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Salmon Poke Recipe - Hawaiian Classics

Poke is a popular Hawaiian dish made with raw or slightly seared fish like tuna, or in this case, salmon. The fish is cubed and tossed together with a light soy seasoning with sesame and seaweed. It's very refreshing and extremely delicious. Here's a version... - 125.921

Healthy Cooking: Ahi & Salmon Poke

This fresh, delicate, and deliciously light fish salad is great all year around. It is super quick and easy to make. I especially like it in the summer time since it doesn't call for any cooking. Or it can be thrown on the grill for say Labor Day weekend. I... - 91.4163

Hawaiian Salmon

GETTING READY 1. Prepare a large steak 2. Sprinkle both sides of the steak with salt and pepper 3. In a large bowl, add the salad oil 4. Add the rosemary and vinegar to the same bowl 5. Add in the lemon juice 6. Shake the mix well and let it stand at room... - 40.7294

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Lomi Salmon

Soak salmon in cold water 3 hrs. Remove skin and bones and shred finely. Combine all ingredients but ice and chill. Add ice just before serving in small bowls or hollowed tomatoes. Fresh, frozen or canned salmon may be used; disregard soaking. - 28.6074

Laulaus Hawaiian Style

Wash spinach leaves thoroughly in several changes of water, and dry. Place 2 or 3 in a slightly overlapping arrangement on 12 6-inch aluminum foil squares. Cut salmon into 1 1/2-irich cubes; sprinkle with salt. Cut lean pork into 2-inch cubes. Place 2 or 3... - 34.1314

Hawaiian Grown Kitchen - Tokoname - Segment 2

Wondering how to make sushi? In this video chefs form Tokoname restaurant shares the recipes for 2 of their best selling sushi. - 96.9558

Dash Gastropub - Salmon Crudo

MAKING 1. Using a sharp knife, slice the salmon very thinly. 2. On a serving plate, arrange the salmon slices overlapping each other, to make a ring shape. 3. Using spoon or piping bag, put a drop of wasabi aioli on each salmon slice. 4. In the centre of the... - 104.126

Orange Sesame Salmon - Part 1: Preparation

For all those salmon lovers out there, here is an interesting video which shows cooking tasty and delicious orange sesame salmon. Watch the video here to know how to prepare the salmon by cutting and cleaning it. - 81.5743

Orange Sesame Salmon - Part 3: Finishing

If you are looking for some easy and light dinner recipes, here is one meant for you. Try this orange sesame salmon recipe which is shown in the video. The sauce which tops the fish is delicious and so flavorful that it adds a zing to the dish. Watch the... - 86.1202

Orange Sesame Salmon- Part 2: Cooking

Orange Sesame Salmon is a fish recipe for all seasons. Flavored with spices and herbs, this saucy succulent fish is just not to be missed. See how the chef grills the fish and serves it after garnishing making it even more delectable. - 85.267

Kamano Lomi

This Kamano Lomi is a surprisingly tasty dish ! Rarely have I seen an iced savory fish dish, and I expected it to taste odd, but this Hawaiian dish simply proved me wrong ! Try out this Kamano Lomi and tell me if you like it ! - 28.8221

Japanese Sashimi

Take a look at Chef David Banks as he cuts fresh rockfish and serves it raw as sashimi. The video is outstanding and the chef shares great slicing skills to make a perfect sashimi. So if you like to eat your rockfish raw and spicy, them make this delicious... - 110.121

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