Grape Juice Spritzer Recipes

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Juice Spritzers

In a 1-quart sealable jug or pitcher, mix juice and water. To serve, place ice in each of two 12- to 16-ounce glasses; add juice mixture and lemon or lime slices. If desired, float berries or fruit pieces on top of each drink. - 25.8544

Grapefruit Spritzer

1. Put frozen grapefruit juice concentrate into a pitcher and heat in microwave oven 1 to 2 minutes at HIGH, or until just thawed. 2. Slowly add club soda to pitcher; mix well. - 21.9009

Citrus Spritzer

With a vegetable peeler, cut 3 strips of peel (each 1/2 by 3 inches, orange part only) from 1 orange; cut 2 strips (each 1/2 by 3 inches, green part only) from 1 lime. Place peel in a pitcher; bruise with a heavy spoon. Squeeze oranges to make 2 cups... - 32.5221

Strawberry Spritzer

This Strawberry Sptizer is simply amazing ! I love this strawberry and grape juice punch for a refreshment ! Just try this Strawberry Sptizer and let me know if you like it ! - 32.2324

Strawberry Spritzer Pitcher

Place 2 packages of the strawberries in a blender container. Cover; blend till smooth, In large pitcher or punch bowl combine blended berries, grape juice, and remaining package of berries. - 26.161

Raspberry Spritzers

In a blender container combine white grape juice, raspberries, and honey or sugar. Cover and blend till smooth. Slowly add carbonated water, stirring gently to mix. - 29.3558