Gujarati Sabji Recipes

Gujarati sabji is a generic term used for curries made in Gujarat, called ‘shaak’. The taste differs from region to region. Typically, Gujarati curries are sweet and sour as they use sugar and ... More »
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Cauliflower Peas Shaak - Sabji - Gobi Matar Sabji

Those fond of Indian cuisine will really like this dish. The vegetable is made in gujarati style. You can serve it with hot roti or rice. Chef Bhavna explains the recipe so well. Do watch the video for the easy recipe by the chef itself. - 87.8293

Kantola Sabji - Indian Gourd Curry

Those looking for Gujarati cuisine recipes will find this recipe useful. kantola is a very healthy vegetable. It can be used for the regular day to day cooking. It can be served with roti or naan. This is a very basic and simple curry. Do check out the video. - 100.692

Parval Sabji - Parvat Nu Shak - Pointed Gourd Curry

Those fond of having the Gujarati cuisine will really enjoy this dish. This vegetable is very healthy and this dish is prepared in the regular day to day cooking. So do try out the recipe and surely watch the video. - 102.595

Sukhi Aloo Ki Sabji

Chefs have a recipe that's going to delight potato loves and anyone who likes simple yet delicious food. Sukhi Aloo Ki Sabji is an authentic and rustic Indian side dish. Chefs have shown a very easy way for preparing this dish without compromising on the... - 132.422

Gujarati Dal

Those of you who mostly eat Indian cuisine will find the recipe of dal very useful. In most of the house holds of India dal is prepared daily. The chef prepares the dal in gujarati style. This dish can be served with hot rice or roti. You can impress your... - 105.118

Suran Nu Shaak

MAKING 1. Peel and boil yam in a cup of water and drain. 2. Into a bowl add the yam, yogurt, ginger paste, green chili paste, turmeric powder, coriander powder, sugar to taste and salt to taste and mash well with a potato masher. 3. In a pressure cooker pot... - 106.949