Green Mango Chaat Recipes

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Hare Mutter Ki Chaat

Hare mutter ki chaat, a perfect chaat during monsoons, toss this chaat in front of your guest and serve them garma garam and see how it will be over within minutes. . . . - 96.8257

Moong Dal Ki Chaat (healthy Snack)

A healthy and tasty, nutritious and flavourful snack indeed. Pomegranate and raw mangoes perk up this colourful chaat. - 0

Aloo Chaat By Tarla Dalal

Aloo chaat- it’s a delight to watch the baby potato turn into something so exciting! Tiny potatoes, marinated in Indian spices and sautéed in oil, are served topped with delicious chaat toppings, moong and sev. Not an integral part of all chaat counters,... - 122.393

Fresh Chole Chaat

For starters, this Fresh Chole Chaat will be a tad spicy, but you can always adjust the spice levels. It is healthy and it makes a good any time snack. I would love to munch on this when watching a game on TV. Learn how to make this dish from Manjula! Enjoy! - 117.674

Aloo Masala Chaat

Grate the tomatoes. Slice the ginger. Boil the potatoes and cut into big pieces. sprinkle the chaat masala, dhanageera powder chilli powder to the to the potatoes. Roast the Anardanna and powder them. Heat the oil in a vessel. Add the grated tomatoes and... - 39.7524

Ragda Chat - Indian Chaat

Though “Chaat” is very popular Snack, I call this Ragda Chaat a ‘complete meal’. It has got enough protein, calories yet can be treated as healthy when you make it fresh right in your home kitchen using limited oil and fresh ingredients. So here you... - 124.461

Papdri Fruit Chaat

Think of street food and you would never miss papdri chaat. Every neighborhood in the Delhi will serve you this chaat with full fun and flair. It is nothing but a creative combination of yogurt, papdri and potatoes, served with mouth watering chutneys. The... - 29.9316

Spicy Chole Chaat

If you love spicy food and looking for an appetizer that is healthy, spicy and delicious? Well, Chef Manjula has an Indian recipe that has all these characteristics, its spicy chole chaat. Chef also gives some good information on the taste of the dish for you... - 133.439

Lentil Sprout Chaat (salad)

In a mood to eat a healthy chaat, then you should see the recipe. The taste is different from the regular chaats. The chaat is healthy and vegetarian too. It is a combination of vegetables and lentils. Check out the video for this different and tasty recipe. - 108.103

Khasta Kachori And Chaat - Dal Puri Or Daal Poori

Anyone fond of Indian snacks, should surely try this recipe. It's so appetizing and your family and guests will love it. Chef Bhavna explains the recipe so well and patiently. This is a famous Indian snack. Don't forget to watch the video for the recipe of... - 108.15

Sev Puri Snack

If you love to eat 'chaats', then you would simply love this spicy-savory snack. Crunchy, tangy, hot and sweet, this lip-smacking Indian street food is quite a breeze to make. Just gather up all the ingredients and get assembling this zesty snack at home. - 122.042

Spicy Bhel Puri

Bhel puri is to India what hamburger is to America. Spicy puffed rice tossed with veggies, crackers, spices, and tangy sauce makes for a filling, nutritious, delicious snack. Just toss up all the ingredients together to make for a lip-smacking Indian delight... - 109.812

Bhel Puri

Procedure for Green chutney Grind all these ingredients to a paste. Procedure for Tamarind chutney Cook all ingredients in water till the mixture thickens. Cool and grind till smooth. Procedure for Bhel puri In a large bowl mix all the ingredients. Put into... - 36.6445

Easy And Quick Bhel Poori

1. Make a stiff dough. Divide into small balls and roll into thin poories. Dry in the shade. Fry in deep fat till light brown. Service Mix crushed poories, puffed rice, split Bengal gram, sev and fried green gram. Put about 30 gm. of the mixture in a plate.... - 34.3149

Quick Bhel Puri

MAKING 1) Blend together all the ingredients of tikhi chutney into a smooth paste. 2) Soak tamarind and make pulp. Then, blend it with dates and other ingredients of meethi chutney into a smooth paste. 3) Make stiff dough with suji, maida and salt. Add... - 45.3277

Bhel Puri

To make puris, sift flours with salt into a thali. Make a well in the centre and add hot sesame seed oil. Mix and add enough water to make a stiff dough. Knead well. Roll out thin and cut into one and a half inch rounds with a biscuit cutter and prick surface... - 45.3679

Bhel Puri

Bhel puri is a wonderful crispy Indian snack.It is a snack synonymous with the beaches of Bombay, such as Chowpatty. The snack is available all across India, and may be known by different names - Bhelpuri in Bombay,Jhaal Muri in Kolkata. - 40.7177

Black Chana Salad

MAKING 1. In a medium bowl, mix together lemon juice, green chili, ginger, red chili powder, cumin powder, black salt, dry mango powder, salt and chaat masala. 2. Add in the onion, tomato, green pepper and black chana. Toss well all the... - 107.624

Sukhi Bhel

1. Pour muri in a big bowl. 2. Add chaat masala and amchoor powder. 3. Mix together all the chopped vegetables in the muri. - 30.7963

Tava Chana By Tarla Dalal

An ideal snack to serve in a garden cocktail party. - 117.284

Stuffed Pepper

Cut the capsicum /green pepper in half and deseed them ,sprinkle it with salt and chaat masala and keep it aside. Heat 1 tbspn oil in a pan and add rest of the ingredients along with the potatoes and paneer and mix it all well.your stuffing is ready. Fill the... - 36.3884

Pudina Chutney

Looking for a spicy Indian Dip, try pudina chutney. Chef's recipe has a perfect balance of spice and sourness and is easy to make. It is full of freshness and flavors, so much so that the smell of it can make one drool. The dip is best enjoyed with Indian... - 140.309

Tamatar Paneer

Heat ghee in a Pan and add green chilli and ginger to it. Add grated tomatoes and mix well. Add tomato puree and mix well. Add Paneer and the spices to it and sauté well. Add roasted besan, coriander leaves and mix well. Add water and mix. Let the Gravy... - 33.8962

Aloo Frankie

The aloo frankie truly needs no introduction! This one is an authentic recipe that simply never fails you. With a balance of flavors ranging from tangy to spicy it will be enjoyed by young and old alike. - 123.345

Stir-fry Chili Carrot

Indians simply can't think of their food without generous addition of spices and oil. And this chilli and carrot recipe is a clear testimony to the fact. Tempered with luscious spices and herbs, this recipe would taste great when devoured with Indian... - 112.387