Fusion Vodka Recipes

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Motha Russia Drink

What better way to finish off your night than a heady Russian drink! You can just use any vodka to create a motha Russia drink, but a Russian vodka would be more fun here. Just grab loads of ice and you have a neat, smooth drink to light up your night. Follow... - 112.837

French Pear Martini

Heres a floral drink thats bursting with the flavors and aromas of spring. Why try ours? Its a delightful flavor combination you may have never tried before—pear, elderflower and ginger. The recipe calls for an artisanal French liqueur that has recently... - 112.592

Wonderful White Russian

This is one drink that is a huge hit with the dudes and hip club goers. Build with three basic ingredients, this drink is your entree way to the world of more complex cocktails. This classic creamy white cocktail is likely to go down well with anybody, even... - 101.68

Kiwifruit Cocktail With Vodka & Apple Juice

Please See Video For more information please visit: http://www.kamen.com.au/ - 13.9993

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Penne alla vodka

If you have never made this dish before, it’s a must try for all pasta lovers, excluding kids! The vodka sauce is a very interesting because it doesn’t have a very strong alcoholic flavor but really brings out the sweet and tart flavors of the creamy... - 100.501

Egguttapam, Italian Egg Omelet, Grapefruit Pickle And Grapefruit Drink

Bored of the same old egg and toast breakfast everyday? Chef Bhal Dave gives you some exciting options to try from. Be it the extremely innovative egguttapam or supremely delicious egg frittatas or the unusual grapefruit juice, Bhal Dave gives you a slew of... - 68.2629

Lemon Mint Vodka Martini

You can think up many different cocktails with martini and they always taste wonderful. Lemon Mint and Martini is a magical and happy combination that always works! This cocktail is fragrant, citrusy, pleasant to the palate and always goes down easily. Tart... - 124.705

Vanilla Extract

Do you know, you will need only two ingredients to prepare homemade vanilla extract? It is that easy and you can do it confidently. So, watch the video and prepare your own vanilla extract. - 118.796

The Love Elixir Cocktail

What better way to woo your Valentines this V-day than a crazy little cocktail. This hot looking drink is the perfect elixir to get love overflowing. A heady mix of potent liqueur, this drink is sure to out romance on the high gear. Stream the video and get... - 118.868

X-rated Pink Martini

If you are going to organize a party only for girls, then you must serve this cocktail. This pink x-rated cocktail is absolutely girly, for its color as well as flavor. Watch the video thoroughly to learn the tricks for shaking up this cocktail. - 136.449

Vesper Martini Cocktail

We visit the Bull Run Distillery and with the warm weather they share a cocktail that would work well during these hot days of spring and summer. Patrick the owner of Bull Run is joined by Ryan Csanky from the Oregon Distillers Guild to make a Vesper. This... - 101.947

Black Mamba Martini

The Black Mamba Martini is dark Halloween concoction of Black Vodka and Chambord! - 30.3739

The Tiramisu Shooter

Today we bust out the Tiramisu shooter. - 103.793

Penne With Soju Cream Sauce

A former ESL teacher from Chuncheon, South Korea, creates another East meets West pasta dish, this time drawing inspiration from Italy, Russia and Korea. This is a Koreafornian adaptation of Penne ala Vodka, replacing vodka with soju for a Korean kick. - 98.9862