Hakka Chilli Chicken Recipes

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Hakka Style Stuffed Tofu

GETTING READY 1. Preparing the yong tau foo filling by cleaning and deveining the prawns. 2. Rinse the salted fish and break the fish into small flakes. If necessary, grate the fish to acquire the right consistency. 3. Peel and dice the water chestnuts into... - 43.934

Chicken Manchurian

In a hurry? This delicious easy to make Chicken Manchurian recipe is just right for you. You can lay out a delectable Chinese meal with this Chicken Manchurian and a fried rice or noodle that can be done in minutes. - 43.4084

Seafood Soup With Vegetables

Do you enjoy seafood? How about a mix seafood soup? That’s exactly what chef Vikas is demonstrating for us! A wonderful seafood soup with loads of vegetables too. Try it out! - 95.9174

How To Make Indian Chinese Shrimp Pakora

Indian Chinese food is the cuisine brought by Chinese immigrants that settled and still live in Chinese. It's Hakka style is loaded with flavor and is popular all over India. Favorites besides the Shrimp Pakora include Chilli Chicken, Manchurian, Sweet &... - 128.965