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Healthy Organic Garden Salid

This is a cool summer salad. It is full of greens, vegetables and fruits as it’s an organic salad. Moreover, this can be made in minutes and is tasty too! - 87.4658

Fiesta Salad

Fiesta Salad is a easy and healthy side dish recipe that the kids will even love. Sweet pineapple, crunchy cucumbers and many more vegetables come together so perfectly to form this mouth watering side dish. - 59.3205

Fruit And Vegetable Salad

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and boil. Prepare the fruits. Mix the vegetables, macaroni and fruits. Mix the cream with mayonnaise and add salt, pepper and sugar. Mix the mayonnaise and vegetable mixture. Chill thoroughly. Decorate with carrot slices,... - 40.905

Fruit And Vegetable Salad

Place the prepared fruit and vegetables in a glass bowl. Mix together the yogurt, sugar, salt, chilli powder, ground coriander and chopped mint. Pour the yogurt mixture over the salad and mix in gently. Garnish the salad with the walnuts and the sprig of mint... - 40.7156

Fruit And Vegetable Salad

1. In a salad bowl, combine the carrot, apple, celery, radishes, cabbage, parsley, dried fruits, and almonds. Toss to mix. 2. Put the remaining ingredients, with the exception of the wheat germ, in a jar and shake to mix well. Pour over salad ingredients and... - 32.1685

Fruit And Vegetable Salad

In a medium sized mixing bowl, carefully combine the pineapple, grapes, peaches, carrots, green pepper, spring onions [scallions], radishes and French dressing. Arrange the shredded lettuce leaves around the outer edge of a shallow serving dish and pile the... - 29.6072

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