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Potato Dumplings

Boil potatoes in their skins until tender. Cool and refrigerate several hours or overnight. Peel and grate to measure approximately 2-1/2 to 3 cups. With fork, stir in eggs, seasonings and parsley. Then stir in flour, adding additional flour as needed to make... - 37.396

Quick Potato Dumplings

Make the dumplings, adding before the additional flour the ground veal and additional parsley. Adjust seasonings and cook as directed. - 18.2446

German Potato Dumplings

Melt and heat 125 g (4 oz) of the butter in a frying pan. Add the breadcrumbs and stirring constantly fry until they are light brown. Set aside. Cut the crust off the bread slices and cut into 1 1/4 cm (1/2 in) squares and fry them golden brown in the... - 44.425

Potato Dumplings

MAKING 1) Take a large saucepan and bring 5 quarts of water to a boil in it. 2) Take a mixing bowl and mix together riced potatoes, flour, salt, farina or semolina, egg and milk in it using a wooden spoon until they form a smooth paste. 3) Using flour, dust... - 38.493

Fluffy Potato Dumplings

MAKING 1.Mix riced potatoes with eggs, bread crumbs, onion, salt, pepper, MSG and salt. 2.Put 3-4 tablespoons flour in the potato mixture and mix well to make a dough which is soft but not sticky. 3.Make 11/2 inches balls of the dough by placinga herb crouton... - 40.8558

Potato Dumplings Using Matzo Meal

MAKING 1.Using a food processor ,steel blade added, blend all the ingredients except 4 parts liquid. 2.Alternatively, mash potatoes with a masher and mix the remaining ingredients using a wooden spoon 3.Chill this batter for several hours 4Take a pan and... - 43.0438

Potato Dumplings

Place in a bowl and stir together the flour, baking powder, salt, and pepper. Add the bread crumbs and stir well. Cut or rub in the butter until the mixture resembles coarse meal. Grate 1/4 cup raw potato into a tea towel, working quickly so that the potato... - 42.2414

Bavarian Potato Dumplings

Combine potatoes, margarine, and salt; mash until very smooth. Beat in egg and flour, using enough flour to make an easily handled dough. Fry cubes of bread in 1 tablespoon margarine until browned on all sides. Form 2-inch balls of dough. Press a cube of... - 42.6715

Pepper Pot Soup With Dumplings

Put bones and tripe in kettle with water, bay leaf, salt, pepper, and one third of the onion. Bring to boil and simmer, covered, for 2 hours. Cook remaining onion, potato, carrot, celery, and green pepper in fat for 5 minutes. Remove bones from soup mixture... - 44.5525

Dumplings, German For Soup

1. Cream the butter or margarine with a spoon in a mixing bowl. 2. Stir in the egg, then the potatoes, cheese, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Mix well. The mixture should form a thick paste. Add the bread crumbs as needed to give it the consistency to be shaped... - 32.2388

German Meatball Stew

1. In a large mixing bowl, combine ground beef, egg, salt, pepper, potato, and ginger, blending evenly. Shape 24 meatballs. 2. Arrange meatballs evenly in a 2-quart glass baking dish. Cook 10 to 12 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking time. 3. In a... - 40.734

Hasenpfeffer With Dry Red Table Wine

Cut up rabbits as you would chickens. Combine vinegar, wine, onions, the 4 teaspoons of salt, pepper, juniper berries, cloves, thyme, and bay leaves. Marinate rabbits in this mixture in the refrigerator for 2 days, turning occasionally. Drain, saving... - 44.164

Sauerbraten Using Wine Vinegar

GETTING READY 1.Make a mixture of vinegar, water, salt, pepper, onions, celery flakes and pickling spice. 2.Marinate the meat in it and leave covered for 2 hours. MAKING 3.Put sugar to the meat and cook on low flame for 3 hours after putting the lid... - 45.0762

Best Beef sauerbraten

Wipe meat with damp cloth, sprinkle thoroughly with salt and pepper. Place in earthen dish, add vinegar and enough water to cover. Add the bay leaves, peppercorns and cloves, and let stand for 5 days in cool place (Find 2 days is quite sufficient) Put meat in... - 42.417

Overnight Sauerbraten

GETTING READY 1) Clean the meat and remove the sinus and fat off. 2) Rub the meat with salt and ginger, place in the large bowl. 3) In a saucepan, combine vinegar, water, onions, pickling spice, bay leaves, peppercorn, cloves and sugar, bring to boil. 4) Cool... - 45.6759

Sauerbraten With Pickling Spice

Rub meat with salt and ginger; put in large bowl. Combine remaining ingredients except fat and flour; bring to boil and pour over meat. Cool. Cover and put in refrigerator for 3 days. Turn meat once each day. Remove meat from pickling liquid; reserve... - 43.4637

Easy Sauerbraten

GETTING READY 1) First, prepare the marinade by mixing the ingredients. 2) Then, beat the meat well and marinate for at least overnight. 3) Next day, preheat the oven to 400 F. 4) Presoak the Romertopf (clay pot). MAKING 5) From the marinade, remove the meat... - 45.1892

Sour Cream Sauerbraten

Trim excess fat from roast and put meat into a large glass bowl. Combine water, vinegar, salt, onion, carrot, peppercorns, cloves, bay leaf, and juniper berries (if used) in a saucepan. Bring to boiling, then set aside to cool. Pour cooled marinade over meat,... - 45.8815


1. Trim excess fat from roast and put meat into a large glass bowl. 2. Combine water, vinegar, salt, onion, carrot, peppercorns, cloves, bay leaf, and juniper berries (if used) in a saucepan. Bring to boiling, then set aside to cool. 3. Pour cooled marinade... - 42.6682

Beef sauerbraten

GETTING READY 1) In a heavy kettle, heat oil and brown the meat. 2) Drain off the fat. 3) Put meat on rack, add 3/4 cup water, cover and simmer for 1 hour. MAKING 4) Remove meat and cut into 1/2 -inch-thick slices and return to the kettle. 5) In a saucepan,... - 44.0526

Sauerbraten With Sour Cream Gravy

GETTING READY 1) Clean the meat and remove the sinus and fat off. 2) In a large bowl, place the beef. 3) In a saucepan, combine onions, peppercorn, bay leaves, cloves, vinegar and water, bring to a boil. 4) Boil the onion mixture and cool. 5) Pour the onion... - 45.2115

Sardellen Schnitzel

GETTING READY 1 Add salt and pepper to the meat for seasoning. 2 To ensure that meat lies flat when cooking, make incisions around edges. 3 Sprinkle flour on one ide of the cutlet. MAKING 4 In a frying pan, heat the fat and fry the cutlet flour side... - 40.3352

Christmas Perogies

It's Christmas time and it’s the perfect time to bake some goodies! Alex and Soph bake some perogies which is a traditional polish dish of pasta! Make them with these kid chefs as they take you through a step by step process. A typical home done video, so... - 123.326

Sauerkraut Soup (kapusniak)

Cook pork sharks in water in a 5 quart kettle 20 minutes. Skim off foam. Add onion, bay leaf, peppercorns, and parsley. Cook about 45 minutes, or until meat is tender. Remove meat from broth. Strain broth; return to kettle. Remove meat from bones; discard... - 42.6808

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