Fruit Smoothie

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The fruit Smoothie recipes include a tasty, nutritious and a creamy blend of fruits, soy milk or low fat yogurt and a dash of lemon juice. A lot of variations in the breakfast fruit smoothie can be made by using different ingredients like honey, whey powder, and more. Fresh fruits are often preferred over frozen ones, which are blended until the mixture is creamy and smooth. Fruit smoothie is garnished with raw nuts and served at breakfast.


History of Fruit Smoothie Recipe

The fruit smoothie recipes came into the scene in the 1930s, when the United States Company Health Food stores started selling pureed fruit juices, with traditional Brazilian recipes. By the 1940s banana smoothie and pineapple smoothie became very popular and by the 1970s creamy fruit juices became popular as fruit smoothies.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Basic fruit smoothie recipes are prepared by blending fresh fruits to a creamy consistency which is often achieved by adding milk, milk powder, yogurt or ice cream. Often the fruit smoothies are flavored with sweeteners and artificial preservatives. Often the flavors of the commercially produced smoothies are enhanced by adding honey, chocolate, vanilla extract or fruit essence.


Serving and Eating Fruit Smoothie

Fruit smoothie is served for breakfast as it is considered very healthy and natural. Fruit smoothies are often decked up a little luxuriously with toppings like softy and whipped cream. Many a time, the drinks are served mixed with exotic nuts and alcohol.


Popular Variations of Fruit Smoothie  

Fruit smoothie recipes come in different varieties because of different combinations of fruits, toppings and other ingredients. While some drinks may contain just one kind of fruit, the others may contain a mixture of assorted fruits. Some of the best known fruit smoothie recipes are alcoholic smoothie, orange smoothie, non-dairy smoothie, mixed fruit smoothie.


Health and Nutrition Facts of Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers, each of which have their own good effects in the body.