Green Fennel Seed Tea Recipes

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Spicy Green Tea

Put fennel and coriander seeds in water and bring to a boil. After 5 minutes, add the tea leaves, sugar, ajwain and stir. Remove from fire. Brew for 5 minutes. Strain and serve hot or cold as desired. - 28.9649

How To Make Masala Chai Tea At Home

Demonstrating how to make Indian style Tea popularly called Masala Chai Tea - 100.7

Masala Tea

The masala tea is a traditional Indian drink spiced up with the traditional spices. A truly different drink that is going to energise you and keep you absolutely alert and active. Enjoy an evening with friends, masala tea and some yummy freshly made snacks. - 34.2336

Homemade Tea Masala

Our Tea Masala is an aromatic blend of various Indian spices. It consists of 6 ingredients which are powerhouse of nutrients and have tons of medicinal benefits. - 102.399

Bharwan Mirch

Bharwan green chilli is a very well known side dish from India. Goes well with Parathas and Baisan ki Roti - 42.4445

Cottage Cheese Stuffed Potato In Gravy

This recipe is very rich as it has cream and cottage cheese. This savory dish compliments any bread very well. This can also be made with cashew paste. - 48.1464