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Grilled burger is a popular American main dish. It is a type of sandwich which is prepared with grilled meat placed in between two buns. Grilled burgers are commonly served with lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese and other condiments.

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How Do I Grill The Perfect Burger? – Bite Into Grilled Perfect

How Do I Grill The Perfect Burger? – Bite Into Grilled Perfect On : 12-Jul-2010 By : culinary_explorer

The ‘crunchy ‘n’ soft’ burgers can be a foodie's delight.  It can make up for a wholesome snack. Burger-bitten aficionados look for the ultimate flavor in their quest for ‘How do I grill the perfect burger?” Burgers in a dressing...

How To Grill Burgers?

How To Grill Burgers? On : 14-Jul-2010 By : Gourmandise

Planning for an outdoor picnic and wondering what to put in the menu? Well, why not go for the most quintessential item - grilled burgers ? Grilling burgers is most ideal activity for outdoor cooking. Grilling them is fun, it is easy and the best...

Dmanburger " Bonnie's Grill"

Dmanburger On : 03-Feb-2010 By : DMANBURGER

by dmanburger   On Grammy Awards Sunday I thought it was appropriate to catch the final day of the Brooklyn Museum’s Rock and Roll Photo Exhibit, featuring the worlds rock stars in various collections by famous shutterbugs. I meandered...

Bull's-eye Grilling Tips

On : 01-Jul-2010 By : Bulls-Eye

1. For cooking steaks, chops and burgers, place directly over the coals or lit gas grill burners. These foods cook quickly and brown well with this grilling method. 2. For larger cuts of meat, try cooking with indirect heat by placing away from the...

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