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Cuban Grilled Amberjack With Black Beans

1. Combine first 3 ingredients in a small bowl, stir well. Cover and chill. 2. Combine 1/4 cup marinade and fish fillets in a large zip-top plastic bag,- seal bag, and marinate in refrigerator 30 minutes. 3. Coat a large saucepan with cooking spray, place... - 34.3737

Cuban Flying Saucer Grilled Sandwich

These Cuban style sandwiches are a hit with the kids. A special sandwich press is needed to make this grilled sandwich look like a flying saucer but you can find one at most Cuban markets or on line. These make a fantastic afterschool snack or meal and kids... - 104.354

Grilled Flank Steak Cuban Style

Robin makes a classic Cuban sauce, Moo, which is used to marinade a steak in the given video. It's a classic dish for you to try when planning to grill something. The usp of this dish is that it can be prepared ahead and grilled at the last minute. - 110.036

Pressed Cuban Sandwiches With Paulette's Cuban Cowboy Caviar Salad

The RV Cooking Show heads to the West Coast of Florida to bring you the beautiful beaches of Cortez and two Cuban taste sensations...pressed cuban sandwiches on the grill and our guest Paulette's "cuban cowboy caviar". What a wild ride...c'mon along!! - 105.311

Culinary Carrie: Cuban Medianoche Sandwich

MAKING 1. Horizontally slice the bread in half, spread the mustard and divide the cheese slices, baked ham and roast pork and dill pickles. 2. Start with the ham followed by the pork, cheese, and dill pickles. 3. Heat up your Panini maker or sandwich press,... - 108.095

Cuban Sandwich - An Easy And Tasty Sandwich

An easy to follow Cuban Sandwich Recipe. - 87.3559

Cuban Sweet Potato Salad With Pineapple And Jicama

Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Brush grill rack with oil. Brush sweet potato slices with 2 tsp oil; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill sweet potato, pineapple, and jicama slices, covered, over direct heat for 3-5 minutes per side, turning once. Cut... - 45.05

Cuban Sandwich With American Amber Wheat

In a small bowl, stir together olive oil, mustard, cumin, paprika and a pinch of salt. Split rolls or cut desired bread into slices (8). Butter the outsides of the bread and lay out on a piece of tin foil or waxed paper. Spread the inside of each roll or... - 33.7703

Cuban Style Pork And Plantains

If you want to try something exotic for your backyard gathering, then this recipe is a perfect choice. Cuban pork and plantains offer you traditional taste and flavor of Cuba, which is quite simple but truly exotic. Go through the video to learn about the... - 120.5

Cuban Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. For mojo sauce, place a saucepan on heat, pour oil and drop garlic in it. Stir and cook for about a minute. 2. Add orange juice, lime juice, red chili flakes, and cumin. Stir and boil for about 2-3 minutes. 3. Remove pan from heat and season... - 114.044

Easy Cuban Sandwich host Caitlin shows you how to make a delicious - and oh-so-simple - Cuban sandwich. The flavor that she adds to the pork really adds a great punch to the sandwich. Serve this up at Super Bowl parties, wedding showers, or even a random... - 117.642

Cuban Hamburger (frita Cubana)

My version of a Cuban style hamburger. It includes the spice mixture for the meat, a really good mojo and the traditional cooking technique. Enjoy! - 127.242

Pressed Cuban Hamburger

Fire up the grill at your next casual cookout and try putting together a classic hamburger. Nothing represents grilling better than yummy burgers. Quick and easy, Juan Montalvo shows how you can put together a fab, low-cal burger by throwing together lean... - 95.7577

Spicy Grilled Bread

Slice bread in half lengthwise, leaving one side attached. Open bread, butterfly fashion. Combine mayonnaise, mustard, and onion powder in a small bowl, stirring well. Spread over cut sides of bread; sprinkle with parsley and cheese. Reassemble loaf, and wrap... - 34.9737

Grilled Bread And Wild Mushrooms

Remove and discard mushroom stems. Combine mushrooms and bread cubes in a large bowl; coat with cooking spray, and toss well. Combine olive oil, rosemary, dillweed, pepper, and garlic powder; drizzle mixture over mushrooms and bread cubes, and toss... - 42.1253

Chuletas De Puerco

If you are hosting a barbecue at your backyard, then what better way to make your food bash all the more happening then grill some pork chops. Bursting with flavor and taste, Juan Montalvo adds his own unique touch to the recipe by tampering the steak with a... - 100.017

Hawaiian Grilled Chicken

So what if you couldn't make it to Hawaii this holiday? You can at least make up for the missed trip with Hawaiian chicken. Easy, quick, and simply scrumptious, this grilled Hawaiian favorite is worth sweating over pots and pans. Juan Montalvo tells you how... - 86.0276

Grilled Teardrop Bread

Lightly oil a large bowl. In a medium-size bowl, dissolve yeast in water. Stir in 1 teaspoon of sugar. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes or until foamy. When yeast mixture begins to foam, stir in remaining sugar, 2 tablespoons of Ghee and yogurt. In a food processor... - 42.317

The Original Cubano Sandwich

Wondering what to serve for snacks for your weekend get together? Try these delectable Cubano sandwiches. Learn how you can prepare these yummy sandwiches at home, they make a wonderful treat. - 78.3042

Lechon Asado

Roast pork are really festive. Juan Montalvo shares a slow-cooker pork recipe that is distinctively rich and smoky. Succulent, irresistible, and good to taste, preparing this recipe might take some extra effort, but then the hard-work is all worth it. Try... - 107.597

Pollo A La Parilla En Sofrito

Perhaps there is no better way to savor chicken than grill it. If you find the above statement far-fetched, then you have to try this recipe once to know it for yourself. This iconic Cuban grilled chicken dish cooked with sofrito sauce makes for a... - 102.689

Masitas De Puerco

This Cuban favorite is certainly god send. After all, what could be a better, simpler way to jazz up pork tenderloins then throwing together drool-worthy ingredients to cook up a quick pork recipe. However, if you are bothered about the extra calories, then... - 94.7484

Bistec De Palomilla

This homespun take on Cuban mainstay is relatively simple to prepare. What Juan Montalvo uses here is 'palomilla', a famous Cuban steak, and grills it to perfection using a slew of flavorful ingredients. The rich and bold flavors of garlic, lime, olive oil... - 102.6

Platanos Maduros A La Parilla

If you love your deep fried ripe plantains, but avoid it for all the extra calories it brings to your plate, then you will surely love this recipe. Juan Montalvo shows how you can enjoy this Cuban favorite dish at home by substituting the deep-fried method... - 81.1856

Delicious Cuban Sandwich

The classic combo of pork, ham, cheese and mustard makes Cuban sandwich so very lip-smacking. In this recipe, Juan Montalvo trims down the excess fat in the rather conventional recipe by replacing Cuban bread with whole wheat roll and grills it to perfection... - 90.8359

Betty's Jaredino-style Cuban Sandwich (el Cubano!)

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make a Cuban Sandwich. This video was inspired by Jaredino's Cubano, which Rick ordered at Wallace Station Restaurant in Versailles, Kentucky, on our trip there last fall. - 111.787

Cuban Beef Steak

GETTING READY 1. Using a meat hammer, pound the steaks until thin. MAKING 2. Cut the lemons into half. 3. In a large shallow pan, arrange the steaks. 4. Squeeze the lemon juice over the steaks and press the peels into the steaks. 5. Rub the garlic into... - 37.4784

Cuban Heros

1. Heat oven to 400°F or heat a sandwich press. 2. Split open sub rolls and spread with mayonnaise. Layer each sandwich with a slice of cheese, a layer of pork, 2 slices of ham, 1 pickle, remaining pork, and a slice of cheese. Close sandwiches and grill or... - 27.9515

New Cuban Sandwiches

In medium bowl, combine oil, oregano, garlic, salt, and pepper. Add pork slices and toss well to coat. Cover and refrigerate for 1 to 6 hours. Preheat griddle on appropriate setting for 5 minutes; cook pork slices 2 to 5 minutes, or until cooked through,... - 44.1021

Jarlsberg Cuban Sandwich

This recipe is courtesy of Jarlsberg. - 18.536

Havana Sandwich

My version of the classic Cubano Sandwich (roaste pork and ham sandwich) - 32.8368

Sopa De Platano

Plantains are an indispensable part of Cuban cuisine and this recipe clearly affirms that. Juan Montalvo shares with his viewers an easy-to-make, healthy green plantain soup recipe that would appease the gut of even the fussiest eater. When looking to... - 97.9637

The Posh Pescatarian: Havana Style Whole Fish With Blackeye Pea Fritters (bollitos)

Stephanie, The Posh Pescatarian, takes you on a culinary adventure to Cuba and creates an incredible Havana style whole fish and blackeye pea fritters called bollitos - Cuba on a plate! ¡Muy Delicioso! and perfect for good luck in the New Year! - 114.417

Doritos Chicken

The inspiration for this dish came about a few months ago. My buddy Wiz is a health nut. Some of you old-school-Hip-Hop heads may remember him from back in the day when he was the DJ for Kid n Play. He refuses to eat anything other then white meat. Chicken... - 51.9372

Mojito Salad Or Sandwich

This "mojito taste" chicken salad or sandwich is simply a taste-thriller. It also would be fun in a wrap! - 51.6109