Goan Seafood Recipes

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Goan Fish Pulao

The goan fish pulao is a mixed seafood pulao. Prepared with rice, tomatoes and onions along with spices to taste, the goan fish pulao can be prepared with mussels or shell fish of choice. Served with a curry or as such, it makes a full and appetizing meal. - 49.2939

Goan Prawn Curry

Goan prawn curry is a delicious prawn curry that is sure to delight every seafood lover. Prepared with indian spices and cooked with coconut milk and cream for a hint of mild flavor, the goan prawn curry is very savory and can be served with rice. - 47.1535

Goan Prawn Caldine

Goan prawn caldine is a famous recipe from India. Hailing from the beaches of Goa, the goan prawn caldine is a peppy prawn recipe prepared with spices and coconut milk for taste. Prepped up with chili herbed with coriander, the goan prawn caldine can be... - 43.9311

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Goan Shrimp Curry With Mustard Seeds

The goan shrimp curry with mustard seeds is a must for every seafood lover. Tangy, creamy and moutheringly appetizing, the goan shrimp curry is made with fresh shrimps and cooked with a medley of indian spices. With coconut milk for a mild tone to it, this... - 47.644

Spicy Goan Prawn Curry

When you think of Goa, it is the amazing scenic beauty and yes seafood that comes to mind. A delicious Spicy Goan Prawn curry. This Prawn cooked in goan spices is a great combination with steamed rice. - 39.747

King Prawn Nallachem

Prawn curry brings you the taste of traditional Indian food. It tastes yummy and delicious. Try and enjoy. - 108.04

Goan Fish Head Curry

Goan fish head curry is a popular recipe from the beach of Goa. Prepared with vegetables and curry leaves for taste, the fish head curry is made with select fish heads. Spiced with ginger garlic and added chilies for heat, the goan fish head curry goes great... - 44.3115

Ambot Tik

Ambot tik is a fish recipe prepared with spices and dry red chilies. Cooked with onions and tamarind, the ambot tik is savory and peppy and can be served with rice. - 40.5307

Goan Paella

I kept wondering if there was a Goan recipe for Paella and started searching for same. Sure enough I found this wonderful sounding recipe on Star.com by Sanjeev Chandra and Smita Chandra. Rice cooked with sautéed chicken, chorizo sausage, assorted seafood... - 52.4795

Tisreo Sukhem

Tisreo Sukhem is a clams recipe. Cooked with spices and chili powder for a spicy peppy taste, the Tisreo Sukhem is flavored with added garam masala and coconut. Spicy and tangy, it also has the taste of tamarind to it. - 39.1777