Grilled Salmon With Ginger Marinade Recipes

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Salmon Marinade

Salmon Marinade is a very easy to prepare delicious recipe. Enjoy this amazingly mouth watering Salmon Marinade dish; I am sure you would love to share your experience with me. - 37.1386

Grilled Salmon With Ginger Orange Mustard Glaze

Combine first 6 ingredients in a large heavy-duty, zip-top plastic bag. Add salmon to bag; seal and marinate in refrigerator 30 minutes. Remove salmon from bag, reserving marinade. Prepare grill or broiler. Place salmon on grill rack or broiler pan coated... - 34.5034

Salmon Steaks In Orange Honey Marinade

In 1-quart measure, mix all ingredients except salmon steaks. Place salmon steaks in shallow glass dish. Pour marinade over salmon steaks; cover and marinate in refrigerator 1 hour. Drain salmon; reserve marinade. Grill salmon, on uncovered grill, 6 inches... - 36.1654

The Hippy Gourmet Prepares Soy-ginger Wild Salmon

Hosting a barbecue lunch? watch this video to learn some great tips to make your barbecue all the more special. - 92.0047

Salmon Steaks In Orange* Honey Marinade

In shallow glass dish, combine all ingredients except salmon steaks. Add salmon steaks, turning to coat with marinade. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour. Drain salmon; reserve marinade. Grill salmon, on uncovered grill, over hot briquets 5 minutes. Carefully turn... - 35.5421

Ginger Citrus Salmon Steaks

In shallow nonmetallic dish large enough to hold salmon steaks in single layer, combine olive oil, orange juice, lemon juice, ginger and honey. Add salmon steaks to marinade, turning to coat both sides. Refrigerate, covered, up to 1 hour, turning... - 31.8022

Grilled Salmon Skewers

Slice salmon lengthwise into 12 long strips; thread each onto soaked wooden skewer. Place in shallow dish. Whisk together soy sauce, honey, vinegar, ginger, garlic and pepper; pour over skewers, turning to coat well. Let stand at room temperature for 30... - 34.5435

Grilled Swordfish Or Salmon

GETTING READY 1) Prepare the grill. MAKING 2) In a bowl, add soy sauce, garlic, sugar, lemon juice, ginger root, and red pepper flakes. 3) Whisk the mixture together. 4) In a shallow dish place fish in one layer. 5) Pour marinade over the fish. 6) Cover it... - 40.6208

Grilled Salmon

Make several shallow diagonal slashes in skinless side of salmon. Place, skin side up, in shallow glass dish. Whisk together oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, garlic, pepper and cayenne; pour over salmon and let stand for 30 minutes. Discarding... - 25.9487

Island Grilled Salmon

Rinse fish and pat dry. Combine lime juice, oil, sugar, ginger, and soy sauce in a large heavy-duty plastic food bag. Add salmon and pineapple and seal bag securely. Rotate bag to distribute marinade and place in a shallow pan. Refrigerate for at least 30... - 43.0304

Barbecued Sweet And Sour Ginger Salmon

Try this tasty barbecued salmon, next time you have a barbecue. Simple.quick and tasty! - 112.925

Spinach Risotto & Curried Grilled Salmon For Dinner

For those who believe that Italian is served best at restaurants, Italian Rosotto preparation at home is going to leave you awestruck. This popular rice dish can be prepared within minutes in your kitchen and with the available ingredients. Serve with Indian... - 89.3379

Molasses Bourbon Grilled Salmon

1. Combine green onions and next 7 ingredients in a large zip-top plastic bag; add fish and seal. Marinate in refrigerator about 8 hours. 2. Prepare grill. 3. Remove fish from marinade; discard marinade. Place fish on grill rack coated with cooking spray;... - 31.0956

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki With Cucumber Salad

GETTING READY 1)Pre-heat the grill to high.   MAKING 2) In a wide bowl, add the soy, mirin, sugar, ginger and garlic . Stir till the sugar has dissolved completely. Now, place the salmon fillets in the soy mix and coat them thoroughly. 3) In a small... - 44.3896

Tropical Grilled Salmon With Salsa

MAKING 1. In an electric mixer, combine all the ingredients, apart from salmon. Blend well till smooth and remove on to a flat plate. 2. Add fish, coat well with marinade and marinate for minimum 20 minutes. Alternatively, marinate in refrigerator for 1... - 38.4248

Grilled Salmon Oriental

Rinse fish and pat dry. Arrange fish in rectangular nonaluminum baking dish. Combine all remaining ingredients in a small bowl, stir and pour over steaks, turning to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Preheat grill or broiler. Lightly spray grill... - 40.5855

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki

MAKING 1. In a medium sized bowl, combine all the ingredients, apart from salmon. Blend well till smooth. 2. Add fish, coat well with marinade and marinate for minimum 30 minutes. Alternatively, marinate in refrigerator for 1 hour. 3. Heat grill plate and... - 38.2578

Asian-style Pan Seared Soy Salmon

Salmon makes a perfect dinner fish. Salmon is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, and should be a regular mealtime rotation. This Asian-inspired grilled salmon is a light and delicious way to enjoy this healthy fish. The salty soy sauce combined with the sweet... - 124.461

Veggies For The Week And Miso Yaki Salmon

Veggies for the week is a simple recipe for getting your veggies steamed ahead of time for the quickest and healthiest vegetables possible - paired with a Japanese style Miso-Yaki Salmon. - 106.407

Mark Martin's Salmon Merlot A-go-go

Mix all marinade ingredients in a bowl. Transfer into large, zip-top bag. Place salmon in bag and marinade for 2 hours. Pre-heat grill to hot. Place salmon on grill and cook for 10 - 15 minutes until done. - 26.4052

Curried Salmon Salad With Lemon Grass Vinaigrette

1. In a medium bowl, combine the curry paste, coconut milk, grated fresh ginger, garlic, sesame oil, vegetable oil and 2 teaspoons of the soy sauce. Whisk well. Pour half of the marinade into a 9-by-11-inch glass dish. Add the salmon and spoon the remaining... - 39.198

Teriyaki Salmon

Dissolve the sugar and ginger in the broth and soya sauce in a sauce pan. Bring to a boil. Blend the cornstarch in the wine. Add to the broth and simmer until thickened. Cool. Place salmon in a shallow tray, cover with the sauce and marinade 1 hour,... - 35.4415

Teriyaki Salmon Kababs

GETTING READY 1. In a small bowl pour in sesame oil, soy sauce, honey, ginger and garlic powder and lime juice. Whisk well. 2. Place salmon cubes in a Ziploc bag, pour in the marinade, seal the bag and roll to marinate well. 3. Keep the fish in the... - 119.331

Sake Salmon Steaks

1. In a small bowl, combine soy sauce, sake, mirin, garlic, green onions, ginger, wasabi and sugar. Mix well. 2. Place fish in a shallow baking dish and pour marinade over. Cover and marinate in refrigerator overnight. 3. Preheat grill. 4. Remove fish from... - 32.9094

Honey Teriyaki Salmon

1. Whisk together the soy sauce, ginger, honey, lemon juice, and garlic in a small bowl until the honey has dissolved; pour into a large zip-close plastic bag. Add the salmon, squeeze out the air, and seal the bag; turn to coat the salmon. Refrigerate,... - 25.0341

Salmon Steaks With Soy Maple Glaze

1. In a large, shallow dish, whisk the soy sauce with the maple syrup and sesame oil. Add the salmon steaks and turn to coat. Press the ginger and garlic onto both sides of the steaks. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours, turning the salmon a few times. 2.... - 25.8552

Salmon New Orleans

1. To prepare the sauce, stir together all ingredients. 2. Place salmon in a nonreactive dish. Pour the sauce over the salmon and marinate in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes. 3. Preheat grill to medium-hot. 4. Drain the salmon, reserving the marinade. - 25.283

Barbecued Stuffed Coho Salmon

GETTING READY To prepare the marinade : 1. In a small enameled saucepan bring to a boil over high heat combining the wine, lemon juice, 1/2 cup of the oil, the onion, garlic, parsley sprigs, ginger, thyme, Tabasco, salt and pepper stirring occasionally. 2.... - 43.2922

Spicy Pan Fried Salmon And Dill

Fish Curry Salmon and Dill, very English, but here's the Indian version; from Shaan Khan the Executive Chef at the Rajput Restaurant, Harrogate. - 108.966

Salmon Oriental

Marinate salmon for 30 minutes in a mixture of the remaining ingredients, turning 2 or 3 times. Drain. Reserve marinade and clamp steaks in a hand grill. Arrange on a rack over hot coals and barbecue until slightly browned, about 4 or 5 minutes. Turn grill... - 37.8755

Oriental Soy Salmon

Would you like to treat your family to a special Oriental dish today that is rich both in taste and health? Try this lovely Oriental Soy Salmon recipe. You can easily prepare the dish at home and impress everyone across the dining table. - 96.3094

Teriyaki Broiled Or Grilled Fish

Rinse the fish and set it aside. In a saucepan, bring the soy sauce and grated ginger to a boil. Strain it and discard the ginger. In a bowl, combine the gingered soy sauce, wine, sugar, and minced garlic. Place the fish in a bowl, pour the marinade over it,... - 37.315

Grilled Fish Steaks With Vegetable Butter

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, combine vegetable soup mix, butter, brandy and ginger and beat well with a electric mixer or wire whisk until creamy. 2. Turn butter onto a wax paper and shape into a log. 3. Wrap tightly like a sweet and refrigerate until... - 39.7525

Grilled Fish Steaks With Vegetable Butter

Grilled fish steaks with vegetable butter is a flavorful seafish recipe. Marinated with orange juice for flavor, the fish steaks are grilled cooked to finish. Served with a prepared blended and chilled slice of vegetable juice with butter and brandy flavored... - 39.4484

Marinated Grilled Tuna

GETTNG READY 1. Take a bowl and mix sherry, olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, gingerroot, garlic and pepper well to prepare the marinade. 2. Take a 12x7 1/2x2-inch baking dish and arrange tuna steaks as a single layer and pour the marinade. 3. Cover, keep in... - 40.9416

Tandoori Slyle Seafood Kabobs

These Tandoori Style Seafood Kabobs are an extravagance on seafood ! Collect a variety of seafood like salmon fillet, tuna steak, swordfish steak or shrimp and grill them with bell peppers. Your joy will know no bounds once you bite into one of these... - 45.568

Asian , North And South American Seafood Delight

Stephanie, The Posh Pescatarian takes you on another fabulous culinary adventure by making her incredible Asian ginger garlic salmon, North American lemon pepper shrimp and a South American cilantro pesto Pollock! - 113.108