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Marrow And Ginger Jam

GETTING READY 1) First, cut the marrow into in half, lengthwise. 2) Then, scoop out the pulp and seeds. Reserve them aside to cook separately as a vegetable. 3) Chop the marrow roughly into 1/2 inch chunks. MAKING 4) To a large bowl, add the marrow chunks... - 40.0483

Apple And Ginger Jam

MAKING 1) In a preserving pan, put apples, water, lemon juice and ground ginger (if used). 2) Skin the apples and tie the peel and cores in a muslin (cheesecloth) bag along with lemon rind and root ginger (if used). 3) Place this in the pan. 4) Allow to boil,... - 39.9797

Apple Ginger Jam

Peel, core and slice the apples. Remove the lemon peel with a potato peeler and tie it in a piece of muslin with the peel and cores from the apples. Squeeze the juice from the lemon. Put the apples, lemon juice, water, ground ginger and the muslin bag in the... - 38.48

Rhubarb And Ginger Jam

GETTING READY 1. Wipe the rhubarbs clean, trim the end and cut into 1n inch length MAKING 2. Measure the quantity into a large basin and alternate with layers of sugar 3. In a muslin cloth, tie finely pared lemon rind and bruised root ginger and add to the... - 36.1114

Marrow And Ginger Jam

GETTING READY 1. With a peeler, pare the zest of the lemons, squeeze the juice out 2. Tie the shells and pips into a muslin bag, put the marrow into a preserving pan along with two tablespoons of juice and cook at medium flame, until the pieces turn... - 29.9733

Marrow And Ginger Jam

Skin, de seed and chop up the marrow into little cubes. Weigh out 5 1/2 lb. Sprinkle with the salt and forget it for 12 hours. Now strain well. Sprinkle on all the sugar and put aside for a further 12 hours. Finely peel the lemons and put the rind and juice... - 28.1489

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