Glazed Pork Spare Ribs Recipes

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Glazed Pork Spare Ribs

GETTING READY 1. Prepare the barbecue for direct-heat cooking. MAKING 2. On a large sheet of heavy-duty foil cover spare ribs both sides generously with marinade. 3. Wrap into a double-folded parcel, making sure all joins are well-sealed to prevent... - 39.8778

Cherry Glazed Spare Ribs

A delicious mouth watering rib recipe that's sweet and delightful - 36.8986

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Glazed Pineapple Spareribs

Place ribs in a large deep kettle with enough boiling water to cover them completely. Add peppers, cloves, bay leaves, and garlic. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Then drain, cover, and refrigerate until next day, if desired. When ready to barbecue,... - 32.914

Glazed Barbecued Spareribs

Using metal blade, process garlic until chopped. Add peaches and process until pureed. Add oil, honey, soy, brown sugar, ginger, and sesame seed; process for 3 seconds to blend. Trim excess fat from spareribs. To barbecue, place meat on grill 4 to 6 inches... - 38.9108

Pork Ribs On The Pit Barrel Cooker

Pork ribs cooked on the Pit Barrel Smoker! - 113.337

Molasses Glazed Barbecued Spareribs

1 Place ribs in 13 x 9-inch glass baking dish. Cover with wax paper. 2 Microwave 15 minutes on 7 (MED. HIGH). Drain and turn ribs over. Sprinkle with onion, green pepper and garlic. Combine remaining ingredients, pour over ribs. Recover and continue cooking... - 30.3098

Honey Glazed Spareribs

Have your butcher cut ribs in half lengthwise so that each piece is 2 to 3 inches long. Cut between bones to make 6-inch pieces. Trim excess fat. Place ribs in heavy plastic bag. For marinade, combine 1/4 cup of the soy sauce, the hoisin sauce, 2 tablespoons... - 42.725

Oven Barbecued Spareribs

1. Arrange spareribs in large open roasting pan in one layer. Roast spareribs in 325°F. oven 1 1/2 hours or until fork-tender. 2. Meanwhile, prepare glaze: In bowl, mix tomato paste with remaining ingredients. 3. During last 30 minutes of roasting time,... - 34.4963

Glazed Spareribs

Glazed Spareribs is served as appetizer. Glazed Spareribs gets its taste from pork meat mixed with soy sauce and sherry. Glazed Spareribs is inspired by many food joints across the world. - 40.5282

Plum Glazed Spareribs

1. Drain plums, reserving liquid. Pit plums. In food processor bowl or blender container, combine pitted plums and their reserved liquid, orange juice concentrate, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, gingerroot, and pepper. Cover and process or blend till mixture is... - 30.9846

Spicy Barbecued Pork Spareribs

GETTING READY 1. Skin the ribs and cut into serving size pieces. You can ask you butcher to do this for you. 2. Prepare a grill or preheat a broiler MAKING 3. Grill the ribs, approximately 5 inches from coals or source of heat. 4. Cook them for 1 hour,... - 42.8263

Chinese Spareribs

1. Cut each sparerib into 3 pieces and place in a bowl. Combine sherry, honey, plum sauce, tomato sauce, chilies, garlic, ginger and five spice powder and pour over ribs. Mix well to coat ribs. 2. Place ribs and sauce mixture in a large frying pan, cover and... - 28.3012