Grilled Squid

As a compelling appetizer or snack grilled squid is a perfect choice. It is a specialty of European cuisine. Flavored with olive oil and lemon juice grilled squid is grilled to tender perfection and served with lemon wedges.

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How To Eat Calamari

How To Eat Calamari On : 13-Nov-2010 By : foodiegurlhere

“How to eat calamari ?”-this newspaper headline attracted my attention and having gotten the chance to eat calamari a couple of times at my friend's place, I know quite a bit about this delicious fish now. Calamari or squid is synonymous with...

Best Recipes Of 2010 By Debutant Chefs

Best Recipes Of 2010 By Debutant Chefs On : 27-Dec-2010 By : thot4food

The best recipes of 2010 have not all been from the well known chefs of the industry, nor created by those who hog the limelight within the confines of the star restaurants. On the contrary, it was the debutant chef recipes which impressed the gastronomes...

How To Eat Saengseon-gui

How To Eat Saengseon-gui On : 01-Sep-2010 By : Food4me anytime

When I visited Seoul last year, I had several plans to eat in the best Korean restaurants, to cook some of the popular dishes and learn some great Korean cooking tips. I had heard a lot about Korean dishes and was eager to explore them – and in one such...

London's Kopapa Revives Fusion Food For Our Taste Buds

London's Kopapa Revives Fusion Food For Our Taste Buds On : 16-Dec-2010 By : thot4food

  Fusion food has always been relegated to the second rank however tasty it might be. But now London's Kopapa revives fusion food for our taste buds bringing a plethora of delectable dishes hereto unknown in front of us. Peter Gordon, the owner...

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