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Lingonberry - A Superfruit That Prevents Weight Gain!

  Are you prone to gaining weight? Does even looking at cheesy creamy dishes make you gain pounds? Well, there is good news for people like you. In a recent study, scientists have found out that the latest superfood lingonberry could help... -

Don’t Drink – Eat Your Fruit

People suffering from diabetes are often looking for ways to keep their blood sugar level down. Well, one of the most important things to do is eat your fruit instead of drinking it. Yes! Pick up a whole apple instead of the apple juice bottle. A study,... -

Heston Blumenthal Indulges In Prune Praise

Prunes, a variety of plums, have been much maligned due to their laxative effect. While both the dried and the fresh prunes have a number of health benefits, most dismiss it as only being good to cure constipation. However, the sales of prunes have risen... -

10 Reasons To Eat Figs For Breakfast

  Delicate in flavor, rich in adaptability, and brimming with immense health benefits; figs are every gourmand and health buff’s dream come true. However, surprisingly figs are not a popular breakfast fruit. Reasons can range from a lack of... -

10 Reasons To Eat Dates For Breakfast

Dates are a popular dessert fruit and a compulsory dinner starter during the Islamic fasting month – Ramzan, but rarely seen as breakfast fruits. The crown fruits of Arabia, however, are a trove of health benefits, especially when consumed 1 st thing in... -

10 Reasons To Eat Lemon For Breakfast

  Lemons seem to be the everlasting flavor of every meal spread in every cuisine (including breakfast, of course); it is not only hailed by gourmands, but also by health professionals who never seem to stop professing the numerous health benefits... -

10 Reasons To Eat Cherry For Breakfast

  Cherries are the latest “super foods” on the block. However, even those who gush about these li’l red ones might rarely consider eating cherry for breakfast, due to the over popularity of traditional breakfast fruits. So here is a list of... -

10 Reasons To Eat Papaya For Breakfast

  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” these famous words by William Shakespeare are absolutely true in case of the breakfast fruit of the season – papaya. Papaw, pawpaw, tropical Carica, papita, or fruta bomba, call what you... -

10 Reasons To Eat Strawberry For Breakfast

  Summer’s here, the stores, and countryside are filled with strawberries. It is definitely the perfect time to have an overdose of fresh succulent strawberry for breakfast. They are not only deliciously enticing but also filled with a zillion... -

10 Reasons To Eat Peach For Breakfast

  Peaches are popular lunch fruits, easy to pack in a lunch bag and easier to eat off hand. But, did you know that including peach for breakfast will do you more good than you might have ever thought of? Just a single serving of this stone fruit... -

10 Reasons To Eat Pineapple For Breakfast

  According to an African proverb, once you eat a pineapple you will not like any other fruit. Pineapples are one of the most popularly eaten tropical fruits and work great as breakfast foods. Since, these are hard fruits, they can be eaten as... -

Reasons To Eat Mango For Breakfast

Mango – the divinely succulent and juicy “king of Fruits” are so sinfully delicious and elusive that people tend to ignore the potential health benefits of including them in breakfast. Back in India, however, mango season (which lasts for hardly 1 and... -

5 Reasons To Eat Fruits For Breakfast

  USDA recommends including at least 5 serving of fruits each day and eating fruits for breakfast happens to be the best and easiest way to include this nutrient loaded, low calorie food in your diet. In fact, several studies... -

5 Reasons To Eat Apple For Breakfast

People spend fortunes at spas and health centers in their quest for good health; while they forget that, the simplest way to meet their fitness goals can be as simple as reaching out to the deliciously crimson apples in the morning. This delectable fruit is a... -

Noni Concentrate Health Benefits

Noni concentrate has several health enhancing features making it a natural antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-hypertensive, and anti-carcinogenic agent. The natives of South Pacific regions make use of this concentrate, diluted... -

Date Concentrate Health Benefits

The affluent presence of fibers in date concentrate helps to prevent constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems, and even, abdominal cancer.  Prepared from the crown of sweets - dates, it is a powerhouse of energy and ideal for pregnant women to... -

Blackberry Concentrate Health Benefits

  Packed with antioxidants, the delicious blackberry concentrate is the ideal way to pack a wallop against the free radicals, thus acting as a natural anti-carcinogen and anti-ageing agent. Low in fat and rich in fiber, minerals, and... -

Peach Concentrate Health Benefits

  Peach concentrate is a proven natural remedy for various digestive problems, including gastritis and constipation. It is also an effective natural de-worming agent. Along with helping to maintain the kidney health, it is also a rich... -

Pear Concentrate Health Benefits

  A natural anti-hypertensive agent, pear  concentrate is the treasure trove of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Abundant with water-soluble fiber, the pear concentrate, in its diluted form, is one of the mildest, yet healthy... -

Passionfruit Concentrate Health Benefits

  Passionfruit  concentrate , besides being a natural laxative, also aids in the elimination of uric acid. Rich in vitamins C, B, and A, iron, calcium, carbohydrates, and proteins, this concentrate is a proven digestive aid. To know more... -

Strawberry Concentrate Health Benefits

  Choked with antioxidants, the vibrant strawberry  concentrate has the potential to shield you from cancer, inflammatory diseases, and even, cardiovascular disorders. While it can lower the risk of birth defects, it is a sweet,... -

Plum Concentrate Health Benefits

  Plum  concentrate is a rich source of dietary fibers, which aid in preventing constipation and lowering bad cholesterol in the body. A good source of potassium, it is also rich in vitamin A, B2, and C. Along with phosphorous,... -

Raspberry Concentrate Health Benefits

  Raspberry concentrate is a delicious fruity drink, filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants, which have the potential to enhance the immune system and keep the diseases at bay. A rich source of dietary fiber, Vitamins B and C,... -

Mango Concentrate Health Benefits

  Mango concentrate , without sugar, the latest mantra for weight loss , is a rich source of antioxidants too. The vibrant yellow-hued fruit drink is a rich source of potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A, which aid in keeping your... -

Grapefruit Concentrate Health Benefits

  Grapefruit  concentrate , a rich source of vitamin C, is a well-known home remedy for combating flu and cold. Along with being a natural anti-carcinogen, this concentrate can alleviate acidity in the digestive tract. This bright... -

Pineapple Concentrate Health Benefits

  Rich in vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids, pineapple concentrate , sans sugar, is an ideal drink for those who wish to transform themselves from flab to fab . One of the most popular tropical fruits, this succulent, sweet drink is the... -

Elderberry Concentrate Health Benefits

  The efficiency of elderberry  concentrate in offering relief in various medical conditions like arthritis and asthma is an accepted fact. Renowned for its antioxidant properties, the efficacy of concentrated elderberry juice to lower... -

Blueberry Concentrate Health Benefits

  The delicious, bluish- black blueberry concentrate is not just a sweet delight, but is a proven antidote to high cholesterol, thus thwarting off various cardiac diseases. Rich in antioxidants, the concentrate made from  blueberries ... -

Coconut Concentrate Health Benefits

  Coconut  concentrate , along with being a mild antidote for diabetes and renal malfunctioning, is an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair. A natural toner and electrolyte, concentrated coconut milk has the potential to curb cancer... -

Pomegranate Concentrate Health Benefits

  Pomegranate concentrate , along with being a natural cure for various male sexual problems, is a natural anti-cancerous agent too. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in abundance in concentrated  pomegranate juice ... -

Tamarind Concentrate Health Benefits

  A vital ingredient in Asian kitchens, tamarind   concentrate is a renowned natural digestive, laxative, carminative, as well as anti-fungal agent. Extracted from the reddish brown tamarind, the concentrate... -

Lemon Concentrate Health Benefits

  How often have you heard your granny or any other elder in the family advising you to consume lemon concentrate , along with ginger and honey, to enjoy multiple health benefits? Well, we have heard that too. Therefore, we bring you the... -

Cranberry Concentrate Health Benefits

  Studies suggest inclusion of cranberry concentrate in your daily diet as it can do wonders to enhance your overall health. The presence of phytonutrients, vitamin C, and antioxidants aids cranberry juice concentrate to act as a... -

Black Cherry Concentrate Health Benefits

  The black cherry concentrate , along with being a natural anti-cancerous agent, has the potential to prevent cardiac diseases and diabetes. Extracted from the black cherries, this concentrate, according to a Critical Reviews in Food... -

Grape Concentrate Health Benefits

  Right from enhancing the immune power of human body to aiding the digestion and lowering the cholesterol, grape concentrate   comes with a plethora of health benefits. The non-climacteric, rich, fleshy, round-shaped grapes are freshly... -

Apple Concentrate Health Benefits

  Apple concentrate along with protecting the bones during menopause, also makes sure that it offers you relief from respiratory disorders. A wonderful snack during weight loss regimen, this concentrate, sans sugar, is good for diabetics... -

Cherry Concentrate Health Benefits

Cherry concentrate is rich in powerful anthocyanins, that help to offer relief from painful inflammation experienced due to cancer, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Welcome to the treasure house of health benefits offered by cherry  concentrates. Read on... -

Orange Concentrate Health Benefits

  Orange concentrate   is a rich source of vitamin C, phosphorus, thiamine, folic acid, vitamin B6, and potassium. Research has shown that concentrated  orange   is a treasure trove of health benefits, which include... -

Tomato Concentrate Health Benefits

  Tomato concentrate   as the name suggests, not only concentrates the taste and flavor of tomatoes but also the innumerable benefits of this nutrients rich fruit. The concentrate, which is a major ingredient of several dishes across... -

Blueberry Benefits For Men

Packed with vitamin C and dietary fibers, these tiny fruits are an excellent aid for weight loss, good for your heart and cholesterol levels, and most importantly a natural Aphrodisiac! Besides being rich with nutrients, blueberry offers some exclusive... -

Dates Benefits For Men

Along with boosting the sexual functioning of men, dates is a natural antidote for alcohol intoxication. Rich with vitamins, iron, and minerals, dates is ideal to lower the levels of cholesterol, keep the heart healthy, and for various lifestyle conditions at... -

Pomegranate Benefits For Men

  Pomegranate, along with being a natural relief for impotency and prostate cancer, reduces the chances of male developing cardiac diseases. This fruit from the Middle East is known to be a rich source of antioxidants – tannins, ellagic acid,... -

Finding Fresh Fruit Goodness 'out Of Season'

  So many favorite fruits have short growing seasons. Come September many of us long for the delicious fresh strawberries, blueberries, and cherries of summer. While tangerines, oranges, and pears are good healthy fall and winter fruit choices,... -

Citrus For Weight Loss

Recent research has suggested that having citrus for weight loss can be the best thing because the citrus fruits like orange are loaded with fiber and have low glycemic index too. Through various researches it was proved that selecting foods like citrus which -

Health Benefits Of Apricots

Apricots are colorful and tasty fruits which consist of several nutrients that promote good health. There are several health benefits of apricots . They are loaded with several essential nutrients that treat skin diseases, anemia, fever, indigestion,... -

Health Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber is a very popular fresh vegetable which is added to a variety of salads as well as sandwiches. Cucumber can be rightly said to be the mainstay of many of today’s lunches.  There are several health benefits of cucumbers too. Whether you... -

Health Benefits Of Strawberry Fruit

It is not wrong to say that strawberry is a wonder fruit. It is rich source of antioxidants and it helps in putting a stop to cardiovascular diseases, cancer. There are several other health benefits of strawberries too. They help in slowing down aging.... -

Health Benefits Of Plums

  There are numerous  health benefits of plums as they are nutritionally very rich. They can either be eaten raw or they can be used for making stews , jams and jellies . This fruit is available from June through September while... -

Health Benefits Of Blackberry

When talking of 'best antioxidants' league chart, blackberries are undoubtedly right at the top. Thus, there are several health benefits of blackberry . Loaded with vitamins, and fiber, blackberries are certainly a nutritious treat. Packed... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Chasteberry?

    Chaste berry has got many peculiar health benefits to its credit. Proper usage of chaste berry can help you to get rid of ailments related to reproductive system. Chaste berry is particularly suitable for... -

Which Vitamins Are Present In Acai Berry & Their Benefits?

Of the fruits of nature, the most fulsome and filling is the acai-berry, which is unsurpassed in all aspects. Let us learn about which vitamins are present in acai berry and their health benefits.   Nutrition-profile – the... -

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Oranges

  We all know that oranges are very beneficial for health, but do you exactly know what are the benefits of eating oranges regularly? Well, oranges are one of the most beneficial citrus fruits of all. They are rich in... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Maqui Berry

With the newer health and miracle berries sweeping all the nutrition gyms, it’s quite a sissy question to ask what are the benefits of the Maqui berry. But well, I am pretty much of the know this, know that too kind of a girl so, I flipped open my brand new... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Guava

  Like health benefits of other fruits, health benefits of guava  also form a long list. This fruit is available globally and comes in various varieties. Health benefits of guava can be derived from not only the fruit but its leaves as well.... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Hazelnuts

The sweet flavored hazelnut is common in Europe and America. Get to know what are the health benefits of hazelnuts through this write up. Hazelnuts can be enjoyed in various ways. Some cultures even consume hazelnuts as their main meal.... -

Kiwi Health Benefits

  Kiwi health benefits  are not known by most  people as this fruit is available only in very few countries. Fruit salad lovers will be aware of this fruit as it gives an exotic flair to the salads. Kiwi originates from China and was called... -

Nutmeg Health Benefits

Nutmeg is vital component of many of our kitchen spices; still lot is unknown about the nutmeg health benefits. It adorns the kitchen shelves but just to add extra spicy flavor. One should be enlightened with nutmeg health benefits to make it a reason to... -

Noni Fruit Health Benefits

There are myriad health benefits of noni fruit. This fruit can be found in countries from Southeast Asia to Australia.  This is a fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree, which belongs to the coffee family, and is recognized by different names in... -

Apricot Kernels Health Benefits

  Many of us are not aware of a pricot kernels health benefits,  the seeds that you can find at the center of the fruit is beneficial to us in many ways. It is rich in B17 also called as amygdalin.  It has the ability to reduce arthritic pain... -

Health Benefits Of Elderberry

Hippocrates had referred to this berry as the “medicine chest”, because of its ability to fight many ailments. The myriad health benefits of Elderberry is being extracted through different scientific studies to pave way for a natural course of... -

Peaches Health Benefits

  Though peach fruit is native to china it is cultivated in most the countries that have a cool climate. Peaches health benefits are unveiled to people after extensive studies conducted by many researchers and scientist. This reddish yellow... -

Apricots Health Benefits

Owing to the rich presence of useful nutrients in apricot, its health benefits are rich too. You can reap these benefits from apricot in the form of fruit, seed, leaves or oil. Apricots are a natural remedy against many ailments. A rich source of... -

Black Berries Health Benefits

They look like a cluster of black-beads beautifully made, with your hands twitching to make a pluck – and there is reason enough for your action as black berries health benefits will simply hold anyone in sway. Black berries are power-packed... -

Health Benefits Of Raspberries

The health benefits of raspberries are due to the presence of ellagic acid belonging to the tannin group of compounds. The raspberries health benefits are usually manifested by the huge quantities of antioxidants present in the innocuous berries as well.... -

Health Benefits Of Green Grapes

We all know about the health benefits of grapes. They are considered as a storehouse of many beneficial nutrients that promote good health and provide strength to fight off many diseases. If we talk about green grapes, we will find that there are tremendous... -

Health Benefits Of Pears

Pears are cousins of apples and members of rose family. Pears are nutritious fruits and in order to enjoy health benefits of pears, you need to include them in your daily diet. Pears contain iron and these are largely responsible for associated health... -

Apple Juice Health Benefits

  Babies can make the most out of the  apple juice health benefits because of ts sweet taste. Antioxidants and vitamins build body immunity. The juice is easily digestible, so pediatricians recommend apple juice for babies. Apple... -

Pineapple Health Benefits

  Pineapple health benefits are aplenty. Pineapple is a tropical fruit and it tastes sweet and sour. In tropical areas, pineapple juice is a widely preferred fresh fruit drink. With a cylindrical like shape, pineapple has a scaly... -

Health Benefits Of Cucumbers

Offlate we have been hearing lot about the health benefits of cucumbers . That is because nowadyas cucumber has become integral component of salads as well as sandwiches. Cucumber can be rightly said to be the mainstay of many of today’s lunches.... -

Health Benefits Of Strawberries

It is not wrong to say that strawberry is a wonder fruit. It is rich source of antioxidants and it helps to curb serious health scares like cardiovascular attacks and, cancer. There are several other health benefits of strawberries too. They help in... -

Goji Berries Health Benefits

  Goji berries health benefits  are well known by Chinese, they use this dark red sweet fruit to cure kidney, liver and eye problems. Goji berry health benefits are terrific and it is used to treat various ailments that are unknown to many.... -

Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

  The health benefits of mangosteen are too good to be true! A unique fruit of tropical origins, it has held the interest of the world since the middle ages when it had been shipped to the Western countries. While the fruit is quite delicious, it is... -

Health Benefits Of Mangoes

Available in plenty during the summer season, the fruit mango is also referred to as “the king of the fruits”. Nutritionally, it is a rich fruit and there are many health benefits of mangoes. Mangoes have a unique flavor, fragrance and numerous health... -

Health Benefits Of Dates

  Dry fruits like dates have immense health benefits. They are tasty, healthy, easy to carry and available easily. Dates health benefits can be enjoyed whether one likes to have whole dates, crushed dates with milk or dates pudding . Consume this... -

Black Grapes Health Benefits

All grapes are good for health and grapes are categorized according to color into black, green and red grapes. Black grapes health benefits are various since they contain plenty of manganese, potassium, vitamins and very few calories.   Black ... -

Red Grapes Health Benefits

The sweet, juicy red grapes are a powerhouse of nutrients. Let us take a brief look at the various red grapes health benefits.   Red grapes are more popular than the green varieties and if you are wondering why, the answer is simple – red... -

Health Benefits Of Almonds

Almonds could well be the nuts to reign happily ever after. Yes, such are the health benefits of almonds that from prince to paupers, this edible is prized like a coveted treasure. Almonds are rich in proteins, folic acids, monounsaturated... -

Concord Grape Juice Health Benefits

If you are still unaware about the Concord grape juice health benefits, then go through this blog to learn more about it. As you know, health benefits of grape juice  are aplenty, however when talking about the Concord grape juice, it becomes... -

Muscadine Grapes Health Benefits

  Muscadine grapes are a native of Southeastern United States and are considered as the most beneficial grapes among other varieties of grapes. So let’s talk about the Muscadine grapes health benefits and get acquainted with its importance... -

Health Benefits Of Celery Juice

Very less is talked about the health beneifts of celery juice.  Rich in hormones, you can make use of the health benefits of celery juice to soothe various medical conditions. Health benefits of celery juice are treating digestion disorder,... -

Top Health Benefits Of Grapes

    Health benefits of grapes can be enjoyed by eating fresh grapes, grape juice and the dried form, raisin. In all the three forms, the health benefits of grapes are retained. Grapes are juicy fruits originating from the Mediterranean... -

Blueberry Juice Health Benefits

  A new research on blueberry juice health benefits says that blueberries are rich source of antioxidants that help improve memory. The reports published in the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says antioxidants along with... -

Health Benefits Of Grapefruit

  Get all the health benefits of grapefruit  through consumption of the fruit or drinking it's juice. Although not very popular, grapefruit health benefits are plenty. This fruit may look boring and uninteresting but can actually create... -

Health Benefits Of Avocado - The Exotic Butter Fruit

The health benefits of avocados are simply unbelievable. This exotic fruit eaten with relish is often considered to be one of the most important ingredients of many a salad dish despite its fatty content. Adaptable to a large extent, the fruit can also be... -

Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

    Pomegranate is often referred to as powerhouse of healthy nutrients and there are more than one health benefits of pomegranate . The popularity of pomegranate health benefits is spreading fast enough and has even helped this... -

Health Benefits Of Ginger Ale

Next time you have a ginger ale drink, remember the health benefits of ginger ale , it will enhance the joy of drinking ginger ale because it is extremely healthy. So, as you take sips of this amazingly healthy drink you infuse yourself with many healthy... -

Health Benefits Of Apple Cider

There is lot of awareness generated on the health benefits of apple cider . Cider was classified as a curiosity drink’ but has gradually found a place in the beverage industry. What is cider made of? Most cider comprises apple juice that is... -

Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice

Fruit and vegetable juices are always very refreshing and cranberry juice is one of them. There are many benefits of cranberry juice. Cranberries are a rich source of vitamin C and fiber. They also provide the body with many minerals like... -

Health Benefits Of Mangosteen Juice

With the increased popularity of native herbal products, you must be informed about the health benefits of Mangosteen juice . If not, then here you will find the list of health benefits of Mangosteen juice, which is definitely not a single one. Being... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Raisins

What are the health benefits of raisins ? We all might have enjoyed raisins without knowing that the dry fruit has immense health benefits. Before knowing its health benefits let’s see what are raisins ? Raisins are those dried grapes which are sweet... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts

A nut is good for health, but is this statement true for Brazil nuts as well? Let us have a look at what are the health benefits of Brazil nuts before eating all of them thinking they are as nutritious as popular nuts like almonds and pine nuts. Health... -

Benefits Of Mandarin Oranges

There are several  benefits of mandarin oranges  which are mentioned here. Mandarin oranges are not only delicious but a healthy fruit too. They are citrus fruits which are smaller than regular oranges. Mandarin oranges can be used in salads or desserts... -

Health Benefits Of Bilberry

  The health benefits of bilberry cannot be described in a single line, rather it has a multi-fold effect on the human body to treat and prevent several serious ailments. Bilberry is one of the many kinds of berries, and it is also one... -

A Fruity Breakfast Keeps You Fit

Do you want to be energized and fresh throughout the day? Then give a fruity start to your day by replacing bacon and eggs with different varieties of fruit. This article will show how a fruity breakfast keeps you fit and energetic all through the day. ... -

Health Benefits Of Cranberries

Love eating cranberries ? Well, that's most certainly not a bad thing! Most of the health benefits related to cranberries come from the high level of antioxidants found in them. These antioxidants help to protect the skin and other vital cells from... -

Gorge On The Benefits Of Amla

Amla is a truly wonder fruit with several benefits. Gorge on the benefits of amla by including it in your everyday diet and feel the changes it brings into your everyday life and health. This is a very tiny berry which is a rich source of Vitamin C which... -

Benefits Of Spanish Olives

If you have been using Spanish olives for sometime, you will know about its many benefits. Benefits of Spanish olives are several – this is one of the many reasons why these olives are used in many Spanish foods. If you do not know much about Spanish... -

Health Benefits Of Raisins

Raisins are a sweet way to satisfy my sweet tooth! They are truly nature’s original candy There are numerous Health Benefits Of Raisins too. Raisins will relieve what ails you. They include getting relief from constipation, acidosis, anemia,... -

Why Are Bananas Good For You?

                   Stay on this page to learn why are bananas good for you? Calcium, potassium, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid and vitamin B6 are some of the nutrients present in banana, which make banana an energetic fruit. The... -

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Banana

When Harry Belafonte sang The Banana Song , he wasn’t the first to sing praises of the humble banana. The fruit – that comes in yellow, green and red varieties – has numerous health benefits, which have been documented and extolled for... -