Gourmet Next Door

The Gourmet Next Door was a television show on cooking, telecast on the Food Network. The show was hosted by Amy Finley, who was the first woman to win “The Next Food Network Star” – another popular show of Food Network.


The Gourmet Next Door was telecast in October 2007, and ran for only 6 episodes before going off air, suddenly. Finley withdrew from hosting the remaining episodes of the show owing to her personal family obligations, after moving to Burgundy, France, with her husband and children. A second season of the show was scheduled to be produced for which Finley was again approached. However, she rejected the offer saying she couldn’t handle the stress that followed being a television personality.


The Gourmet Next Door television show had been so named because of the ease with which Finley demonstrated her high class cooking, as a participant, for “The Next Food Network Star”. Finley has authored a book called “How to Eat a Small Country : A Family’s pursuit of Happiness One Meal at a Time”. The book which has been released by Random House, records the events and reasons which led Finley to abruptly end shooting for the Gourmet Next Door show.

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