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Green Bean is a term collectively used to refer to the raw fruits of any bean varieties. Cultivated in many parts of the world in two major varieties – bush type beans and pole type beans, Green Bean varieties are flavorful, fleshy and sweet. In some regions they are also popular as French Beans or Runner Beans.

Use of Green Beans in Cooking

There are a variety of green bean recipes made in world cuisines. Often made into casseroles or side dishes to accompany meat, the common cooking methods adopted for Green Beans are baking, frying and steaming. Steamed green beans are very nutritious as a lot of its goodness is preserved. Green beans are also batter fried and served as tempura, as in Japanese cuisine.

Commercial Availability

Green Beans cultivated worldwide are marketed in various ways – canned beans, frozen and fresh beans are the popular ones. They are also sold in combination with other vegetables, dried or fried.

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