Haldiram’s is a famous sweet and namkeen or snacks brand from Nagpur, which now has many retail outlets in various places across India. Haldiram’s has also been exporting it’s products to various countries like the United States of America, Australia, Canada, London, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, UK, UAE, Zambia, Bahrain, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Kenya, Libya, South Korea, Mauritius, Srilanka and Singapore. It has many restaurants in Delhi and in Delhi NCR serving, fresh Indian food, including snacks, main course, sweets, and desserts.




The history of Haldiram’s dates back to the late 1930’s. In 1937, Haldiram was founded by Gangabisenji Agrawal as a retail shop of sweets and namkeen in Bikaner, Rajasthan.  His dream was to grow the company into a very big empire and his dream was realized in 1970 as “Haldiram’s Nagpur”. Following this, it became a huge hit amongst consumers and Haldiram started opening many retail outlets catering to all market segments.


In 1997, Haldiram entered into the market of dairy and milk products, manufacturing ghee, khowa, and butter milk. It also started producing snacks and products including 3-D snacks and vermicelli.


Haldiram minimized the human touch while manufacturing the products keeping in mind utmost hygenie, and the company employed State-of-the Art technology for Italy which produced high quality, ready to eat snacks. Haldiram’s is popular because of its variant, high quality and tasty products, with attractive packaging.





The main  product categories in which Haldiram deals are-


  • Fresh Sweets, consisting of Moong Barfi, Kaju Roll, Kaju Katli, Besan Laddoo, Orange Burfi, Dry Fruit laddu.
  • Papads : Mainly consisting of typical Bikaneri Papad.
  • Drinks, consisting of kala khatta squash, Thandai, Lemon, Mango, Badam, and Khus Squash.
  • Continental, consisting of baked snacks Taka Tak and Fun Bitas.
  • Bakery, has a variety of baked items like cookies, puffs, and rusks.
  • Mopleez, consisting of Aloo laccha, chana choor, boondi, All in one, and navratna mix.
  • Namkeens, has a huge variety of Kaju Mixture to Aloo bhujia, besan bhujia and many more.
  • Canned Sweets, consisting of canned RajBhog, Gulab Jamun, Meetha Cubes, and Chum Chum.


Awards and Recognition


  1. The chairman of Haldiram has received “Vidarbha Gaurav Puraskar”.
  2. Haldiram’s has received International Food Award from TROFEO, International Alimentation of Barcelona, Spain.
  3. M/s Haldiram has got a HACCP certification by DNV Certification, Netherlands.
  4. M/s Haldiram has received ISO 9001-2000 certification recently.
  5. It has been branded as “The No.1 Brand” in the category of ready-to-eat Food Category in 2003.
  6. It has been recognized by Directorate General of Foreign Trade as the Star Export House.


Popular Dishes


Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Sohan Papri, and its namkeens are very popular. In restaurants, haldiram is famous for its Chaat papri, Tiki, Dhokla, Samosa, Kachori, and  Fresh sweets including Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, and Jalebi. In drinks, it is famous for Thandai.




  1. European Snack Association London (UK)
  2. Snack Food Association, Virginia (USA)
  3. International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Alexandria, VA (USA)
  4. ITPO India Trade Promotion Organization.




To make products available to foreign countries, Haldiram came up with the brand name “Mopleez” which included 3-d pellets, vermicelli, Macroni, using the machinery brought from Italy.

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