Halloween Recipes

Halloween Food is prepared for Halloween, the festival celebrated on the 31st of October every year in USA, Europe and other western countries for driving away evil spirits. It mainly includes a huge variety of ... More »
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How To Make Cookies: Easy Cookie Recipes For Halloween

If you are fretting about how to make Halloween treats for kids, rest your worries! This recipe video has two recipes for Halloween that your kids are going to absolutely love! Ghoulish Cookies and Candy Corn Cookies are fun to make and look great as well.... - 148.799

How To Make A Rich Chocolate Cake- Tricks From A French Chef

Learn step by step how to make a very rich Chocolate Cake filled with Oreo Cream and orange drizzle. In this episode Dulce Delight travels to Paris and cooks with another Youtube chef. Herve from Herve Cuisine is preparing a special Halloween episode and... - 139.847

True Red Velvet Cupcakes

If you're planning a vampire inspired party then do check this out. These cupcakes are smooth and delicious to eat. The chef shows the recipe so nicely in the video. Your friends and family will enjoy eating it. - 138.366

How To Make Devil Bars

Planning a Halloween party, why not give your guest a bite of the spooky season with these super delicious horror themed devil bars. The chef here provides simple ideas to make fast and easy devil bars with just 4 ingredients. You bet this is going to be one... - 134.161

Halloween Layer Cake - Recipe

Sonia, with her special assistant, shows how to make an amazing Halloween layer cake, that combines orange and chocolate flavors in a delightful way! - 132.623

Mummy Cupcakes: Halloween Tips And Tricks

If you're looking for a fun dessert to make for Halloween, make some Mummy Cupcakes! They're really easy to put together and a fun activity for kids too. - 132.61

Halloween Chocolate Mice

Cute little treats that are perfect for Halloween! - 131.858

Skull Cookies - Halloween

The skull cookies are cute, sweet treats made from hazelnut meal, perfect for a kids' Halloween party! - 130.703

How To Toast Pumpkin Seeds, Holiday Recipe, Guest Hosted By Tony Ichabode Crane

Happy Halloween from NY. In this decidedly disturbing episode, Chef Tony... or at least part of Chef Tony, wants to share some of the secrets to making really great toasted pumpkin seeds. Made this way, the seeds come out saturated with flavor and are so... - 130.356

Pumpkin Cheesecake With Spider Web - Halloween

Make a dessert perfect for Halloween Day: the cheesecake with spiderweb. Don't be scared... it will sell like hotcakes! - 130.282

Death By Chocolate Mousse For Halloween

For all those who are looking forward to prepare a dessert for Halloween. Here is an amazing French death by chocolate mousse recipe just perfect for you. This mousse is wonderfully decorated with cookies and colorful candies for a Halloween touch. - 130.206

Feeling Freaky (halloween Special): Litterbox Brownies

Feeling Freaky? Halloween is always a great excuse to put a spooky costume not only on yourself but also your food. Here's a disguistingly tasty way to disguise your mouthwatering brownies into a cat's litterbox. Prepare to watch your friends squirm! - 129.697

Marshmallow Ghosts - Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us and we are going to prepare some terrifying marshmallow ghosts, a Halloween treat, worthy of the Addams family. - 128.843

Sugar Cookies

If you're looking for an easy cookie recipe that is also better for you, check out this low-carb recipe for sugar cookies. With just a few adjustments, you'll no longer have to say no to sweets - 128.621

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

I love Halloween but I often don’t have time to bake something special. Rather than ignoring the holiday, this year, I cheated with a baking mix and canned frosting, just so I could have fun making some ghoulish treats. If you have time to bake from... - 128.51

How To Make Halloween Mummy Dogs

Rebecca Brand shows how to make hot dogs wrapped in dough, like a pigs in the blanket for Halloween. Mummy Dogs, mummy wrapped hot dogs, are an easy pre trick or treat dinner before kids go out for Halloween. Make your kids mummy dogs for a Halloween lunch or... - 128.188

Pumpkin Muffins

GETTING READY 1. Pre-heat your oven at 350 degrees. MAKING 2. In a mixing bowl, combine pumpkin puree, maple syrup, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and apple cider into the flour, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, baking powder, baking soda and mix it well until the... - 127.875

Ice Cream Cone Ghost Cakes

MAKING 1. Combine brown sugar, castor sugar and butter in a mixing bowl. 2. Sift flour in another bowl and mix well. 3. Add in bicarb soda, cinnamon powder, allspices and baking powder. 4. Crack in two eggs in castor sugar and brown sugar mixture and beat it... - 127.812

How To Make Scary Halloween Punch

Rebecca Brand shows how to make a freaky punch for Halloween with a Ghoulish Ghost face frozen in time in ice for a creepy Halloween party punch. Drinks for parties, Beverages for bedeviled brigades of costumed creatures are bedazzled with your frozen freaky... - 127.41

Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Roll

This Vegan Pumpkin Roll perhaps the most seasonally appropriate dish ever, and it could be one of the best things you are yet to taste. The recipe is broken down into simple steps for everyone to understand. The Holidays are here and this would make a lovely... - 127.042

Halloween Pumpkin Delight

Pumpkin delight is an excellent Halloween dessert. Watch this excellent video that shares a recipe for this versatile dessert with crumb and nut topping. Try this out with ice cream or whipped cream. You can make it more healthy with low fat ingredients.... - 127.01

Halloween Special Candy : Ghost Fudge

Rebecca Brand shows how to make white chocolate halloween fudge candy. Ghost fudge is a no bake white chocolate fudge candy that is easy to make with simple ingredients. Chocolate chips, candy corn, and salted peanuts add for extra fun with a great taste... - 126.703

How To Make Peanut Butter Cups

A creamy peanut butter filling surrounded by chocolate makes this a classic Halloween treat even you can make in your own kitchen. - 126.535

Homemade Healthy Halloween Treats

Brown Rice Krispy Treats and Popcorn Balls! These Veggie Kitchen's version of old time favorites. Brown Rice Krispy Treats is a delicious snack that brings back memories of childhood treats. Just like Mom used to make! The Soft and Chewy Popcorn Balls have a... - 126.454

Easy S'more Popcorn Balls-ultimate Halloween Treats

These s'mores popcorn balls comes together super quick with minimal mess! Even popcorn ball haters tend to love this recipe including me! - 126.437

Pumpkin Seeds For Halloween

Learn how to bake Pumpkin Seeds for Halloween! These spooky seeds are fun as a snack and to serve party guests! - 126.215

Halloween Apple Cake

This Halloween Apple Cake will add sweetness to your party. It is simple and delicious. Get the directions from this video and try it out this season. It will become your family's all time favorite. Happy Halloween! - 124.544

Red Velvet Cupcakes - Halloween Style

GETTING READY 1. Preheat your oven to 350 F degrees (176 C) 2. CUPCAKE BATTER: Over a large bowl place a sieve, and sift all together the flour, cocoa powder, salt, and baking powder. 3. In a separate bowl, mix the buttermilk, vanilla extract, and coloring.... - 124.395

Halloween Bark Treat

All those who are looking for simple Halloween treat options must watch this video. Here the chef has displayed clear directions to make a rich Halloween bark treat prepared with Oreo cookies, pretzels and yummy white chocolate. Do not miss out on some quick... - 124.077

Pumpkin Cookies

Delicious pumpkin cookies that are soft and have a cake-like texture! Great for Halloween parties! Happy Halloween! - 123.538

Homemade Chocolate Candies With Pumpkin Ganache - Halloween Special!

You like chocolate? You like pumpkin? Then let's make chocolate candies filled with pumpkin ganache!!! - 123.445

Sweet Severed Finger Cookies

Getting Ready: 1. Place an oven rack in the center of the oven and preheat the oven to 325F (350F for high altitude baking). 2. Select about 60 almond slices for use as fingernails; set aside. Place remaining almonds in the bowl of a food processor and... - 123.218

Protein Packed Pumpkin Peanut Butter Smoothie

If you're looking for a super tasty pumpkin smoothie that packs a nutritious punch, look no further! This high protein, high fiber holiday pumpkin treat is the perfect breakfast, post-workout or even a dessert smoothie that you can make in your Blendtec or... - 123.185

Meringue Bones- A Halloween Treat

How to make a quick, fun Halloween treat...Meringue 'Bones" Demonstrated by cooking pro Betty Busciglio Busciglio. - 123.082

Bloody Eyeballs - Halloween Recipe

Look at how scary these bloody eyeballs are, get ready for an unforgettable Halloween party. - 122.655

Beef Rice Pilaf

This Beef Rice Pilaf Recipe is originated in Uzbekistan. It is fragrant, full of flavor version of pilaf that can feed a crowd! Enjoy! - 122.591

How To Make Banana Ghost Pops

How to Make Banana Ghost Pops Learn How to Make Banana Ghost Pops from HooplaKidzRecipes Kids especially seems to love them. - 122.552

How To Make Tortellini With Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce

Pumpkin puree isn't just limited to those pumpkin pies. This savory 'meatless' dish will become a new favorite for a quick weeknight meal. - 122.355

How To Make Cookies: Easy To Bake Halloween Cookie Ideas

If you're looking to make some new treats that aren't too tricky on Halloween, these spider and mummy cookies will make your spooky party even more fun. Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows how to bake and decorate... - 122.008

Sweet Caramel Popcorn

Want a really delicious homemade treat for Halloween? Try making Caramel popcorn, it's a tried and tested recipe by Chef Tawnya's mother and here in the video Tawnya is going share her family recipe with the rest of the world. It’s such an easy recipe, you... - 121.434

How To Make Halloween Pumpkin Cheese Balls

Rebecca Brand shows how to make pumpkin cheese balls for a Halloween party treat. Cheese and crackers are great and this recipe makes for a festive halloween party dish that tastes great and looks like a miniature pumpkin with a stalk and leaf. This is a... - 121.312

Halloween Ghost Hand Punch

Rebecca Brand shows how to make a Halloween Ghost Hand Punch. Drinks for parties, Beverages for bedeviled brigades of costumed creatures are bedazzled with your frozen freaky fruit friend, this ghoulish Halloween Ghost Hand Punch! Have a happy Halloween... - 121.083

Halloween Special Vanilla Cupcake Icing

What is a Halloween celebration without vanilla cupcake icing. These zesty cupcakes looks not only spookily tasty, but also makes for an ultimate Halloween treat for tricksters. Betty's version of vanilla cupcake icing is so that that you wouldn't want to eat... - 120.993

The Nordic Death Cocktail

While running low on grenadine we busted out the Nordic Death anyway, could have used a bit more blood. - 120.369

Halloween Green Eyes Cocktail

A controversial drink, alright! We have here, a cocktail of sour and sweet indulgences. Midori, rum and coconut cream have never mixed so well. Sexy! - 120.191

Spooky Halloween Cookies

Watch this video and learn how to make some spooky Halloween cookies. See this excellent video, get creative with whatever cool icing decorations you can get your hands on. Check it out for an extraspecial touch to Halloween menu and amaze your kids! - 120.108

Candy Corn Battenberg Cake

In this video Barry attempts to merge together the color scheme of a candy corn with a battenberg cake. Using different food coloring's and homemade lemon, orange and vanilla sponge cakes it's a spookily easy recipe for you to attempt any time of Year. - 120.032

Halloween Treat: Easy And Quick

Some tricky Halloween treat. Creepy treat that will put a smile on your face during Halloween. Watch this video to get inspired with fun Halloween party ideas. Be prepare to make these colorful treats and make everyone happy and scared. - 119.952

How To Make Plum Skulls

How to Make Plum Skulls Learn How to Make Plum Skulls from HooplaKidzRecipes Kids especially seems to love them. - 119.525

How To Make Spooky Spider Crackers

How to Make Spooky Spider Crackers Learn How to Make Spooky Spider Crackers from HooplaKidzRecipes Kids especially seems to love them. - 119.5

Hot Vampire's Blood

Count Culinarian makes us his adult cocktail "Hot Vampire's Blood" - or Red Hot Chocolate. Whatever you call it, it's bloody good! - 119.288

Pumpkin And Coconut Soup

In this video Phoebe takes the lead and shows you how to make a pumpkin & coconut soup served in a hollowed out pumpkin. It's got a little red onion, veg stock, pepper and coriander in there to add more flavor and just works super good - hope you give it a... - 119.123

Halloween Oreo (mummy) Pops

A fun Halloween activity to do with the kids! No baking or tools involved---a quick and simple treat to celebrate Halloween. - 118.959

Last-minute Halloween Meals For Kids

Food Network star Sandra Lee shows TODAY’s Amy Robach some easy last-minute Halloween dinners. - 118.626

Pumpkin Pie

Dave is cooking some Pumpkin Pie! - 118.614

How To Make Jelly Guts

How To Make Jelly Guts Learn How To Make Jelly Guts from HooplaKidzRecipes Kids especially seems to love them. - 118.53

Halloween Cupcakes

These Halloween themed cupcakes have a gruesome bloody center that ooze as you bite into them. These buns are really easy to make and are enough to give the trick or treaters a fright! - 118.38

How To Make A Pumpkin Dip

Creamy luscious pumpkin dip stuffed inside of a sugar pumpkin. Cute & sweet ;) And tomorrow, I'll show you what to do with all those seeds. - 118.096

Halloween Cocktail -the Heart's Blood

Happy Halloween! For those of you that can celebrate it, here is a cocktail for you called the Heart's Blood. This cocktail utilizes Perfect Puree El Corazon. - 117.856

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

A soft yet firm baked pie with the combination of sweet potatoes and pumpkin being season galore! And if the winters are setting I, it’s the thing to make! Watch the video for more! - 117.644

Graveyard Cocktail

MAKING 1. In a shaker, add vodka, tequila, scotch, bourbon, rum, gin, triple sec and ice cubes and stir well using a bar spoon. 2. Strain into a beer glass topped with ice. 3. Top with blue fun stout and then beer. SERVING 4. Serve chilled. - 117.61

How To Make Halloween Strawberry Ghosts

How to Make Halloween Strawberry Ghosts Learn How to Make Halloween Strawberry Ghosts from HooplaKidzRecipes Kids especially seems to love them. - 117.569

Halloween Special Blood Jello

If you're keen on making Blood Jello for Halloween, then do check this out. The Chef shows an easy way to make Blood Jello. The kids will really enjoy it. - 117.458

Halloween Deviled Eggs

This Halloween Deviled Eggs Recipe last minute fix for Halloween Party Tonight.So have a fun, spooky and safe Halloween! - 117.391

How To Make Halloween Teeth

How To Make Halloween Teeth Learn How To Make Halloween Teeth from HooplaKidzRecipes Kids especially seems to love them. - 117.342

How To Make Candy Corn Cookies

Crisp and buttery, they look like the real deal! - 117.339

Ghoulish Banquet For Halloween

In this video, Victoria shows you how to put together a Ghoulish Banquet for Halloween. It just needs a few ingredients, that's all! Enjoy! - 117.226

Pumpkin Cookies

If you have planned Halloween recipe with pumpkin do not discard the seeds. Watch this amazing video that shares great information on cutting and cooking a fresh pumpkin. This also shows to bake, store and use pumpkin seeds. Take a look and try it out…. - 117.02

Pumpkin Puree

Fall is here and it's such a great time of year. Let's start with the basics and make some pumpkin puree which we can use in many other recipes. - 116.872

Halloween Cheese Wafers

If you are a busy mom like weelicious host, here is holiday recipe to try for your kids. Kids love cheese and she is making Halloween Cheese wafers for her son. Like all of her recipes, this one is also simple to make and even kids can be involved. Just blend... - 116.75

Healthy Halloween Treats For Babies

Young children don't have to miss out on Halloween. Watch how make these quick and healthy treats for your little terrors! - 115.948

Pumpkin Cake

In need of a fun way to make a Halloween treat? Take a look at my pumpkin cake recipe. - 115.933

Halloween Cocktail - The Vampire Bite

The Vampire Bite, our first real Halloween cocktail of the season 2012. The flavor profile is definitely unique and intense and the color fits the theme of the month. The flavors of sweet grape juice, a hint of blackberry and a dry bite of cranberry juice... - 115.805

Halloween Black Bean Dip

Lynn demonstrates how to make a delicious, healthy black bean dip perfect for Halloween or any time of the year. Pipe a spider web design on this dip and it would be great for a party. - 115.8

How To Make Banana Ghost Pops- Halloween

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for banana ghost pops. - 115.733

The Zombie Cocktail

The zombie cocktail, a classic cocktail from the 1930's named because of the effects it has upon the drinker. - 115.589

Ghoul Drool Halloween Drink

Rebecca Brand shows how to make a Halloween drink for parties that is Halloween pumpkin orange with drippy ghoul drool that will creep out your friends for a fun Halloween Trick or treat party. It's a special orange shake recipe with candy corn as a fun... - 115.576

Family Dinners For Halloween Night

We all know that after our kids bring home pounds of candy on Halloween, dinner and healthy eating often goes out the window. But it doesn't have to! Chef and mom Ariane Duarte shows you how to create her family's favorite healthy Halloween dinner, chicken... - 115.501

Pumpkin Punch Cocktail

Pumpkin punch cocktail, a flavorful spiced cocktail for the season of fall or autumn. The spiced rum compliments the spiced flavors of all the ingredients within this seasonal cocktail. Tasting notes: light spiced rum flavors, mild nutmeg and fall spices... - 115.441

Halloween Special Easy Chickpeas

This is a different type of appetizer you can serve for your Halloween party. It's simple and quick to make without much effort. You can try it for the next Halloween. - 115.403

How To Make Jelly

As Halloween is round the corner and if you're thinking to make a treat for your friends then check this out. The chef makes this recipe using jelly. Watch the video for the entire recipe. I'm sure your friends will relish it. - 115.355

Halloween Nutty Candy Bars

Celebrate this Halloween with some great candy bars that are healthy and delicious too. This outstanding video shows an elegant recipe that would surely turn out to be a best treat ever. So go ahead with the video and gear up for delightful treat to enjoy! - 115.14

Spooky Halloween Treats

Watch this video for innovative ideas for your kids on Halloween. Kens gets some mummified hot dogs, carrot fingers with a dip and some spidery cookies! The kid are going to devour these goodies within seconds! Get your ideas by watching Ken make these treats. - 115.096

Spicy Orange Dip

Want a colorful spicy dip that would go well with gluten free blue corn chips to create an aesthetic appeal? Well, here is the answer, in this video find spicy Orange dip made with orange squash spiced up with hot chilli pepper. The olive oil and garlic act... - 115.039

Halloween Cocktail - Drambooie

The dram"boo"ie cocktail, or DramBOOie, this cocktail brings a few sweet flavors together into one common halloween based cocktail. Tasting notes: sweet white chocolate, fiery creamy thickness that really hits you with a hot burning fire. Barenjager... - 114.784

Apple Cider Donuts

Soft & Spiced, these go great with your morning cup o' Joe or warm apple cider! - 114.723

Feeling Spooky: Halloween Special - Pumpkin Milkshakes & Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Are you feeling spooky?! Well you should, because Halloween is just around the corner! To celebrate the spooky season, I'm paying homage to that scrummy orange pumpkin by making Pumpkin Milkshakes, and Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes. Super easy to make, and so... - 114.702

Halloween Mock Apple Pie

Like the name says, it is Mock Apple Pie, 'coz there are no apples in it; yet it tastes like apples. It would be a great pie to make on Halloween; especially if you want to fool your friends. - 114.285

How To Make Pizza Mummies- Halloween

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for pizza mummies. - 114.08

Satan's Spawn - Deviled Eggs - Halloween Special

Karen Ahmed is taking Deviled eggs to Satanic heights! Use the same ingredients in a classic Deviled egg to create a sinister Satan's spawn for Halloween. Guaranteed to creep your guests! Potluck perfect! - 113.751

Brains On The Half-skull With Alien Potion And Vampire Cocktails

This week we share two ghoulish recipes and one out-of-this-word delight, Brains on the Half-Skull with Alien Potion and Vampire Cocktails. Our Brains on the Half-Skull recipe is not only scarily delicious, but it’s also super good for you. The halved grape... - 113.742

Spooky Red Velvet Halloween Cupcakes!

Delicious and easy Halloween treat! - 113.647

Veggie Pumpkin Soup

The perfect dinner to serve your ghost and goblin friends! - 113.409

Jack O'lantern Mini Turkey Sandwich

MAKING 1. Cover 2 slices of bread with vegetable spread. 2. Place 2 slices of turkey meat on one bread, and cover it with the other. 3. With a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter, cut sandwich into shapes. Repeat for the other 4 slices of bread. 4. To decorate,... - 113.137

Betty's Halloween Chocolate Ice-box Cookies

GETTING READY 1. In a large mixing bowl, combine butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla. Blend until nice and fluffy. 2. Drop egg, and beat to combine well. Set aside. 3. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and salt.... - 113.029

Peanut Butter Fudge Pumpkins - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Watch as Frankenstein and his Bride prepare a cute, no-bake Halloween treat that is easy to make and delicious! - 112.929

Halloween Spine Tingle Wraps

Halloween is an occasion to catch up with fun and celebration with food. Watch the video showing how to make tortilla wraps filled with luscious and flavorful ham, greens, mayonnaise and some seasonings. A cool and compact meal to rock the party! - 112.873

Jaffa Cake Truffle Spider

In this video Barry shows you how to make some incredibly simple speedy jaffa cake themed truffles with a slight twist. Cool as a Halloween idea they are dipped in sprinkles, given eyes, legs & a choc cobweb to make spider truffles - give them a go! - 112.819

Band Aid Cookies- Halloween Special

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for band-aid cookies. - 112.773

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