Fuzzy Navel

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Fuzzy navel is a cocktail including orange juice and schnapps. Though variations may be done with the alcohol and other ingredients, but the original and world-famous recipe for Fuzzy navel drink is made with peach schnapps and orange juice.


Many other mixed drinks are also made similarly like fuzzy navel, but the popularity and the exotic flavor of this drink is especially meant for the young drinkers who are not “fussy” about the ingredients, but sip the drink for fun.

History and Origin of Fuzzy Navel Recipe
 Fuzzy navel is among the most popular contemporary cocktails that gained popularity in 1980’s. William Grimes, the New York Times critic, explained the trend of modern mixed drinks by relating them with the young and not too choosy drinkers. Cocktails like Fuzzy Navel are largely favored by starters and young people as it includes alcoholic taste as well as sweetness of fruit juice.

The argument still persists on the origin of Fuzzy Navel drink and many are there to dictate their point of view, hence this drink has many inventors.

Making of Fuzzy Navel Drink

Fuzzy navel is one of the most popular cocktails that arrive as a new wave in mixed drinks. Peach schnapps that is often considered as the late comer in the repertoire of liquors is perfectly blended with orange juice in equal quantities to make a perfect connotation. Variations can be done by adding lemonade, vodka, cranberry juice or other zesty flavors depending upon the preference of the drinker.

Ice is one of the main components of the fuzzy navel as it not only chills the drink, but also enhances the flavor as chilled cocktails always tastes good.

The name fuzzy navel is given to the drink as ‘fuzzy’ refers to peach and ‘navel’ is used for orange juice. These simple yet flavorful ingredients make the drink quite likeable among those who are not picky in reference to taste and prefer light and simple cocktails.

As stated, equal quantities of liquids are blended together, but quantities may vary according to the taste and choice of the drinker.

Serving of Fuzzy Navel Recipe

Fuzzy Navel is usually served in highball glass. Highball glass is a thin, straight glass that holds around 8 ounces of drink. The drink tastes good when serve chilled, hence the liquor and fruit juice should be blended and topped with ice just before serving. It is always recommended to half-fill the glass with liquid and then top with crushed ice

Fresh fruit slices such as lemon or orange slice may be garnished on the rim of the glass for extra punch. A stirrer can be provided with fuzzy navel.

Variations of Fuzzy Navel Recipe

• Woo Woo- This is also a simple cocktail and closely related to Fuzzy navel. The only distinction is the selection of juice. Woo Woo includes cranberry juice in place of orange juice.

• Sex on the beach – It includes vodka along with orange juice, cranberry juice and peach schnapps.