Grapefruit Recipes

Grapefruit or the 'forbidden fruit' is a large citrus and sour fruit with thick skin. Sometimes, grapefruit is also confused with shaddock or pomelo, which is one of the parents of this hybrid. Another member ... More »
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Candied Grapefruit Peels

Why waste grapefruit or any citrus peels when you can eat them! This simple recipe turns what is usually discarded into something tangy and sweet. - 110.32

Raw Grapefruit Cooler

If you're looking for a jolt of something bright, invigorating, citrusy and refreshing- this is just the thing. Here is a muscle-blasting, power-pushing juice recipe for joggers. Flush the toxins and clean muscles. This is an vitamin-rich, nutrient-packed,... - 106.37

Simple Grapefruit Granita

It’s summer time and most of us are already looking for coolers and smoothies and cocktail recipes. Here is a cool recipe to make Grapefruit Granita or Italian Ice as is commonly known. The chef in the video shows exactly what needs to be done and tips... - 103.683

Refreshing Nama Grapefruit Sour

Need a refreshing drink to quench your thirst? How about making some yummilicious grapefruit drink at home? Sarah shares with her viewers a wonderful grapefruit dink prepared using grapefruit, shochu, and soda. Just add loads of ice to it and enjoy a really... - 89.4328

Grapefruit In Shells

Add to the taste of your everyday cooking with the grape. This fruit can add that much needed twist to any everyday dish. The grapefruit in shells is a yummy treat where you can enjoy the flavor and taste of the delicious fruit - grapes - 49.2691

Halibut With Grapefruit Parsley Red Onion And Shiitake Mushrooms

Peel it by hand, then run a sharp, flexible knife blade over the surface of the fruit to remove as much pith as possible without cutting into the flesh. Separate the grapefruit into sections, then carefully remove the skin from 12 sections with the aid of a... - 48.1923

Grapefruit Aspic

MAKING 1) Take a bowl and cut the grapefruit into sections preserving its juice. 2) Water the juice to make it ¾ cups in quantity. 3) Keep it aside. 4) Add sugar and gelatin to boiling water in order to dissolve them. 5) Add the lemon and grapefruit juice to... - 47.8012

Tuna In Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Work above a bowl, and cut the grapefruit into half. 2) Using a grapefruit knife scoop the sections out. 3) Remove and discard the membranes off the shell. 4) Flake the tuna. MAKING 5) In a bowl, mix together tuna, parsley, buttermilk,... - 46.3342

Grapefruit Aspic

I love this Grapefruit Aspic recipe for it provides me such rave comments every single time I cook it. Grapefruit Aspic makes a yummy Side Dish. What is more sinful than not trying out this sinfully delicious Grapefruit Aspic? Start right away! - 45.1012


GETTING READY 1. Peel grapefruit, remove pulp and pips; using a sieve, press it through to puree. 2. Thinly slice pineapple and bananas. MAKING 3. In a bowl, put together grapefruit puree and equal quantities of banana and pineapple slices to make 1 pint of... - 44.9377

Grapefruit Baked Alaska

A lip smacking Grapefruit Baked Alaska recipe is waiting for you to select and prepare it. The key ingredient in Grapefruit Baked Alaska is Fruits. It is an effortless Dessert. Don't rob yourself of the pleasure of having Grapefruit Baked Alaska. Go and... - 44.725

Shrimp Stuffed Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) In a blender, mix together lime juice, water, pimientos and bouillon. 2) Blend the mixture for 3 minutes until smooth paste. MAKING 3) Dredge the grapefruit with onion salt. 4) Using a sharp paring, and carefully remove the segments, work... - 44.5085

Vanilla Yogurt Ice With Honeyed Pink Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Line a 1 kg loaf tin with a piece of cling film. 2) Segment the grapefruit and accumulate about 200 ml juice in a bowl. MAKING 3) In a bowl, rub the vanilla seeds with sugar until evenly mixed. 4) Stir in the yogurt until the sugar is... - 44.2452

Peppermint Grapefruit

MAKING 1) Remove the skin of the grapefruit, using a sharp knife. 2) Discard the membrane and retain the juice. 3) Place the segments in 2 glasses. 4) In a bowl, combine together 4 tablespoons of grapefruit juice, peppermint extract, colouring and... - 43.1314

Baked Haddock And Grapefruit

Heat oven to 400 degrees. Butter a shallow baking pan, about 12 X 7 X 2 inches. Cut fish into serving-size pieces. Sprinkle both sides with the salt and pepper and lay in prepared pan in a single layer. Sprinkle with grapefruit juice. Mix bread cubes, 3 tbsp.... - 42.7102

Grapefruit Ragdale

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 375° Fahrenheit. 2. Scoop grapefruit without damaging shell; keep aside the shell for presentation. 3. Cut grapefruit pulp into small pieces. 4. Finely dice onion, pepper and ham and mix with rice, peas and herbs. MAKING 5.... - 42.6406

Californian Grapefruit Cups

MAKING 1) Slice the grapefruit in half. Using a fruit knife, scoop the flesh out. Take the flesh out of the shells. 2) Chop the flesh and keep the shells aside for serving. 3) Peel the oranges and chop the flesh into chunks. 4) Take the cantaloupe melon and... - 42.4321

Grapefruit Supreme

Grapes, grapes and more grapes. If you have got some grapes and have been wondering what to make with them, here's a delicious treat. This grapefruit supreme is a yummy recipe that is very simple and easy. You can start cooking with grapes even if you are... - 42.3009

Surprise Grapefruit

If using frozen blackberries, thaw them. Drain canned berries. Cut a slice from the top of each grapefruit and scoop out the flesh. Remove the core, pith and seeds. Chop the flesh and mix with the blackberries. Stir in the confectioners' sugar and liqueur or... - 42.1393

Skate With Grapefruit

In a casserole dish, cover skate with salted water. Add vinegar, parsley and bay leaf. Bring to a boil. Simmer 15-20 minutes. Remove skate. Skin fish, detaching fillets. Transfer to a serving dish. Keep warm. In a skillet, melt butter. Lightly cook onion. Add... - 42.0122

Minty Grapefruit Cups

GETTING READY 1. Take a knife, and halve the grapefruit and scoope out the flesh all together, in a bowl,cut out segments, reserve the juice, then finally cut all peel and pith from the oranges, and cut into segments, discarding the membrane MAKING 2. In a... - 40.9081

Seared Tuna With Grapefruit Orange Relish

Thaw fish, if frozen. For citrus relish, in a small mixing bowl combine vinegar, soy sauce, and ginger. Whisk in the 1 tablespoon olive oil. Cut grapefruit sections into thirds and orange sections in half. Stir fruit, red onion, and cilantro into vinegar... - 40.7939

Grapefruit Fluff

Grapes, grapes and more grapes. If you have got some grapes and have been wondering what to make with them, here's a delicious treat. This grapefruit fluff is a yummy recipe that is very simple and easy. You can start cooking with grapes even if you are just... - 40.7862

Fresh Grapefruit Appetizers

Grapes, grapes and more grapes. If you have got some grapes and have been wondering what to make with them, here's a delicious treat. This fresh grapefruit appetizers is a yummy recipe that is very simple and easy. You can start cooking with grapes even if... - 40.7846

Grapefruit And Melon Refresher

GETTING READY 1.Cut the melon in two halves and discard the seeds. 2.Take the flesh out and make small cubes of it. MAKING 3.Take a firm container, put watermelon along with grapefruits segments, sugar and lime juice in it. 4.Allow the refresher to cool for... - 40.6312

Grapefruit Walnut

Grapefruit Walnut is one of my husbands favorite salads. If you are a fruit salad lover, try these excellent Grapefruit Walnut recipe. Trust me. It comes with a twist and you will love it! - 40.5727

Baked Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 400°F. MAKING 2) Cut the grapefruits into half. Scoop out the centre and remove the membrane that separates the sections. 3) Combine the remaining ingredients. Mix well. 4) Sprinkle grapefruit with this mixture. 5) Bake... - 40.0488

Grapefruit Fluff

Soften gelatin in the cold water for 5 minutes; then dissolve in a little boiling juice drained from the grapefruit. Add to rest of juice and the grapefruit which may be diced or left whole, as desired. Chill until liquid starts to congeal. Beat egg whites... - 39.8468

Grapefruit Lime Mold

Sprinkle 1/4 cup sugar over grapefruit. Add lime juice to sherbet; as sherbet melts, stir occasionally to blend. Combine remaining sugar and gelatin in a saucepan. Add enough water to pineapple syrup to make 2 cups liquid. Mix 1 cup of the liquid into the... - 39.5308

Candied Grapefruit Peel

Cut grapefruit in half; remove pulp. Scrape as much of the white pectin away from the peel as possible. Cover with boiling water and boil 15 minutes. Remove peel; scrape remaining pulp and white pectin from peel. Cut in 1/4 inch slices, return to fresh... - 39.5153

Christmas Grapefruit

Cut the grapefruit into halves. Remove sections carefully and put in a bowl. Pull and scrape all membrane from grapefruit rinds being careful not to break rinds. They will be the dishes to hold the fruit. Grate 1 tbsp rind from one of the oranges. Peel and... - 39.3333

Candied Grapefruit Peel

GETTING READY 1. Remove the peel from the grapefruits in quarters MAKING 2. Add the peels to a saucepan and cover with water; bring it to a boil and allow to simmer for ten minutes, draining later 3. Add more cold water and reepeat the process for a total of... - 38.7057

Grapefruit A La St. Patrick

GETTING READY 1.Start by cutting the grapefruit in half, crosswise, and scoop out the pulp being careful not to cut the skins MAKING 2.Drop the shells into cold water until needed 3.Simmer a few sprigs of fresh mint in the boiling water until the flavor is... - 38.6255

Gala Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven at 400°. MAKING 2. Slice the grapefruit into two pieces and make the edges zigzag. 3. Use a knife and slice around each section and loosen the fruit from the membrane. 4. Spread 2 teaspoons of the brown sugar and 1... - 38.5181

Sole And Grapefruit A La Sara Foster

MAKING 1) Grate the lime zest and reserve. Cut and strain the juice, and reserve. 2) Using a knife, slice the fillet thinly at an angle as you would smoked salmon. Transfer slices in a shallow dish. 3) In a separate bowl, mix lime juice and zest, vinegar,... - 38.3623

Fresh Grapefruit Spritz

MAKING 1) Take 4 glasses and pour 1/2 cup of grapefruit juice in each of them. 2) Use a bit of sugar, if wished, to sweeten it. 3) Make each glass full with sparkling water after adding in a few ice cubes. SERVING 4) Serve the drink at once with a stirrer... - 38.1619

Hot Baked Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1. Preheat oven to 400° F. 2. Horizontally cut the grapefruit in half. 3. Using a grapefruit knife, loosen the segments. 4. Discard the pips and cut the centre core from each half. MAKING 5. In a baking or roasting tin, place the grapefruit... - 38.0926

Fresh Grapefruit Halves With Orange Sections

GETTING READY 1) Cut the grapefruits into halves. 2) Cut out centers, and remove any seeds. 3) Using grapefruit knife, cut around each section, to loosen. MAKING 4) Drizzle 1 teaspoon honey over each grapefruit halve. 5) Lift alternate sections of... - 38.0751

Minted Melon And Grapefruit

1. Halve the melon and remove the seeds with a teaspoon. With a melon bailer, carefully scoop the flesh into balls. 2. With a small sharp knife, peel the grapefruit and remove all the white pith. Remove the segments by cutting between the membranes, holding... - 37.3209

Gorgeous Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1. Pre heat an oven at 175C (350F). 2. Using a sharp serrated knife, loosen sections of grape fruit and cut between skin and pulp, fruit staying intact on to outer skin. 3. Place in muffin cups/ tray and keep aside. MAKING 4. In a medium sized... - 37.3017

Grapefruit Cooler

MAKING 1) In a bowl, mix together wine, the fruit juices and tonic water. 2) Check the wine mixture and add sugar as needed. 3) Stir in the orange slices then refrigerate for 2 hours or until chilled. SERVING 4) Serve with an orange slice and some crushed... - 37.1973

Grapefruit Cups

Cut grapefruit in half crossways, scoop pulp out, taking care not to damage skin. Cut grapefruit pulp into segments. Peel oranges thickly, cut into segments. Peel pineapple, cut into small cubes. Combine grapefruit, orange, pineapple and passionfruit pulp in... - 37.1101

Grilled Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the broiler. 2) Twist the grapefruit halves to release the flesh of the fruit. 3) Discard the seeds. 4) Place the fruits in the broiler pan. MAKING 5) In a small bowl, mix together the sweetener and cinnamon. 6) Pour the cinnamon... - 37.1092

Island Grapefruit Appetizer

Add to the taste of your everyday cooking with the grape. This fruit can add that much needed twist to any everyday dish. The island grapefruit appetizer is a yummy treat where you can enjoy the flavor and taste of the delicious fruit - grapes - 37.0729

Grapefruit And Hazelnut Baked Trout

GETTING READY 1 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees C/Gas Mark 4) 2 Lightly oil a shallow, ovenproof dish. MAKING 3 Place the hazelnuts under the grill and toast until brown. 4 Remove the thin brown skins and discard. 5 Fill the... - 37.0508

Broiled Grapefruit With Sherry

Wash grapefruit; dry and cut in halves crosswise. Loosen flesh sections, and remove membrane, cores, and seeds as in Halves of Grapefruit. Sprinkle 1 teasp of granulated sugar and 2 teasp brown sugar over each grapefruit half. Brush each with 1 1/2 teasp... - 36.9809

Grapefruit Supreme

GETTING READY 1) Discard the seeds, and release the sections of each grapefruit half. MAKING 2) Take a medium saucepan and mix well sugar and orange juice in it and bring to a boil. 3) Boil, stirring constantly, for 1 minute until sugar dissolves. 4) Take... - 36.9693

Candied Grapefruit And Orange Peel

GETTING READY 1) Using a sharp knife, remove peel from grapefruit or oranges and cut them into quarters. MAKING 2) In 6-quart, heavy saucepan, place peel and 2 quarts water. 3) Let the mixture boils; lower the heat, cover the pan and simmer for 30 to 40... - 36.9693

Candied Grapefruit Baskets

GETTING READY 1. Prepare the grapefruits by slicing a 1-inch-thick slice from stem end of each grapefruit 2. With a curved grapefruit knife, and then remove the fruit by carefully retaining the peel of the fruit to make a shell. Scrape the fruit from the... - 36.7565

Spicy Broiled Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 350°F. 2) Twist the grapefruit halves or using knife to release the each section of the fruit. 3) Discard the seeds. 4) Place the fruits in a baking pan. MAKING 5) In a small bowl, mix together the sweetener, bitters and... - 36.6715

Grapefruit Aspic Mold

This Grapefruit Aspic Mold tastes fabulous ! Try out this grapefruit salad for your next meal and tell me if you like it ! Your suggestions for this Grapefruit Aspic Mold are welcome ! - 36.6275

Grapefruit Velvet Fluff

MAKING 1 In a bowl, dissolve gelatin and sugar in boiling water. 2 Combine enough water with the reserved grapefruit liquid to make 1 cup liquid. 3 Gradually stir into the gelatin mixture. 4 Place in the refrigerator and chill until slightly... - 36.5313

Grapefruit Granita

MAKING 1) In a medium saucepan, boil the honey and water together, stirring constantly for 2 minutes. 2) Allow to cool, then stir in rest of the ingredients. 3) In an ice cream maker, process the mixture in 2 batches as per directions. 4) Alternately in a... - 36.4637

Broiled Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Remove seeds from grapefruit. 2) Cut around edges and sections to loosen. MAKING 3) On roasting rack or in serving bowls, place the grapefruit. 4) In small bowl, melt butter at High 30 to 45 seconds. 5) Add brown sugar and cinnamon. 6) Spoon... - 36.2249

Grapefruit Cups

MAKING 1 Cut the grapefruit into half. 2 Remove grapefruit sections by cutting around the edges. 3 Drain throughly and save the shells. 4 Scallop the edges of the shells. 5 In a bowl add grapefruit and other fruits. Mix well. 6 Fill the... - 36.1297

Grapefruit Lime Ring Mold

Shape cheese into 8 balls; chill. Add boiling water to gelatin in saucepan and stir over low heat until completely dissolved. Add grapefruit liquid. Spoon gelatin mixture into a 5 cup ring mold to cover bottom; over this arrange 8 grapefruit sections,... - 35.612

Baked Grapefruit

MAKING 1. Use a sharp fruit knife or paring knife to loosen grapefruit sections at the edges 2. Remove and discard seeds. 3. Sprinkle top of grape fruit halves with sugar. 4. Spoon small beads of butter evenly over sugar. Arrange grapefruit halves in a... - 35.4486

Grapefruit Granita

MAKING 1) Squeeze and extract the grapefruit juice, then add the stock to level up to 1 pt. 2) In a saucepan, add a little grapefruit stock , sprinkle over the gelatine and gently heat until dissolved. 3) Stir the rest of the juice into the gelatine... - 35.3263


MAKING 1) Wash and wipe the grapefruit clean. 2) Using a knife cut the grapefruit in half across the stalk. Take away the pips. 3) Take a small pointed knife or grapefruit knife, loosen each segment of fruit from the skin. 4) Insert the knife and cut around... - 35.158

Candied Grapefruit Or Orange Peel

Cover peel with cold water. Bring to boil and cook until tender, pouring off water and adding fresh cold water several times. Drain. With spoon remove white inner portion of peel. With scissors or sharp knife cut peel into thin strips. Make syrup by heating 2... - 35.0377

Broiled Grapefruit

Have grapefruit at room temperature. Cut each in half; then cut a thin slice from the bottom of each half to balance grapefruit. Cut around every section, close to the membrane-fruit should be completely loosened from shell. Remove core from each half; dot... - 34.9754

Hot Grapefruit Appetizer

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the grill. MAKING 1) Peel the grapefruits, separate into segments and remove pips and pith. 2) Sprinkle the grapefruits evenly with soft brown sugar. 3) Place under a moderately hot grill for 5 to 6 minutes. 4) Drizzle the sherry... - 34.8871

Grapefruit Ring

Combine gelatin and sugar in a saucepan. Mix in water. Stir over low heat until gelatin and sugar are dissolved. Remove from heat and stir in fruit juices. Pour into a 1-quart ring mold. Chill until firm. Unmold onto a chilled platter. Garnish with crisp... - 34.4501

Broiled Grapefruit

Cut each grapefruit in half horizontally. With a sharp knife, cut around each section to loosen fruit. Place grapefruit halves, cut side up, in a 15-in.x 10-in.x 1-in.baking pan. Combine the brown sugar and 2 tablespoons sugar; sprinkle over... - 34.3245

Grapefruit Madeira

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the broiler. MAKING 2) Gently cut around each section of grapefruit halves. 3) Sprinkle evenly with the brown sugar and place under a broiler. 4) Just before serving, pour a tablespoon of Madeira or sherry over each grapefruit... - 34.2627

Grapefruit Orange Palette

With a sharp knife, remove peel and all pith (white portion) from grapefruit. Cut between membranes to separate sections. Set aside. With a sharp knife, remove peel and all pith from oranges. Slice each orange into 5 slices crosswise and then cut each slice... - 34.1258

Sherried Broiled Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Discard the seeds and release the sections of the halved grapefruit. MAKING 2) Top with 1 tablespoon of sugar over each. 3) Keep the grapefruit 4 inches from heat and broil for 2 minutes. 4) Pour 2 to 3 teaspoons of sherry on each half’s... - 34.0122

Grapefruit Brulee

GETTING READY 1. Start by cutting the grapefruit into half, take a knife and remove the flesh separate the segments and discard the membranes MAKING 2. In a bowl, place the segments and mix cinnamon along with half the sugar and sprinkle it over the... - 33.9737

Spring Grapefruit Cup

Cut each grapefruit in half. Cut around edges and membranes to remove grapefruit sections. Place sections in bowl. Remove membrane from grapefruit shells and reserve shells. Wash and hull strawberries; cut in half and place in bowl with grapefruit... - 33.9207

Honeyed Grapefruit

Place honey and 4 tbsp of water in a saucepan. Remove seeds from cardamom pods, crush and add to honey. Bring to boil, stirring occasionally, reduce heat and simmer for 5 mins. Strain syrup, add wine, cover and cool. Peel grapefruit to remove pith, divide... - 33.8314

Grilled Oranges And Grapefruit

Arrange grapefruit and orange sections evenly on one half of a large piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Combine water, brown sugar, and margarine; brush fruit evenly with brown sugar mixture. Sprinkle with pecans. Fold foil over fruit; crimp edges to... - 33.5947

Grapefruit Ring

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Stir in cold water and lemonade. Chill until mixture is partially set. Fold in grapefruit segments, grapes and almonds. Spoon into a 6-cup mold. Chill until firm. - 33.081

Stuffed Grapefruit

1. Halve the grapefruit. Scoop out the flesh, being careful not to break the skin. Put the shells aside. Remove the white skin from the segments and dice the flesh. Halve the avocado, remove the stone, scoop out the flesh and dice it finely. 2. Mix the... - 32.6412

Grapefruit A La Shrimp

Add to the taste of your everyday cooking with the grape. This fruit can add that much needed twist to any everyday dish. The grapefruit a la shrimp is a yummy treat where you can enjoy the flavor and taste of the delicious fruit - grapes - 32.5898

Pineapple Grapefruit Delight

MAKING 1) In a saucepan, pour the juice and add spices. Mix well. 2) Cover the saucepan and gently simmer for about 30 minutes. 3) Take out the spices and chill the juice. For a stronger taste of spices, chill the juice and then remove the spices. SERVING 4)... - 32.5569

Orange Grapefruit Ring

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Add orange juice concentrate, cold water and mandarin orange liquid; refrigerate until slightly thickened. Fold in oranges and grapefruit. Pour into an oiled 6 1/2-cup ring mold and refrigerate 5 hours or until firm. Makes 8... - 32.1888

Two Grapefruit Treat

MAKING 1) Peel and section the grapefruits, then halve the sections and reserve the juice. 2) In a medium bowl, mix the orange juice, grape juice and reserved grapefruit juice together. 3) Toss the juice mixture with the grapefruit sections and refrigerate... - 31.9016

Grapefruit Cooler

1. Place the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved, then bring to the boil and boil for about 5 minutes, without stirring, until a thick syrup is formed. 2. Remove the syrup from the heat and leave until completely... - 31.7307

Chilled Sherried Grapefruit

GETTING READY 1) Cut the grapefruits in the halves. 2) With a serrated knife, loosen the segments of the fruit and with the help of scissors, snip out the core. ... - 31.6221

Baked Grapefruit With Maraschino Cerries

Cut each grapefruit in half crosswise. Remove any pits and cut around each section with a sharp knife. Sprinkle each grapefruit with 1 teaspoon sugar. Dot each half with 1/2 teaspoon of butter. Place grapefruit halves on a paper plate. Heat, uncovered, on ... - 31.3846

Baked Grapefruit With Raisins And Nuts

Cut grapefruit in half crosswise. Run knife around each segment to loosen. Combine raisins and walnuts; place in center of each grapefruit half. Drizzle honey over grape fruit. Bake at 300° for 10 to 15 minutes or until heated through. - 31.1795

Candied Grapefruit Rind

Grate off all the outside skin of the grapefruit. With a sharp knife cut the grapefruit from top to bottom into 6 even sections. Separate the rind from the pulp. Reserve pulp for another purpose. Place the rind in a saucepan, cover with water and bring to... - 31.1706

Hot Baked Grapefruit

Cut each grapefruit in half; remove centers. Loosen all sections from skin with grapefruit knife; scallop or notch rims, but not very deep. Place grapefruit in shallow baking dish; sprinkle each with 1 teaspoon Madeira and 1 tablespoon brown sugar. Dot with... - 31.0252

Grapefruit Oat Brulee

Grapefruit Oat Brulee has a succulent taste. The oat and grape fruit gives the Grapefruit Oat Brulee a inspirational taste. Grapefruit Oat Brulee is inspired by restaurants globally. - 30.7516

Minted Grapefruit Spritzer

Minted grapefruit spritzer is a refreshing drink that can be made at home. Prepared with grapefruit juice and flavored with fresh mint, the grapefruit spritzer has seltzer water in it. Served cold, its great for the summmer! - 30.5915

Minted Grapefruit Sections

"MAKING 1) Take a bowl and add mint extract to grapefruit sections. 2) Add fresh mint and enough food coloring to tint the sections delicate green. 3) Chill until ready to serve. SERVING 4) Serve Minted Grapefruit Sections chilled." - 30.5706

Grapefruit And Strawberries

Cut the tops off 6 grapefruits so that you are left with a wide opening. With a sharp-toothed curved grapefruit knife, cut around the edge, until you feel the fruit is separate from the skin. Now cut in quarters so that you can remove them without spoiling... - 30.3249

Candied Grapefruit Peel

Soak 3 cups of grapefruit peel in water overnight. Boil in fresh water for 30 minutes. Drain and repeat twice. Make a syrup of 3 cups of sugar to 1 cup of water. When it cooks to a syrup, drop in thinly sliced strips of grapefruit peel and cook until all the... - 30.1342

Grapefruit Alaska

Cut grapefruit in halves, remove pulp, leaving membrane. Place pulp in bowl with sugar and rum, and chill in refrigerator several hours. Remove membranes from skins without breaking them and place in refrigerator. At serving time, fill shells with fruit, top... - 30.1196

Pink Grapefruit Refresher

MAKING 1) Drain and place the grapefruit sections over a bed of romaine or lettuce. 2) Combine the cranberries with sugar, then spoon in the middle of the grapefruit sections. SERVING 3) Garnish with the fresh watercress or parsely sprigs , if desired and... - 30.1168

Honey Grilled Grapefruit

MAKING 1. Discard the seeds of the grapefruit separating the edible sections. 2. Spread honey on the top and sprinkle cinnamon. Put dots of butter over the top. 3. Place over the grill about 4-inches away from heat and grill for 5 minutes. Make sure that the... - 30.0819

Orange Grapefruit Ring

Dissolve gelatin in 1 1/2 cups boiling water; add juice concentrate and 1 cup cold water. Drain oranges, reserving syrup. Add syrup to gelatin mixture. Chill till partially set. Fold in oranges and grapefruit. Pour into 6 1/2 cup ring mold. Chill gelatin... - 30.0494

Broiled Honey Grapefruit

Remove seeds from grapefruit halves. Cut around edges and sections to loosen; remove centers. Mix honey and bitters; spoon about 1 tablespoon honey mixture on each grapefruit half. Set oven control at broil and/or 550°. Broil grapefruit 5 inches from heat... - 30.0032

Baked Grapefruit

I first tasted this Baked Grapefruit at a friends place and absolutely loved it! It has always been a hit with family and friends and I am sure you will agree once you try this. So, make sure you dish out this Baked Grapefruit and do share your feeling with... - 29.9429

Orange Grapefruit Ring

Drain oranges, reserving syrup. Dissolve gelatin in 1 1/2 cups boiling water; add juice concentrate and 1 cup cold water. Add syrup to gelatin mixture. Chill till partially set. Fold in oranges and grapefruit. Pour into 6 1/2-cup ring mold. Chill gelatin... - 29.8237

Microwave Grapefruit

MAKING 1. In large glass saucers, place the fruit and then sprinkle the fruit halves with 1 tsp. brown sugar. 2. Sprinkle 1/4 Tbsp. butter on the center of each fruit half and then microwave on (high), covered for 2-3 minutes. Make sure that you rearrange the... - 29.4737

Minted Grapefruit Cup

MAKING 1 In a small saucepan, heat jelly with sugar until melted ; cool slightly. 2 Over a medium-size bowl, pare grapefruits and section to catch the juice; remove seeds, if any. 3 Pour mint syrup over the fruit. 4 Chill at least for an hour to blend the... - 29.4017

Broiled Ruby Red Grapefruit

Cut a grapefruit in half; loosen each section with a sharp knife. Cover with desired topping and place 3 to 5 inches from heat source. Broil until bubbly, about 3 to 6 minutes. Several topping ideas are brown sugar and cinnamon; maple or fruit-flavored syrup;... - 29.3691

Yogurt Topped Broiled Grapefruit

Cut grapefruit in half crosswise; remove seeds, and loosen sections. Place grapefruit, cut side up, on rack of a broiler pan. Sprinkle each grapefuit half with 1/4 teaspoon sugar. Spread 1 tablespoon strawberry spread over each grapefruit half. Broil 5 1/2... - 29.3556

Cinnamon Baked Grapefruit

This Baked Grapefruit is a delicious fruit dessert that is definitely sure to win a few hearts over. The dessert is quiet easy to put together and entices your taste buds like no other fruit dessert. Try the Baked Grapefruit! - 29.2493

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