Grilled Banana

Grilled banana is a dessert item prepared by grilling banana halves on hot grill over direct and medium heat, with the natural sweetness of bananas augmented upon the grilling process. Using other ingredients like honey, cinnamon, butter, lemon juice, and sugar over banana halves during the preparation of grilled bananas would help in making them more scrumptious. The brown sugar and butter mix brushed over cut side of banana halves gets caramelized upon grilling, which helps in attaining immensely flavored grilled bananas.


Process of Grilling Bananas

The process of grilling bananas is quite simple which involves drizzling honey and sprinkling cinnamon sugar mixture over unpeeled banana halves and then grilling them, with cut side placed downwards for a couple of minutes on preheated charcoal or gas grill until black. The banana halves are then flipped and grilled again for a few minutes until soft before being served.



  • Grilled bananas can be served with topping of vanilla ice cream.


  • They can be either served in the peel or without the peel.


  • Fresh passion fruit and creamy vanilla yogurt are perfect accompaniments to grilled bananas.


  • Grilled bananas can be served chilled or warm with toppings of chopped nuts, chocolate bits, or tiny marshmallows.


Nutrition and Health Facts

Grilled bananas are enriched with the nutrients of bananas which are high in potassium. One grilled banana provides around 223.7 calories, obtained from 5.1 g of fat, 54 mg of sodium, 544.9 mg of potassium, 47.4 g of carbohydrate, and 1.3 g of protein. Good amount of potassium obtained from grilled bananas helps in preventing a person from heart diseases, stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure. The health of the nervous system, brain, kidney, and heart would be improved with the help of intake of bananas in regular diet. Further, the metabolism level of an individual would also be improved with the aid of consumption of this potassium enriched fruit.    

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