Hazelnut Cake

Hazelnut cake is a baked dessert. The prime ingredient of this cake is hazelnuts, although often, the nuts can be replaced with walnuts or pecans and still called by the same name owing to the basic method of preparation and other ingredients used. Flourless varieties of sweet hazelnut cake are very popular in Hungary. Other cultures do produce cakes with hazelnuts included into the batter or with hazelnut meal mixed into the batter. Hazelnut were cheap during ancient times and they were prominently used in German, Norwegian and Hungarian cooking to form flourless cakes.
Hazelnut Cake Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview
Hazelnuts are powdered and added to the cake flour along with butter, sugar, baking powder, and eggs. A few recipes will also have whole hazelnuts added to the batter while other recipes also call for hazelnut fillings in the form of a ganache or a cream filling.
Popular Variations in Hazelnut Cake Recipe

  1. Torta di Nocciole is a local Italian version of Hazelnut cake that is prepared in the Peimonte region of Italy. The dish uses toasted hazelnuts, Oro Saiwa cookies, butter, sugar and eggs to form the cake. Hazelnuts are powdered and mixed with cookie crumbs to form the cake.
  2. German varieties  of hazelnut cake are also very popular. They are prepared with an equal amount of powdered hazelnuts and flour. The cake batter is then prepared with sugar, milk, vanilla, rum, the hazelnut and flour mixture and baking powder.
  3. Hungarian flourless hazelnut cakes are most liked for their consistency. The cake is prepared with baking powder, toasted skinned hazelnuts, white sugar, yolks, egg whites, whipping cream and flavorings.
  4. Norwegian Hazelnut cakes are also prepared in the almost same manner as Hungarian cakes. However, an equal amount of hazelnuts and flour is used in the cake.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Hazelnut Cakes
Hazelnut cake is made with hazelnut flour or whole hazelnuts in the batter. The nut is extremely nutritious with 2629kJ of energy provided by 100g. The hazel nut cake has a total fat content of 4.6g, cholesterol content of 26.4g, carbohydrate content of 20.7g and a protein content of 15.6g.   
Hazelnuts Cake: Trivia
Recently, the Department of Translational Oncology, National Institute for Cancer Research, IST, Genova, found that the outer skin and shells of the hazelnut contained large quantities of paclitaxel, 10-deacetylbaccatin III, baccatin III, paclitaxel C, and 7-epipaclitaxel. These compounds are supposed to have a prominent anti-cancer property.
Hazelnuts are a very popular nuts grown extensively in Turkey and Italy. These nuts are used extensively in the commercial productions of pralines, candy, chocolate truffles, and Nutella, apart from cakes.

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