydrates that keep you satisfied and energized for the rest of the day. - 31.5607

Cheese & Green Chili Squares

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In a lightly greased 9 inch square pan, layer chiles and cheese starting and ending with cheese. Beat eggs, milk, and flour; pour over layers and bake for about an hour or until firm. Allow to sit a few minutes before cutting into... - 31.3996

Healthy Version Of Home Made Chili

A filling and nourishing chili that is the ultimate comfort food. It is best served with hot buttered garlic bread. - 30.658

Chili Beef Pasta-a Healthy Version

Another beef pasta recipe... but with lot of spiciness and appetizing flavor! The mouth watering recipe would give hands for easy dinners and can be tried for home parties too! - 30.4658

Healthy Vegetarian Chili

Mix well and heat through. - 30.1529

Kid-pleasin' Chili

No yucky green stuff! Your little buddies will love this quick dish. - 29.1458

Chili-spiced Avocado Salsa With Grilled Tortilla Wedges

Viviane demos a fun, easy and super-delicious avocado salsa, served with grilled tortilla wedges. - 20.0563

Chili Con Carne

Follow the video - 19.963

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