Fruit Salad Recipes

Fruit salad is a light salad that consists of different kinds of fruits, mixed together either in their juices or in some syrup. Fruit salad, also known as Macedonia, may be served as a side salad, an appetizer, or ... More »
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Roasted Apple And Pear Spinach Salad

How to make a roasted apple and pear spinach salad. Don't forget to pair this delicious salad up with Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale. - 136.068

Sandra's Pomegranate Salad

This is a simple salad that celebrates the hearty flavors of fall! - 134.137

Avocado Salad With Onion And Tomato

Avocados are packed with healthy fats and their buttery texture is so delicious. Here, our chefs show a simple avocado salad with onion and tomato spiced up with Indian Spices. This recipe is perfect for heart patients who need healthy fat and tasty low fat... - 133.951

Apple Salad Fall

The holiday season is here, and you know what that means- indulging in a lot of fatty and delicious food. But I have a healthy alternative for you that will satisfy your taste buds and balance out those unhealthy meals. I'm going to be making an Apple Fall... - 132.684

Fruit Salad

This is a tutorial for a simple and refreshing fruit salad. It's a great snack to have ready in the fridge or to bring to work. Try it for lunch with your favorite kind of nuts (for protein), or with vanilla ice cream - 131.373

Grape Salad

A sweet and creamy salad that has a really nice blend of flavors. It's great for picnics or potlucks. Amount of brown sugar can be adjusted to taste. - 131.297

Fresh Corn, Apple And Chickpea Salad

Apple adds a perfect tinge and crunch to the salad. Try out! - 129.725

Pineapple And Cucumber Salad

The flesh and juice of pineapples are used in cuisines around the world. In many tropical countries, pineapple is prepared, and sold on roadsides as a snack. They are sold whole, or in halves with a stick inserted. Whole, cored slices with a cherry in the... - 127.756

Spring Bitter Greens Salad With Sweet Orange Dressing

MAKING 1. In a bowl, add in baby arugula and watercress. 2. Take the grapefruit, place it above the mixing bowl and peel off the outer skin making sure the inside flesh is still intact. 3. After peeling, make small incisions along each membrane, cut out the... - 127.377

Stemilt Autumn Harvest Fruit Salad

With so many hearty meals to enjoy in the autumn, I often find myself searching for light salads to balance out all the heavy means being served. I am a lover of roasted vegetable and warm fruit salads, and this Apple & Pear salad is a great mid week meal... - 127.131

Bosc Pear Salad

A simple-to-prepare, elegant salad. Bosc pears are firm, sweet, and go well with the cheese. The syrupy balsamic vinegar makes a super finishing touch. The addition of walnuts adds a significant nutritional punch - 125.911

Pear And Fennel Salad

This Pear and Fennel Salad features an apple butter vinaigrette and is very simple to put together. The flavor of the fennel and ripe pear is bright and fresh, just like Spring. This salad goes very well with grilled meat or fish, which is a bonus since... - 125.207

Fresh Apple And Cranberry Slaw

Watch this video and learn to make a fresh and flavorful crunchy apple slaw that is sure to leave your guests asking for more! The slaw will go well with almost everything. It can even be savored alone. The taste is really great! - 124.738

Orange Mesclun Salad

You can make a salad out of anything. When my fridge was nearly empty all I found was an orange and red and green mixed mesclun so I added toasted sunflower seeds and made a salad. It's simplicity makes a great compliment to a complex meal. I tossed it with... - 124.501

Orange And Honey Steak Salad With Clover Honey Creme Dressing

Steaks are good when roasted, toasted or cooked and mixed with vegetables and seasonings. Watch chef Juliey showing how to make Orange and Honey Steak salad with sirloin steak and vinaigrette made of a dressing sponsored by a nearby ranch owner. Exciting with... - 123.542

Fruit Salad - Summer Recipe

A fruit salad is very simple to prepare, but Sonia will give you some nice advice to make it impressive! - 123.318

Thai-style Green Apple Salad

This Thai-style salad is a lot like som tam, but uses green apples instead of green papaya. Since green papaya can be hard to find, the green apple provides a nice tart flavor and crisp texture that's incredible in this type of salad. I hope you love it! - 123.01

Apple Pear Stacked Salad

MAKING 1. For dressing, in a bowl, combine Dijon mustard, sugar, red wine vinegar, pepper and salt. 2. Whisk and bring them together, by adding olive little bit at a time. Set it aside. 3. In a bowl, take some water, squeeze lemon juice in it. 4. Core apple... - 122.731

Thai Green Papaya Salad

As a Thai food fan or as you take your first step towards trying Thai food, Thai Green Papaya salad is a must try. The Chef is of Thai origin and preparing an authentic papaya salad. Amazingly, its very simple to make and gives your hands a little exercise... - 122.078

Fruit Salad

Fruit salads are a great dessert and a super healthy snack. You can use any fruit you want to make one but you should stick to seasonal fruits in order to keep it as frugal as possible. - 121.918

Festive Cranberry Pineapple Salad - Happy Thanksgiving

This is a great side dish for Thanksgiving or any Holiday meal! Happy Thanksgiving!!! - 120.001

Arugula Salad With Lemon Vinaigrette

This salad is so easy, yet it looks and tastes so gourmet! The arugula is peppery, the vinaigrette is sour, the feta is salty, and the dried cherries and figs are sweet. Sounds like a pretty perfect combination to me! - 119.274

Cucumber And Avocado Salad

GETTING READY 1. Chop the onion and cucumber, dice the tomatoes, and keep them in a large bowl. 2. In another bowl mix the avocados along with lemon juice. MAKING 3. Toss the avocados in the large bowl of chopped vegetables mix them well. 4. In a small bowl... - 118.989

Fruit And Lettuce Salad By Tarla Dalal

A salad brimming with vitamin c and fibre from assorted fruits and lettuce. With an additional vitamin c from the lemony dressing, this salad qualifies to meet almost 3/4th of your daily requirement for vitamin C. - 118.609

Grapefruit Salad

This fast and simple dish is under $10 and under 10 minutes of preparation time. It can be served as a light lunch or as an appetizer. Enjoy! - 118.486

Celery Tomato And Avocado Salad

This little salad will dress up any dish, packs tons of flavor and is super healthy! Try and get all your veggies cut in diagonal strips so it looks even prettier. - 117.991

Fruity Lettuce Citrus Salad By Tarla Dalal

This fruity lettuce citrus salad is a great combination on fruits, lettuce and citrus dressing. It is very easy to make and perfect for a party. - 116.235

Peach Lime And Chili Salad

Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for peach lime & chili salad. - 115.826

Betty's Tangy Citrus Salad

Here is a unique citrus raisin salad that would definitely impress your guests. Watch this interesting video that shares this excellent salad recipe which is also an awesome way to serve an appetizing salad. The video is truely inspiring and you would... - 115.618

Maple Glazed Salmon With Avocado Salad

Whether you are a fish lover or you watch you calories, this Maple Glazed Salmon with Avocado Salad is a perfect meal for you. This healthy and delicious lunch or dinner is easy to prepare and full of flavors. It is a great choice for clean eating too. - 114.555

Grapefruit & Avocado Salad

Ventura County is a hub of agriculture and we are blessed to have an abundance of fresh, delicious produce at our fingertips. My husband and I grow citrus and avocado trees on our property and I'm always looking for creative new ways to use these ingredients... - 114.015

Raw Spring Salad Trio

This salad trio is like spring on a platter! It is like eating some sunshine! The perfect way to welcome the spring and to get rid of the gloom and chill of winter! - 113.847

Strawberry, Cantaloupes And Blue Berry Fruit Salad

If you are look for a healthy treat, fruit salads are the way to go. Cathy tosses up a healthy, nutritious fruit salad using the freshest of berries and fruits and yummy mayonnaise dressing. What better way to enjoy healthy servings of fruit even while... - 113.753

Lettuce, Tomato, And Avocado Salad

In this video, raw food chef and author Jennifer Cornbleet shows you how to use avocado to create a delicious no-dressing-needed salad. This is one of the many meal-in-a-minute recipes that you'll find in her best-selling books Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2... - 113.148

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad Recipe Easy Fruit Salad Recipe for Kids! You'll find the most unique and interesting Recipes here on HooplaKidzRecipes. It's a great way to introduce all kinds of seasonal fruit to your kid. - 112.783

Fresh Feta Salad With Pears And Whole Nuts

This is a great combination of fresh fruits and vegetables that could be used as a complete meal or as a side. - 112.678

Spring Fresh Fruit Salad

If you are sticking to healthy diet, then what better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than springtime fruit salad. Here's a colorful and healthy seasonal fruity treat that can be tossed up in minutes. To make it more decadent, you can add a scoop of your... - 112.596

Funky Fruit Salad

If your creativity and getting fancy in the kitchen knows no limits, here is a funky fruit salad recipe that will challenge you to go that extra mile, as it calls for a lot of creativity and expertise. Take a look at this video to find out how you can use... - 112.517

Universal Fruit Salad

Universal Fruit Salad is a healthy meal or side-dish. Fresh fruit is colorful and nutritious. Made into one of our most popular fruit salads and given a creative twist, it becomes the perfect take-along recipe for parties. - 111.97

Easy Picnic Recipes - Fruit Salad

This easy and fun fruit salad recipe can be the highlight of any picnic. Enjoy! - 111.701

Mouthwatering Melon Salad

The fresh and light melon salad makes for an ideal summer evening supper. Ready in minutes, this cool, refreshing salad makes for a delectable side or can make a complete meal on it's own. Stream the video recipe to learn how Betty whomps up this tasty... - 110.826

Grape And Cheese Salad With Pecan And Brown Sugar Topping

Looking for an easy salad recipe that will please everyone's taste buds and earn you lots of praise? Then try the grape salad recipe detailed in this video by LynnsRecipes and get ready to be crowned the best chef around! - 110.819

Spinach, Apple, Bacon Salad -- Lynn's

Lynn demonstrates how to make a delicious Spinach, Apple, Bacon Salad. Great for lunch or to serve as a salad at dinner. - 110.685

Waldorf Salad

Lynn demonstrates how to make a great salad that is perfect for a side dish for any meal, especially a holiday dinner. - 110.365

Mango Yogurt Salad

This dish makes a lovely brunch dessert, breakfast or snack during the day. I was lucky to get fresh mango but almost any ripe fruit will be delicious. The drizzled honey and fresh mint leaves added dimension to a typical combination. When you cook for... - 110.229

Dandelion, Apple, Fennel Salad

This is one of my favorite salads! The peppery goodness of the dandelion greens is perfect juxtaposed against the sweetness of the apples and fennel. Then mix in salty bacon and you have a flavor extravaganza that calls out to be served with warm flavorful... - 110.147

Betty's Apple, Grape And Peanut Salad

When you are looking for a quick-fix solution to stave off your hunger pangs, this lip-smackingly good salad will do wonders to your appetite. Betty tosses up a pretty salad that can be put together in a jiffy. The tart-sweet flavors of apple combined with... - 109.33

Fruit Salad With Milk And Custard (indian Dessert)

There is nothing better than having a fresh fruit salad. Chef Bhavna shows us how to make the fruit salad in an innovative way. The combination of the fruits with the custard milk tastes so yummy. This serves as a great dessert. Do try out this recipe and... - 109.115

Fruit Salad In Lemon Oil

How nice will it be if the food that you are eating tells you everything about its benefits? This video recipe does exactly the same as the Chefs tell you how all the fruits and vegetables used in this recipe help your body get the nutrition it needs and it... - 109.092

Tangy Summertime Fruit Salad

When you need to toss up something in a jiffy, try making this gorgeous and flavorful summertime fruit salad. Packed with peaches, blackberries, and bananas and drizzled with tangy lemon sauce, this refreshing salad makes for an ideal starter or an afternoon... - 108.67

Organic Mango And Strawberry Salad

Are you looking for a great salad recipe that could be perfectly served over breakfast, lunch or even dinner? The take a look at this mango and strawberry salad. Watch the video to see step by step directives. Defiantly a nice energizing, refreshing and... - 108.422

Lettuce And Mango Salad

Normally, fruits are always associated with desserts. This lettuce and mango salad will raise your senses, once you bite into it as it is full of different flavors and textures and the light dressing to top it all. A simple and elegant way to lift your and... - 108.092

Avocado Serving Quicktip

Chef Keith Snow demonstrates the easiest way to prepare an avocado salad. - 108.054

Fancy Fruit Salad

Healthy and easy to make salad! - 107.807

Quick Fruit Salad With Whisky Sauce

Have you tried serving some whisky sauce with fruit salad and French croutons? In this video, the chef makes this preparation. Watch the video to learn how beautifully the sauce goes with the salad. - 107.626

Christmas Fruit Salad

When looking to toss up a fuss-free, delicious dessert for your holiday table, Christmas fruit salad. Made with winter bounties, this is one tasty treat that will appease all taste buds. Light yet decadent, Betty's version of Christmas fruit salad is a breeze... - 106.471

Orange Almond Salad: On The Side #20

Perfect for any dinner, this salad has amazing flavor because of the Mandarin oranges and the toasted almonds. - 106.178

Speedy Fruit Salad

Are you in a rush and need something sweet and delicious to serve on to your guest, then this is one salad recipe you should certainly consider. Watch this very helpful video to make a scrumptious and colorful salad with fruits made with instant pudding,... - 105.875

Grilled Fruit Salad

Grilled fruit salad is a nice summer dessert. It is paired with Moscato wine. Moscato wine is a very balanced wine. It is niether too sweet nor tart and gives a perfect taste. If you plan to make grilled fruit salad for your guests, serve it chilled with... - 105.501

Tropical Fruit Salad And Dip

The fruit salad and dip is so simple to make that you can prepare in a very less time. Enjoy the fruit salad with the creamy dip. Check out the recipe right here. - 104.711

Steak And Avocado Carnita Salad

Tender marinated steak is served over a bed of crispy green nestled in a homemade corn tortilla salad bowl and drizzled with creamy avocado dressing. Another delicious restaurant quality meal for Friday Night Foodies! - 102.837

Vegetable Salad With Avocado Dressing - Part 2 : Finalizing And Plating

Now since you are ready with the dressing, its time to proceed to the next step. Watch this video now to learn how to assemble the salad. - 102.799

Vegetable Salad With Avocado Dressing - Part 1 : Getting Started

Are salads an integral part of your menu? Try this wonderful Vegetable Salad with Avocado Dressing now. This delicacy is sure to impress everyone in your dining room. In this part of the video, chef demonstrates how to get started. - 102.306

Broccoli-apple Salad

Whether you are looking for a light lunch option or chunky winter starter, this is it. This no-cook salad can be tossed together in minutes and served as a yummy side or even a main dish. Betty shares an extremely simple apple salad recipe that is packed with... - 102.055

Easy Mango Salad

Summer, sweet, sour and very simple, there could be nothing like mango salad to add some zest to your barbecue nights. This is one simple salad recipe that barely takes any arduous prep up time to put together. Just try tossing some at home and enjoy it with... - 101.726

Thai Som Tam Bla Rah

Green papaya is highly nutritious. But hardly any of us enjoy raw green papaya. However, this salad of shredded raw papaya is sure to pass off as some delicious dish, with the addition of the special Thai ingredients. Give it a look. - 101.713

Summertime 5 Cup Fruit Salad

Looking for an easy tropical salad recipe? Then watch this video and learn of an easy recipe that will yield a mouthwatering summertime salad. Watch the video and learn more! - 101.219

Apple Salad With Balsamic Vinaigrette

MAKING 1. For vinaigrette – in a blender, add in all the ingredients and emulsify with a hand blender. Set aside. 2. In a pan, place the bacon slices and cook until crisp. Take out the bacon and let it cool. After that slice the bacons and set aside. 3. In... - 101.093

Fruity Couscous Salad

GETTING READY 1. In a frying pan, toast pine nuts on very low flame. 2. In a large bowl, take couscous pour boiling water in it. Cover with lid and set aside. MAKING 3. In the bowl, add chopped pepper and cherry tomatoes with couscous. 4. Throw pine nuts,... - 100.859

How To Make Skewered Fruit Salad: Cooking With Kimberly

Web chef, Kimberly Edwards, from shares with you How to Make Skewered Fruit Salad with an amazing Side Skewer Center Piece Display Tray to show it all off! Tip: Use all sorts of colorful & tasty fruits to populate these awesome side skewers! - 100.834

How To Make A Quick Fruit Salad: Cooking With Kimberly

Web chef, Kimberly Edwards, shares with you How to Make a Quick Fruit Salad! Tip: Experiment with different fruits...use what you have! :) - 100.83

Zesty Cilantro Lime Salad Dressing

Very few foods are as comforting and soul-satisfying as mixed green salad served with zesty-tango cilantro-lime dressing. The star of this dressing of course, is cilantro. Bursting with flavors and colors, this refreshing and absolute delicious salad dressing... - 100.697

Spicy Tropical Pineapple Salad

Never thought that making a pineapple salad would be such a great experience. Watch this amazing video that presents an incredible recipe for salad. The video is step wise and well explained. So make your holiday or party special with this flavorful spicy... - 99.3596

Summer Fresh Watermelon Basket Loaded With Melon Salad

Be it be summer barbecue, beach party or backyard potluck, juicy watermelons makes for a healthy, tasty and fanciful addition to any party buffet. Very refreshing and quick to make, melon salad served in a fancy watermelon bowl will also make for a beautiful... - 98.8594

Healthy Fresh Fruit Salad Tossed With Salad Greens

When mercury rises and appetite drops, something as light, filling and healthy as fresh fruit salad can keep you going. In this recipe video, Betty shares her all time favorite fruit salad recipe that makes for a refreshing change to all the mayo laden raw... - 98.7059

How To Make Fruit Salad

This Indian fresh fruit salad with custard sauce is perfect for a hot and humid summer day and is one dessert you may find in many Indian restaurant menus. This is fairly healthy, especially if you use low-fat milk and add plenty of fruit. But how is fruit... - 98.3119

Fruit Salad

Last night a friend came over and gave us a whole lot of fruit so today I decided to make a fruit salad. - 97.661

Tropical Fresh Fruit Salad

Here's a great way to make your kids eat their fruits! This is an excellent video which shows how you can make a syrupy fresh fruit salad with tropical fruits like kiwi, grapes, banana, pineapple, apple, orange etc and serve it in a way that will simply... - 97.3708

Healthy Green Papaya Salad

Green papaya salad would be the perfect answer if you would like to satiate your taste buds with something that is so Thai. This can be paired with noodles or fried rice to make a typical Thai fair. So head to the kitchen and make this simple dish in minutes. - 97.0142

Thai Papaya Salad

Wondering what to do with ripe papaya and roasted peanuts? Just pound them in a mortar and pestle with garlic and cherry tomatoes. The chef here has flavored with chilies, lime juice, fish sauce and sugar to make a tangy Thai papaya salad in just a few... - 96.6086

Summer Special Tomato Cucumber And Avocado Salad

Are you looking for a refreshing summer recipe? Bingo!! You've got one right here. Chef Heather shares a brilliant recipe of a Tomato Cucumber an Avocado Salad which is ideal for summers. Watch it now. - 95.8997

Betty's Pineapple Cloud Tropical Fruit Salad

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make her lovely and elegant Pineapple Cloud Tropical Fruit Salad recipe. It is great for dinner parties, and can serve as a salad or as a dessert! - 95.7975

Avocado Cucumber Salad

A cool salad for hot days. This is a video of avocado and cucumber salad, ideal for summer. The savor taste from tomato and the dash of garlic is quiet refreshing. The real twist in this tasty salad comes from the grapefruit. It gives a zesty taste to the... - 95.7067

Cantaloupe And Grape Salad

Looking for a nice salad idea to serve up at your upcoming family get together? Then take a look at this video to see how the chef combines Cantaloupe, orange juice and mayonnaise together to make an absolutely scrumptious appetizer. This is easy to put... - 95.6503

Raw Tahini Lemon Salad Dressing

For those who love creamy salad dressings, but shy away from whisking one for fear of piling on extra weight, this video could be a boon. Frank Ferendo whisks up tahini dressing that makes for an excellent addition to both vegan and no-vegetarian salads. Easy... - 95.4277

Lettuce And Apple Salad With Lemon Dressing

Iron rich lettuce and celery teamed with crunchy apples to raise your haemoglobin levels. Being laced with a vitamin c rich lemony dressing it helps to enhance the absorption of iron further. - 93.676

Healthy Round Diet Breakfast

GETTING READY 1.Chop the tomatoes and avocados. 2.Mix olive oil and rice wine vinegar for the dressing. MAKING 3.Place the spinach and tomatoes in a plate. 4.In a pan heat olive oil , break the eggs in the pan and cook them. Sprinkle little salt on... - 93.4005

Simple Carrot And Avocado Salad

A great salad to have when you're on a light diet. It's different as it's main ingredient is carrot and the avocado makes the salad taste delicious. The chef also makes the salad dressing in the video. A nice Asian salad you must try. - 92.6775

Citrus Salad With Jicama And Pomegranate

GETTING READY 1. Segment orange, and slice pomegranate as shown in the video. MAKING 2. For dressing, in blender, add ancho chilli pepper, salt pepper mix, lime juice, and olive oil. Blend well. 3. In large mixing bowl, add orange segments, jicama, chives,... - 91.5777

California Fruit Salid

This is a cooling summer salad. The taste of different fruits give a good flavor to the salad. It's simple and can be made in a few minutes. - 91.5493

Easy Fruit Salad

This video is a creation of EasyRecipesWithTwist. You can visit EasyRecipesWithTwist for complete recipes, and more videos. - 87.1828

Mixed Fruits Salad

Want to increase your fruit intake? Try this Mixed Fruits Salad recipe. There are two variations to the same dish given in this video. One uses sour cream while the other uses yogurt along with mixed fruits. Check out which recipe appeals to you! - 82.287

Cooking With Socalgrrrl05: Easy Fruit Salad

Super easy to make! All it takes is cool whip and various fruits. You can change it each time. - 80.4968

Raw Apple Salad

Who is in the mood to have a fruit salad? Check out the video has chef Tina Jo shows you how to make the perfect Raw Apple Salad. A great recipe straight from the Mexican cuisine just for you. - 78.9711

Easy Banana Salad

If you are very busy, the best way to replenish your body is with a healthy banana salad. With EJ you can learn to make such fantastic delights in minutes. Gear up for an extremely enjoyable treat whenever you are hungry. - 78.4647

Soulfully Simple Tangy Pineapple Salad

A holiday table is incomplete without delicious mains and zesty sides. Talking about delish side dishes, something as nutritious and tasty as tangy pineapple salad definitely tops the favorite list of all. This palate-pleasing salad is extremely simple to put... - 76.4725

Fruit Salad

Got fridge stocked up with fruits and need some quick fix before they rotten. Then take a look at this fruit salad recipe where the chef combines couple of fruits together and top it with lemon juice to make an excellent and healthy salad in no time. Watch... - 76.3795

Mango And Bean Salad

A Salad to keep you healthy and full for a meal. Mark the geek comes up wit this mango and black bean salad which is nutritious! See the video for more! - 68.765

Green Mango Salad

Make a tangy salad to go with your rice and fish dish! It’s the apt thing to make and makes the meal complete. The tanginess of the mango is just the thing! See the video for on this recipe, though the quality of the video is not apt! - 63.8109

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