Gajrela Recipes

Gajrela is a sweet dish prepared with carrot. It is also known as carrot delight. The orange colored dish is quite tasty as well as healthy. It is usually prepared in Indian and Pakistani ... More »
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Gajrela Kabab (carrot Kabab)

1 Scrape and grate the carrots and finely chop the onions and green chillies. 2 Mix all the ingredients together excepts the breadcrumbs and oil. 3 Moisten your hands and form sausage shaped kababs from the mixture. Roll in dry breadcrumbs and deep fry in hot... - 34.1661

Gajar Ka Halwa (carrot Pudding) - Gajrela Or Gajar Barfi - Carrot Burfi By Bhavna

Nothing like some delicious homemade gajar ka halwa, it tastes awesome and simply magical. Watch this interesting video that shares excellent tips to prepare a perfect dessert to amaze your family and friends. This terrific dessert would definitely add a... - 105.901

Diwali Sweets Gajar Halwa / Carrot Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa recipe: Learn how to make delicious Carrot pudding this festival or holiday season called Gajar ka halwa (or gajrela). All you need is full fat milk, carrots, sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruit and whipped cream - 101.79