Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Grilled beef tenderloin is a scrumptious American main dish.

Ingredients and Cooking methods:
For preparing grilled beef tenderloin ingredients such as olive oil, sauces, spices, herbs and some seasonings is enough. Sometimes the beef tenderloins are marinated for few hours and then grilled, that results in juicy grilled beef tenderloin treat ready in no time! Grilled beef tenderloin is generally prepared during Christmas or New Year party and can also be oven cooked or braised.

Grilled beef tenderloin Accompaniment:
Boiled vegetables such as carrots and potatoes, cooked in crockpot, goes well with this beef dish. Green beans, honey glazed yeast rolls or a fresh green salad with a poppy seed dressing also can be paired with grilled beef tenderloin. It can also be served with lip-smacking Bearnaise Sauce or Bordelise sauce.

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