Green Enchilada Sauce

Green enchilada sauce for green enchilada comes from Mexican cuisine. This super-easy sauce is generally prepared with green chilis, tomatillos, onions, cilantro, garlic, chicken stock, sugar and pepper. Green enchilada sauce adds a tasty twist to your homemade green enchilada recipe.

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Popular Sauces For Enchiladas

Popular Sauces For Enchiladas On : 29-Jul-2011 By : Sudipa

Enchiladas, Mexican filled tortilla delights, are usually filled with many ingredients such as cheese, vegetables, seafood and meat but until you are able to serve it with the right kind of sauce, you will not be able to get a great taste for the dish. Here...

How To Eat Enchiladas?

How To Eat Enchiladas? On : 07-Nov-2010 By : culinary_explorer

Mexican pocket dishes can be termed as a popular wrap-up of the diverse Mexican cuisine . The handy “pocket-pies” or the tortillas come into the picture yet again to give a nice wrap-around for the enchiladas. What are enchiladas and how to eat...

Enchilada Day!!

Enchilada Day!! On : 28-Jan-2010 By : Ericas Cocina

When I woke up today, I was ecstatic to see what a wonderful morning it was. The past week here in The City of Angels was rather cold and wet, so waking up to see that the Sun had finally broken through gave me quite the bit of joy. So much so, I thought...

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Enchiladas

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Enchiladas On : 23-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

It is hard to miss the searing-hot spicy flavor of enchiladas  that always comes bundled with tasty veggies, succulent meats, mouth-watering blend of cheeses and gobs of chili sauce — all of which make this Mexican delight very,...

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