Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is a carbonated soft drink packed with the essence of ginger. Sometimes, this ginger ale is mixed with chilled sherbet and fruit juice to form a refreshingly sweet communal beverage at parties and family get-togethers.


Popular Ginger Ale Recipes

Golden ginger ale and dry ginger ale are the most common varieties found around the world. This classic, dark colored and strong flavored drink is quite common in supermarket shelves, in bars, and on airlines as well.


Main Ingredients of Ginger Ale

Mostly ginger syrup is mixed with club soda to make fresh homemade ginger ale. Authentic ginger ale recipes come with the medicinal benefits of ginger roots and herbs and are very easy to make. This drink came from Ireland.

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Health Benefits Of Ginger Ale

Health Benefits Of Ginger Ale	On : 27-Jan-2011 By : foodjunky

Next time you have a ginger ale drink, remember the health benefits of ginger ale , it will enhance the joy of drinking ginger ale because it is extremely healthy. So, as you take sips of this amazingly healthy drink you infuse yourself with many healthy...

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The brewers are constantly taking chances to brew new flavors. This quest has led to the production of Rogue Ales and Voodoo Donut's joint venture - Bacon Maple Ale. Yes, you read it right! This beer is a mix of flavors like maple syrup, bacon, and malt...

Culinary Uses Of Ginger

Culinary Uses Of Ginger On : 19-Aug-2011 By : priyam

Uses of ginger for culinary purposes would be a never-ending list since this spice is used extensively all over the world. Ginger imparts a sweet spiciness to its recipes and, although, it is mostly associated with South Asian cooking, it is used in other...

Ginger For Inflammation

Ginger For Inflammation On : 21-Apr-2011 By : Chocoholic

Using ginger for inflammation problems is a great idea. Ginger, the underground stem, of the plant Zingiber officinale has been used as a medicine in Asian, Indian, and Arabic herbal traditions since primeval times. The significant active components of...

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