Guava Drink Recipes

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Topical Spritzers

MAKING 1) Combine together the guava juice and club soda. 2) Stir the mixture lightly and pour into 2 champagne glasses. SERVING 3) Serve right away or chill for a bit and then serve. If preferred, garnish with strawberries. Makes a good starter drink, or... - 31.0352

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Raw Guava And Coconut Drink

What better way to cool off yourself on muggy summer noon then sip on a refreshing glass of raw coconut and guava drink. Bursting with tropical flavors, this healthy, yummy summer drink is any day a better bet than all the sodas, colas and packed juices that... - 73.963

Tropical Fruit Granite Of Mango Passion Fruit Guava And Champagne

GETTING READY 1)Into a bowl, transfer the flesh and seeds of the passion fruit after opening it. Keep aside some seeds and the shell. 2)Peel mangoes and guavas. MAKING 3)Puree mangoes and guavas and mix with passion fruit. Strain the puree. 4)Add in... - 42.8677

Fruit Punch

GETTING READY 1. Place glasses in refrigerator to chill. MAKING 2. In a pitcher or jug, stir orange juice and guava nectar together. 3. Add lots of ice cubes and stir well to chill. SERVING 4. Pour into individual glasses. 5. Garnish each glass with slice... - 35.0855

Guava Spritzer

1. Mix juice concentrate and soda pop in 2-quart pitcher. Serve over ice. - 22.2157

Strawberry Guava Punch With Sorbet

Place half of the berries (use the prettiest ones; keep hulls attached) on a flat pan without touching. Freeze until hard, about 1 hour; if done ahead, pack airtight when hard and freeze until the next day. Put a 10- by 15-inch pan in the freezer. When cold,... - 31.6889

Guava Smoothie By Tarla Dalal

The guava smoothie is a no-fuss drink that can be whipped up in a jiffy if you have guava juice and coconut milk ready in your fridge. - 112.944

Coconut-lime Drinks

If you use frozen coconut milk, thaw it and whirl in a blender before mixing drinks. To make milk from packaged coconut, combine 2 2/3cups each flaked coconut and cold milk; refrigerate 1 hour. Whirl in a blender for about 40 seconds. Strain through a double... - 31.606

Strawberries Supreme

Wash strawberries. Run guava jelly through a sieve over strawberries, and add grenadine and Cointreau. Put into sherbet, glasses. Add toasted almonds. Top with a small scoop of ice cream and cream. Sprinkle orange rind, and dust with powdered sugar. - 32.7612

Island Fruit Cooler

In pitcher, combine pineapple and guava juices and soda. Pour over ice cubes in glass. Garnish with fresh fruit. - 27.8026

How To Make A Planteur's Punch

Why not bring the tropics to your next gathering with the fast and easy drink to greet your guests. - 117.176