Gin Watermelon Recipes

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Watermelon Gin & Tonic

This drink is AMAZING. I’m obsessed. Its so fresh and light and summery I just want to drink it all day everyday. - 115.573

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Watermelon Cocktail

Combine gin and watermelon juice in an ice-filled jug. Stir and decorate with lemon wedges. - 18.6938

Refreshing Basil Watermelon Martini

Hunting for some refreshing fruity cocktail ideas???Why not try this amazing martini of crushed watermelon and basil? This drink is amazingly refreshing and is easy to make. Just pick up the shaker and make this cocktail within no time. To know the recipe,... - 117.137

Watermelon Sangria

Instead of slicing the same old watermelon, let's do something different... a refreshing watermelon sangria! There are many versions, this one is perfect for a hot summer night. - 140.269

Summer Delight

Put the gin, watermelon, cassis, lemon juice and crushed ice into an electric blender. Whirl on low speed for 15 seconds. Pour into a tall glass. Add a couple of ice cubes and garnish with lemon slice. - 30.2338