Grilled Strawberry

Grilled strawberry is strawberry fruit baked by the application of dry heat over hot grill, with the fruit having its origin in Brittany, France. Strawberry is a bright red colored fruit, which is very well known in almost all parts of the world for its juicy texture, sweetness, and aroma. Strawberries are often grilled along with basil or food cake to make grilled strawberry kabobs, which are relished a lot as a dessert or snack. Grilled strawberries are often served with a topping of ice cream.    



Preparation Synopsis

The simplest grilled strawberry recipe suggests placing strawberries directly on the grill, while flipping them during grilling. Strawberries are grilled until slightly soft. Canola oil is brushed onto the grill grate before placing the strawberries onto it, so as to avoid the fruit from sticking to the grill. Strawberries can also be grilled after being coated with balsamic vinegar and rolled out in sugar.




  • Grilled strawberries pair very well with gingersnap meringue. A mix of sugar and grilled strawberry slices are topped with the meringue before being served in a martini glass. The meringue is prepared by beating egg whites, sugar, and a pinch of salt until stiff peaks are formed and then adding crushed gingersnap cookies to it.     
  • Grilled strawberries can also be served over ice cream, with topping of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.



Popular Grilled Strawberry Dishes

  • Grilled strawberry shortcake kabob- strawberries and angel food cake’s (sponge cake having its origin in North America) cubes are threaded alternatively onto skewers and grilled for a few minutes. These kabobs are served with whipping cream on the side, the cake cubes are brushed with condensed milk prior to being grilled so as to prevent them from drying out and to achieve a nice and sweet crunch on outside.   
  • Grilled strawberry basil kabob- the recipe for this dish suggests placing basil leaves and strawberry halves onto skewers alternatively and then grilling the kabobs on hot grill, while being brushed with a mix of vanilla, a pinch of salt, honey, and vinegar during grilling.   




Grilled strawberry encompasses the nutrients of strawberries, with 100 g of the fruit providing only 32 kcal. The fruit is very low in calories and fat, and rich in several vital vitamins and minerals, which help in maintaining optimum health. The health benefits associated with a couple of vital nutrients contained in strawberries are discussed as follows:


  • Phenolic flavonoid phyto-chemicals- strawberries are rich in these chemicals which are known as anthocyanins and ellagic acid. These chemicals help in preventing an individual from neurological disorders, aging, and cancer.
  • B-complex vitamins- the presence of these vitamins in strawberries helps the human body in metabolizing fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

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