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Sleeping Less? Know Where You Are Heading To!

  Are you a night owl? Do you go to bed late at night and wake up early to attend to the day’s duties? Do you find yourself yawning and sleepy during the day ? If your answer is yes to all these questions, chances are that you are... -

This Family Avoided Sugar For A Whole Year!

  Is reducing a couple of teaspoons of sugar in your drink a very tough thing to do? Imagine how life would have been for a family of 4 (including 2 kids!) who decided not to eat any added sugar for an entire year! Sounds strange,... -

Lack Of Iodine Can Make You Dumb!

  Are you getting enough iodine per day? Who knows – you say? Well, iodine deficiency causes more damage than we often realize. It reduces your body’s thyroid hormones, and this means you’ll have trouble with... -

Marinating Meat With Beer Could Save Your Life!

  Did you know that grilling and barbecuing meat can cause cancer ? Yes, cooking meat at high temperatures can make cancer-causing substances form on it. However, there’s some good news now. A study has revealed that you can reduce the... -

These 5 Unhealthy Foods Can Be Made Healthy!

  Are you often confused by the “health news” you hear these days? For example, you read about 5 reasons why you should drink coffee. The next day, you read about why coffee is bad for you. So what exactly are you... -

Eat More Fruits And Veggies To Live Long!

  Have you been religiously eating 5 portions of fruits and veggies a day to stay healthy? Well, there's some news for you! A recent study has revealed that adding a couple of more portions can actually save your life... -

Eat Organic But Don’t Hope To Avoid Cancer

Pesticide in food is a problem that most people would like to avoid. This has resulted in a high demand for organic veggies & fruits that are grown naturally without any harmful chemicals either in the form of fertilizers or pesticides. Paying more... -

Top Allergy-friendly Restaurants In Us!

  Having food allergies is no fun. If you are allergic to certain foods, then eating out may not be an option for you at all. However, things don’t have to be that way, for some restaurants are more than willing to serve... -

How To Sleep For Health And Happiness

  When you hit the sack after a long tiring day, which is the position you sleep in? “Who pays attention to all that when all I want is a good night’s sleep” – you say? Well, if you aren’t aware of it, there are good... -

A Chocolate Pill A Day Will Keep Your Heart Ticking Away

Chocolate is a miracle ingredient for sure! Not only does it help you to boost your happiness by flooding your mouth with sweetness, it is also extremely beneficial for heart health and for maintaining your blood pressure & cholesterol levels. ... -

How To Reduce Salt And Still Like The Food?

  Have you been asked to reduce salt in your food? Well, with salt being such a vital ingredient, reducing it alters the taste of the dish drastically. When it doesn’t taste good, how are you supposed to eat it? That’s a big... -

Did You Believe Any Of These Fitness Myths?

  Are you someone who is very serious about fitness? Then, you’d probably follow every single advice strewn over the internet. But did you know that most of what you hear might actually be a myth? Here’s a video that... -

Skin Responsible For Food Allergy Say Researchers

An itchy skin and ugly hives are often the result of an allergic reaction triggered by certain foods. However, eczema, a skin disorder, is a different thing all together. A recent study hints at the fact that eczema may actually cause sensitivity in infants... -

This Is How Obesity Impacts Kids!

  Don’t we all love a fat chubby baby? But despite all the cuteness, did you know that it is a very serious issue if a child becomes overweight? That is exactly the case with baby Santiago Mendoz who weighs almost 20 kg... -

Research Diminishes Fear Of Fat

Trying to cut out red meat, butter, and cheese from your diet in order not to succumb to a heart attack? Well, you need not do so now for a new research study hints that saturated fat alone may not be the culprit. The study was based on the findings of 45... -

7 Steps To Swap Sugar For Health

You must have heard of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) decision to halve an individual’s recommended sugar intake allowance. Now that cannot be good news for the sugar-buffs. However, doing so is mandatory because WHO says that cutting sugar intake... -

This Is What Makes You Unhealthy!

  Are you or anyone in your household suffering from obesity, diabetes, or heart disease? Do you feel that you are unable to control or manage these conditions effectively? If yes, have you really analysed what stops you from getting... -

Fictional 5-sec-rule Becomes A Fact

Would you like to eat a food item that has been dropped on the floor? Surprisingly a vast majority (87%) have no qualms in doing it with many insisting that the food picked up within 5 seconds of being dropped remains uncontaminated. But is this 5-Sec-Rule... -

School Kids Befriend Fruits N Veggies

Have the kids learnt to appreciate healthy foods at last? Well, a recent study report published in the ‘American Journal of Preventive Medicine,’ has confirmed it. The ‘Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010,’ saw the school children being served... -

6 Food Combos For Better Health

One food to keep you fit seems like an old formula now. It is the age of food combos and we bring you eight such combinations, to keep yourself lean and fit. After all, two's a party!   1. Mango and Eggs If it is... -

How Cool Is Usda’s New Meat Label?

‘Country of Origin label’ (COOL) on meat products has gone into effect November 2013 onwards . The hugely expensive bill, however, had to face two different Federal rulings, a ‘World Trade Organization’ dispute along with 2 lawsuits filed against it... -

Why French Men Are Becoming Infertile

  France is one of the top wine-producing countries in the world. However, this coveted status is now also feared for lowering the sperm count of French men, especially  in certain wine-making regions. Wonder how wines could reduce sperm... -

Lizard Soup For The Cold

Want to make some hot chicken soup in order to get rid of that nasty cold? Aww! This age old home remedy is too common place despite being comforting. It’s time to check out the bizarre lizard soup now ! Yes, this is an actual dish too, known for its... -

How To Block Food Cravings With Gaming Blocks

Do you find the old fashioned DOS game of tetris still irresistible? Well, go on play it, for your addiction may come with a host of positives too. Not only will you learn the art of dodging properly, the game will also prevent you from gaining weight by... -

You Are Eating Junk

Eating used to be a pleasurable exercise not so long ago. But now it just means checking the labels painstakingly for unpronounceable names of chemicals, noting the vitamins added, debating about GMO v/s Non GMO as well as organic v/s non organic. Well,... -

Could Your Plastic Water Bottle Cause Cancer?

  Plastic makes our lives easier, no doubt. But did you know that it could complicate our lives too? Scientists have expressed their concerns about the effect of toxic chemicals on human life.  It is believed that small amounts of... -

Can You Get Food Poisoning From Sex?

Feeling queasy after eating fish? Better not have sex then! But how are the two related? Well, doctors have uncovered a serious toxin called ciguatera found in fish that can produce symptoms of food poisoning and tends to get transmitted via the sexual... -

Can You Die By Eating Gummy Vitamins?

Do you swear by your vitamin supplements and feel totally lost without them? Well, you are probably downing the delicious gummy vitamins that act as a colorful magnet for kids and adults alike . What’s more, they taste superbly fruity too. Mango, orange... -

Food Coma: Is It For Real?

Are you fond of siesta or do you believe in working hard after a sumptuous lunch? Well, you may not be able to be overtly active in spite of your intentions, if you go into a food coma. Yes, it’s a real condition known as postprandial somnolence in... -

Study Blames Childhood Activities For Adult Obesity

A plump child is cute and often compels friends, relatives and even complete strangers to go gaga over his/her attractiveness. But being overweight poses certain dangers and may hamper the growth of the child. Also the risk of growing up to be an obese... -

Is Orange Juice The ‘bad Guy' Now?

A tall glass of refreshing orange juice and a pretty face looking blissfully happy. This is the picture that comes to mind when you think of a conventional American breakfast accompaniment .  But is the ubiquitous orange juice really the epitome of health? ... -

Chocolates: A Threat To Your Liver

The condition known as cirrhosis of liver makes people think about drinking problems. But a complete teetotaler is often surprised to find himself/herself being diagnosed with it too. So, stop blaming your liquor for your liver. Chocolates may have had a... -

Now, Men Have A Better Excuse To Sleep More!

  Does your man sleep blissfully well past 10 AM? Well, now he has one more excuse to his defence. A recent study has revealed that good sleep is important for men to live longer! And what about women? Well, you have the... -

Organic Foods Aren't Always Healthier: Revealed!

  With the whole world going gaga over  organic foods , do you find yourself compelled to buy only such produce? While it is true that this kind of fruits and vegetables is free from chemical pesticides, does it mean they... -

Lose Weight By Saying No To Central Heating

Brrr…its cold outside! The best thing to do is to switch on the central heating in order to stay snug & warm indoors. There is no need to brace the cold wind while travelling either, most vehicles maintain the optimum temperature, which will allow you... -

Giant Food Corporations Turning Us Into Junkies?

Can’t do without a hamburger or a slice of pizza at least once a day? Well, you sure are addicted to junk food. However, the giant food corporations refuse to address it, labeling it as ‘craving’ instead . While their efforts for underplaying a grave... -

Monkeys Not Allowed To Go Bananas

Bananas are to monkeys as popcorn is to movies right? No! Say the authorities of Paignton Zoo, Devon (U.K.). The bananas grown for humans are full of fat and sugar, hence unfit for monkey consumption . Their favorite fruits have been yanked off the zoo... -

Diet Soda Plus Alcohol Makes You Drunk++

Is weight loss inversely proportional to getting drunk? Well, a recent experiment seems to hint at the same as its study subjects revealed drunken behavior after having a cocktail of alcohol & diet soda. The breathalyzer tests, often conducted, on... -

High-fiber Diet Can Prevent Asthma – Study!

  There is nothing as distressing as seeing someone suffer from asthma. If you or someone dear to you is suffering from this ailment, you’d be glad to know that simply eating more fruits and veggies can help curb such episodes... -

Beware! Donuts Might Make You Less Of A Man

Having babies is not the responsibility of women alone! Men are equal partners in the act and doctors warn of dire straits, if your male partner is not too careful about the food he loves to munch on. Well, the medicos have now uncovered the truth about the... -

Eating Speed Affects Hunger

Eating at a languid pace as if you have all the time in the world may make you feel like a cow chewing the cud, but scientists recommend it wholeheartedly. The speed of eating, in fact, has a direct bearing on hunger and can even influence the calorie... -

Gmo – What Does It Actually Mean?

  When was the last time you heard about the importance of buying “organic” food and abstaining from “GMOs?” Well, we hear that often these days, don’t we? Do you really know what GMO means? If you haven’t had the... -

Why Raw Milk Can Be Harmful For You

  If you love the creamy taste of raw milk more than that of pasteurized milk you may be in trouble some day! Recent statistics confirm that the raw version causes food-borne diseases. Despite the high health benefit claims of the... -

5 Days Of Fatty Food Damages Memory Forever!

  Christmas and New Year are times to have good food, no doubt. If you have been dieting all along, you would perhaps convince yourself to ignore all restrictions for just those few days and get back to dieting post New Year. If... -

Obese? Dislike For Bitter Veggies Could Be A Culprit!

  Do you hate bitter vegetables? If yes, then it is likely that you would also be obese! Is that true? It should be, according to a study published in an international research journal called “Appetite.” The study links high BMI to... -

Just 5 Tsp Sugar A Day Will Reduce Dental Visits

  If there is one thing that even the most daring souls are afraid of, it is a dental extraction. If you are a person who hates dental visits, then you can simply avoid one by reducing your sugar intake to just 5 teaspoons per day .... -

Midwest Cannibals Asked To Give Up Raw Meat

The health officials have warned the cannibals of Midwest to refrain from eating anymore raw ground beef on their breads or crackers if they wanted to live. The reason behind this warning is that the raw beef sandwiches, also called “cannibal sandwiches,”... -

The Gmo Demon Raises Its Ugly Head

In your daily routine, you eat foods, which you assume, are natural, healthy and, above all, safe for your consumption. Well, we are sorry to burst your bubble but that is not true. According to the EU, GMO term is with reference to plants and animals “in... -

Microsoft's Bra To Prevent Overeating

If you are victim of emotional overeating, the secret to stop that lies in your bra. Not just any bra, for that matter, but the one being designed at Microsoft Research under the project called "Food and Mood: Just-in-Time Support for Emotional... -

When Will America Learn To Eat Healthy

Forget about the billions of dollars being spent on publicity campaigns, touting healthy eating as the only way to a healthy future. The Americans are far from learning their lessons even as an obesity abyss faces them in the year 2014. Gallup and Healthways... -

Getting Murdered Not As Rare As Dying From Food Allergies

Food allergy is a big concern especially when it comes to the children . The researchers at the ‘Imperial College,’ London, however, stated that dying from an allergy is not too common and the risk factors show that only 1.8 of such people die from... -

Honey Bees Turn Cancer Detectors

  It seems like humans have underestimated honey bees for long. If you believe that honey bees are only good at making honey, we tell you, they are capable of much more. A recent research indicates that these humble creatures, if... -

Austin May Soon Protect Kids From Fast Foods

  Having difficulty in controlling your child from eating fast food? If you are in Austin, Texas, you may soon breathe a sigh of relief. In an attempt to protect kids from eating unhealthy food, Austin may soon pass a regulation that would... -

Fat Or Thin - You Need To Be Fit To Live Long

  Are you someone who is slim and refuses to exercise because you weigh less? Or are you someone who has been struggling to lose weight all your life? Whether you are the former or the latter, a recent study has revealed that weight has... -

Fast Food Logos Make You Impatient

  When was the last time you admired a butterfly flutter by, watched leaves rustling against the gentle breeze, or at least gazed at the stars? Who has the patience for all that – you ask? Well, then perhaps you are seeing a lot of fast... -

Shisha Smoking Gets Popular In London

  If you haven’t heard of shisha smoking, you may be wondering what it is. A shisha is a flavored tobacco smoke popular in Middle Eastern countries. This smoking style is fast catching up in London, where shisha cafes and lounges ... -

Harvard Says Don't Drink One-calorie Milk

Before you pick up that glass of milk for your child, read this - Harvard says that drinking milk can be detrimental to your health. If you are shocked already then read further because this could affect your family's health in a big way. It seems that... -

Why “heart Healthy” Vegetable Oils May Not Be So

  How do you normally choose a vegetable oil? Do you look for “cholesterol lowering” or “heart healthy” labels before buying one? Well, it has been discovered that oils thus labeled may not always prove to be healthy for the heart.... -

Common Foods That Cause Food Poisoning

  Food poisoning is the last thing we would want to happen, and if it does, it is usually the restaurant food that is blamed. But did you know that the foods you prepare at home can also cause food poisoning ? Difficult to believe that?... -

Bone Marrow Transplant Cures Boy's Peanut Allergy

  Surgeries are known to bring about complications. But did you know that sometimes even complicated surgeries can bring pleasant surprises? A bone marrow transplant surgery was done on a young boy to cure his cancer, and he... -

Eat Chocolates To Get Slim

  Do you eat chocolates like crazy? Are you warned about its ill effects all the time? Well, you don’t have to worry about your chocolate obsession any more. Scientists have found that eating chocolates can make you slimmer than those... -

Will Fda Trans Fats Ban Solve Obesity Crisis

Trans fats are heart-clogging and no one needs to be told this twice. Even as aisles after supermarket aisles and menus after restaurant menus are clogged with items high in trans fats, people continue to discuss in their living rooms how unhealthy these are.... -

99% Of Fast Food Kids' Meals Unhealthy - Stats

  Even as fast food restaurants are trying to make kids’ meals healthier, a research suggests that only 1% of the meals offered meet the required nutritional standards. While we already know that fast food isn't healthy, statistics about... -

Eat Cheese & Say Goodbye To Dental Problems

Any festival that you celebrate comes with a deluge of sugar , in the form of cakes, cupcakes, pies, sugary drinks, and what not. You must be feeling the aftermath of the Halloween in your teeth, what with the tricking and treating among kids and... -

Do You Know The Perfect Time To Drink Coffee

  Do you reach out for a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up? Well, scientists suggest it’s better you wait a little longer. The perfect time to drink it , according to them, is between 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM . Wonder why?  ... -

The Food You Eat Can Make You Depressed

  Have you noticed that a lot of women are suffering from depression these days? If you thought that it was only their personal circumstances making them feel this way, you’d be surprised to know that even the food they eat could be the... -

Loud Snorer? - Reduce Your Salt Intake

  Is your sleep always disturbed because of a loud snorer beside you? Well, as you may know, snoring can be caused due to various medical reasons. However, scientists are trying to find out if a high-salt diet could be one of them. A study... -

Graviola - A Wonder Fruit That Kills Cancer Better

  With cancer being one of the most challenging diseases to treat, what a relief would it be if we could find a natural source that kills cancer cells , without any of those undesirable chemotherapy side effects? Well, it seems that... -

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Too Much Not Too Good

Omega-3 fatty acids are good for you! This is what you have heard so far from medicos, dieticians, and nutritionists. However, the myth has been busted now and how? A recent study undertaken by the ‘Oregon State University’ (OSU) states that intake of... -

Cooked Blueberries- High On Taste: Low On Health

Blueberries are known as one of the healthiest fruits around . However, this antioxidant rich berry may not always be as beneficial as you think. Enjoying a blueberry muffin  or pie , crammed with the delectable... -

Bye! Bye! Food Dye! Says Krafts

Kraft Foods seems to have woken up to the perils of artificial coloring at last! The company has now decided to switch to natural coloring agents like paprika for three of their kid friendly brands of Mac N Cheese.   The Reason -

Mexican Obesity Crisis Thanks Coca-cola

The Mexican health authorities are seething at Coca-Cola for making their country the fattest nation on the earth. When Mexico overtook the US as the most obese nation recently, eyebrows were raised and questions were asked. However, the news that it is the... -

High Blood Sugar Reduces Your Memory

  Is your parent or grandparent suffering from frequent memory lapses? We often dismiss it as cognitive decline related to old age. However, a recent study done at "Charité–University Medicine" in Germany proves that... -

Boost Your Serotonin Level With These Foods

  Are you feeling down and anxious all the time without any good reason? Do you lack the motivation to function? If you answer yes to these questions, then probably you are lacking serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter ... -

Coffee Can Reduce Liver Cancer Risk

  If people have been warning you against the ill-effects of coffee and you still can’t resist the temptation, then here is good news for you. A latest research has revealed that drinking 3 cups of coffee a day may reduce your risk of... -

Those Brightly Colored Treats Can Harm You

  Everybody loves those brightly colored cakes and candies . They are beautiful to look at, aren’t they? But wait! Have you wondered where those colors on your treats came from? Sadly, most of them come from artificial food dyes .... -

Top 4 Foods For Great Hair

Who doesn’t like to have hair that is shiny, voluminous, and without greys? Everyone, right? But did you know that you don’t have to buy those costly conditioners or undergo expensive hair treatments? Yes, you can get beautiful hair by just eating the... -

Do You Have The Hungry Gene In You

  Are you hungry all the time? Are you finding it difficult to shed all those extra pounds and feeling guilty about it? You don’t have to, because you could be having what is called the “hungry gene” in you! No, we... -

A Strange Sausage And Beer Diet

  What would happen if a person had only sausages and beer for food and nothing else? He would get high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease – you say? Well, not really! He will actually lose weight! Yes, a... -

How Good Is Shellfish For You

The "Harvard University" has questioned your consumption of shellfish Vs regular fish. Don't worry, you will not be asked to give up eating lobster, shrimp or clams. The University exercise is just a reality check to help you understand whether... -

Fats Not The Villain Anymore

A fat rich diet is good for heart! No, this is not the stuff that dreams are made of but hard fact. So say the medicos, changing their minds after 40 long years . All those years of being advised to give up butter, cheese and fries may actually have... -

Shake Off That Chicken Nugget Craze

  You have probably heard about the latest shocking revelation regarding chicken nuggets. For the uninitiated, a microscopic analysis done recently by Dr Richard D DeShazo revealed that these store-bought chicken nuggets... -

Why Obesity Requires Immediate Attention

  Is obesity just one of the first world problems? Are the US and Mexico the only countries where obesity has become prevalent? How do you determine somebody is obese, and how does it affect one’s life expectancy ? If you or... -

Breast Milk Purchased Online Is Contaminated

  Did you know that breast milk is available online for sale? If you didn’t, you’d probably be surprised to know that there are websites which help young mothers buy or sell breast milk for as little as $1.50 an ounce . There are... -

Chili Peppers Can Stop Age-related Weight Gain

  Are you worried about gaining weight as you age? Then, here is something that can help – the chili pepper! Japanese scientists have found that chemicals called capsinoids in chili peppers can help stop weight gain . How do the... -

Red Wine Along With Radiation Kills Cancer Cells

  You’ve probably heard enough about red wine being good for the heart, but did you also know that it holds out a promise for cancer patients? A recent study has shown that red wine, when given along with radiation therapy, can help wipe... -

Bacon Makes You Infertile

  Infertility is one of the major conditions couples face these days, and science points its finger at bacon for this! Yes, a study done at " Harvard School of Public Health"  just found out that men who ate a lot of... -

Pedialyte - New Cure For Hangover

  Fed up with trying different things to cure a hangover after heavy booze? Then, try Pedialyte! No, we aren’t joking. The kids’ electrolyte beverage is now the most sought after hangover cure by college students, who swear by... -

5 Ingredients That You Must Buy Organic

  You have probably heard that organically grown food is always healthier, but did you know that there are some ingredients that should to be bought only if they are organic? Wonder what they are? Read on to find out the answer.  ... -

Probiotics Make You Feel Happy

  We have heard enough about probiotics doing good to our stomach, but did you know that they actually work as antidepressants too? Studies have suggested the connection between healthy gut bacteria and good mood. Wondering how that could... -

Don’t Dare To Drink Coffee On Flight

You might just want to opt for bottled water while on a flight. Most of the commercial Airplanes carry bacteria contaminated water in their tanks revealed the ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ (EPA) after checking its data. While coliform, the... -

Beef Pancake Makes Air Passengers Sick

  Who likes being sick, that too in an airplane with co-passengers staring at you like you have suddenly developed whiskers? Well, that was the predicament of the people who flew a long distance from Xinjiang to Beijing on... -

Hail Dr. Sprite

Did you ever experience a fierce headache and a feeling of nausea after a night of revelry? Well, it was the case of a simple hangover, as you may have diagnosed correctly . But did taking an aspirin or filling up your system with several cups of strong... -

Salmonella Scare In Kentucky, One Killed

  Do you live in Kentucky? Then, you should probably read this. A dangerous salmonella outbreak in the State has left one dead and sent 15 people to the hospital . The bacterial infection is spreading across Kentucky and... -

Peanut Butter Reduces Breast Disease Risk: Study

  If your little girl likes peanut butter on every burger or sandwich she eats, do encourage the practice! A recent study has revealed that eating lots of peanut butter in childhood results in lesser chances of developing benign breast... -

Health Bug Bites Mcdonald’s

This is perhaps the last thing you would have expected your friendly neighborhood McDonald’s to serve but here it is – fruits and vegetables salads in place of French fries . No, the fast-food chain is not doing away with the deliciously fattening... -

Food Allergy In Kids Costs Families Dear

Taking care of a child plagued with food allergy is an expensive affair . The recent study published in the journal of ‘JAMA Pediatrics’ highlights the fact by mentioning that $24.8 billion a year is required to keep such a child safe. The expense... -

Football Fans Eat Fatty Food After Defeat: Study

  Do you know when one indulges in a high-calorie treat? After a defeat – so says a study! An analysis done by a Parisian business school called INSEAD revealed that fans of a football team indulge in high-fat food after losing a match ... -

Holy Water Not So Holy Anymore

Holy water, used for baptism and other Church rituals in Austria has been pronounced to be dangerous by the scientific community. A recent study led to the discovery of multiple contaminants including E.Coli and fecal bacteria in the Holy water. The... -

Alcohol+ Energy Drink Is A Dangerous Combo

Energy drinks plus alcohol can help you score more! This is the general feeling among the student community in America and Europe, which makes them knock off the deadly combination without a care in the world. The scientists are more concerned though and... -