Gushtaba is a meatball made from mutton or lamb prepared in a very spicy gravy. The meatballs are circular in nature while the gravy is reddish brown in appearance. The delicacy was traditionally prepared in Kashmir - made popular by a local restaurant. Gushtaba is relished by everyone present in Kashmir and by Muslims as it is generally prepared at their homes.


Ingredients and Method of Preparing Gushtaba

The basic ingredients required for making the meatballs of gushtaba are minced mutton, fennel powder, soonth, salt, cumin and powdered cardamom. For boiling the meatballs certain ingredients such as cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves and salt is added. For preparing the gravy of gushtaba, the prime ingredients needed are oil, ghee, sliced onion, beaten curd, fennel powder, dry ginger powder, garam masala, mint and powdered cardamoms. The minced mutton is grinded to form a fine paste and all the ingredients under the meatballs are mixed thoroughly. In a small pan, water is heated with salt, cinnamon, bay leaves and cloves.


When the water begins to boil, the meatballs are added to it and are cooked for about 20 minutes in medium flame until it is cooked. It should be cooked from all sides, in a kadhai the oil is heated, and ghee and sliced onion is added and is fried until golden brown. Then it is removed from flame and the onions are removed from oil. The fried onions are cooled and are grinded to form a fine paste by adding little water to it. The paste is kept aside for a while and in the same oil, the beaten curd, fennel, sonth, mint, garam masala and cardamom powder is added. This is done in a low flame and is stirred until it boils. The onion paste is added, stirred and then the cooked meatballs are added along with water. The traditional gushtaba recipe is covered and simmered for about 20 minutes.    


Variations of Gushtaba

In this recipe, many variations can be brought about such as the meatballs can be prepared by using lamb, pork, beef, chicken or mutton. In garnishing the gushtaba, many variations can be done such as by serving on top with mint leaves or coriander. This recipe can be served in different kinds of dishes so that it looks presentable.


Serving Gushtaba

The gushtaba recipe should be served hot and should be served in a bowl or in a dish by adding  mint leaves or coriander leaves so that the dish looks refreshing and green in appearance. The people of Kashmir prefer having gushtaba along with Kahwa, which is a green tea that is made without adding milk in it.


Some Health Facts Related to Gushtaba Recipe

This food is rich and  healthy as it is high in nutritional values with high levels of carbohydrates and is highly proteinaceous due to the presence of meat. The recipe gushtaba consists of many spices, which means that many people cannot consume this recipe, as they are not habituated with so much of spices so this can lead to digestive problems or irritation. If gushtaba is prepared by adding red meat then it should be consumed in little amounts, as red meat is not good for health and can lead to many blood problems.


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