Gluten Free

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Gluten free recipes are categorized under the diet form which is absolutely devoid of gluten content. This means that the gluten free food is completely free from major sources of gluten like cereals, barkey, rye, malts, triticale and wheat. In fact, in typical gluten free dishes, the usage of gluten for serving the purpose of a food additive, stabilizing agent, thickening ingredient, flavouring agent is also restricted. As per the doctors, consumption of gluten free foods is the only medically approved treatment for diseases like celiac disease, dermatitis, herpetiformis. Therefore, such a diet is strongly advised to patients reeling under the above mentioned diseases as well as wheat and cereal allergies.

The most common ingredients of gluten free recipes are starch sources, beans and varied grains. Ingredients corn, rice and potatoes are dependable sources of starch and hence can be safely included in a gluten free food. Some other acceptable inclusions of gluten free dishes are millets, arrowroot, amaranth, lupin, montina, quinoa,  sweet potato, montina,taro, teff, yam and chia seed. Beans, predominantly, soybean and bean, may be further included to the gluten free recipes to add the percentage of proteins and fiber. The safer options to try for a gluten free foods are milk products, especially yoghurt drink, sour cream, cheese spreads, breads kneaded in buckwheat flour, rice dishes, buckwheat pasta, meat, fish and other fresh poultry products.


History Of Gluten Free Dishes

Ever since the existence of celiac disease was first brought to the notification of the general public in 1940, food industry has been producing gluten free food, under the regulation of U.S Food and Drug Administration. In the United States, gluten was tagged as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). Therefore, many food items did not list the name of this protein-type in the labels of packed gluten free recipes. However, due to the increase in the number of celiac disease cases, the FDA soon realized the urgency for labeling the ingredient in packed gluten free dishes and released a rule to implement the same in August 2, 2008.


Popular Gluten Free Food From Different Cuisines

Following are some examples of gluten free recipes from different cuisines.

American- Cream of Rice, skimmed milk, baked chicken, sirlon steak, baked potato, green beans with rice,

Italian- gluten free pastas and gluten free risotto, lemon curd, pizzas made from gluten free recipes

Chinese-gluten free noodles

European- breads made of buckwheat, tortillas, chocolate bars, Worcestershire sauce, icing sugar

The possibilities of preparing home based gluten free recipes are viable. In fact, it is highly recommended to self-prepare gluten free recipes at the comfort of home so as to pay utmost attention to the type of ingredient used. For example, baked potatoes with gluten free fish dish can be conveniently cooked at home. One simply needs to avoid the usage of all those ingredients in the gluten free dishes that are likely to augment allergy or the celiac disorder.


Interesting Aspect of Gluten Free Dishes

Many alcoholic beverages are also tagged under gluten free , provided, they do not contain additional colours or preservatives. Most of the forms of whiskey are gluten free as they are carefully distilled from the mash that may contain gluten rich grains.